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Researchers are warning that infant noise machines, when played continuously at maximum volume, may harm babies' hearing.
White noise machines may help babies sleep more soundly, but they may also damage their delicate ears, a group of researchers warned.
Some widely available brands of infant sleep machines a€” which, like ambient noise machines for adults, emit a variety of soothing sounds designed to block out external noise a€” are capable of playing at volumes that could impair an infant's hearing, according to a study published March 3 in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers tested 14 of the devices and found that when played at maximum volume for an extended period, placed at either 1 foot or 3 feet from a crib, the noise machines exceed the decibel limits recommended for hospital nurseries.

Like ambient noise machines for adults, infant noise machines play soothing sounds such as ocean waves or raindrops.
Those limits are in place in order to protect babies' hearing and auditory development, said Dr. Even at 6.5 feet away, all but one of the devices a€” which were not specified by brand in the study a€” surpassed the hospital limits.
Manufacturers should be required to put warnings on the products, limit the volume capabilities and include timers, study authors advised. And if parents wish to use the machines, they should place them as far away from the crib as possible, keep the volume low and limit the time the devices are left turned on.

Blake Papsin, otolaryngologist-in-chief at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, explains that infants' ears are more delicate than adults'.
And three of the machines when played at maximum levels for 8 hours exceeded legal noise limits for adult workplaces.

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