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Features:TWEEZER PRECISION THAT WORK FOR MEN, WOMEN AND TEENAGERS: Personal care tweezing right at home!
Standing on the conical burial mound, I am filled with gratefulness for the Ancestor Spirits.
Make mad love to the ragging rhythms of the improvisational jazz that permeates the whole of the Multiverse. Be in relationships that feed and nurture not only yourselves, but all of the Good Green Earth. Dare to love the Storms as they sweep the Good Green Earth clean, restoring through pain and death, dissolution and rot, disintegration and flame. My dead husband and other beloveds whose ashes are now fully integrated into this sacred site, made themselves very present at the Bear Mounds this visit. Going to the Bear Mounds was like going to the Borderlands to the Earth Conclave Astral Clan-House.
The same Bears from the Astral Clan-House and the Ancestors are nudging us to find that spot, that sweet spot. Black Walnuts covered the road, but when I looked up, large segments of the tree were dead and brittle. New ideas coming from children will be implemented by the wisdom and experience of the elders.
If you are going to take this on (growing communal hearths), you will have to swallow the whole thing, not bite by bite.
It came to me that it is a good thing to look from different perspectives than just your own. I went to the thunderbirds, but sense it was overgrown with plants, I sat down in front of a tree.
I wonder if we are in deep pain and grief if deep mystical experiences are now easier to access?
The sky filled with open circles (like the open circles in the spirit mapping system symbolizing the Ancestors). The Wind asks us to spend more time outside so that it can experience us while we are in our round circles of discussion. Men of today are choosing to wax off any unwanted body hair, either for themselves or to please their partner or wife.

We are specialised in hair removal for men including chest, leg, eyebrow, ear and almost all the body parts and the famous manzillian. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, facial hair, genital area, legs, arms, back, abdomen, feet, chest, nose, and ears. Please browse through our FAQ section or feel free to contact our salons for any other information that you'd like to know.
Men’s waxing hair removal gets rid of unwanted hair on your neck, chest, back or face, and keeps the natural look.
Today ear, nose & navel piercing carries with it the risk of life threatening blood viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis B, C and D.
Yet the equipment used for ear, nose & navel piercing today is very much the same as the equipment used 20 years ago or more.
Having become aware of these facts Blomdahl could not resist the challenge of designing and manufacturing the world’s safest ear, nose & navel  piercing system! All piercing jewellery is 100% safe, medical grade implantable titanium with NO nickel content.
Each are hand filed for sharpness at a 20% angle, have a wide handle design and a slanted tip which makes small hairs easy to pull.
Through the lips of my living husband they said, a€?We all love you very much.a€™ I cried in pain and joy, hope and broken heartedness, relief, exhaustion and revitalization. It once was said that only athletes and body builders got rid of unwanted hair including bike riders. The wonderful ladies here have always provided exceptional ?esthetic services and have treated me like family. The cute tweezers are designed with a rounded middle equipped with a comfortable silicone no-slip grip. It is time to train my daughter to be ready in an intentional way: to make pie, to build gardens, to grow intentional communities. Moving the spider webs aside, I looked into each of them, seeing under the surface of the Earth. I had a profound experience on the Mounds today, I felt fulfillment and joy in terms of being more connected.
The Storms will flow through, wave after wave, until all rivers run free and clean once again.

See the glowing red honey cell that is the Earth Conclave embedded in the middle of the comb?
Define the Balances, things that pull against each other, the dualities; love and hate, good and bad. They delighted in tasting apples that they have never tasted before (we were offering old and new apple varieties: Lura Red, Elstar and Sweet Tango). Make choices and choose to stand firm in the Thunder and Raging Storm, in Hypnotic Breezes and Crystal Blue Air, in Life, Death and Rebirth. We began to sweep and clean up what turned out to became a large room with a gigantic hearth (the hearth looked like a huge ancient artifact). We were told that when we share our food with the Spirits and Ancestors, we can taste the food more richly, we can acknowledge the love that is in the food we eat, we can recognize the living food that is now living through us. We realized that the Hearth could be restored to burn with a flame hot enough to forge tools. The chaotic surface was covered with colors and blossoms, underneath was a universal brown, yet all were interwoven. Perfectly aligned, hand-filed pointed slant tips for expert precision for your tweezing needs. We have been with you sense you began and will be with you throughout this never ending glorious adventure you call existence.
We teach you the manners of decay, the courtesies of rot, the practices and protocols of dissolution. We honor our no hassle personal care, guarantee so if you are not satisfied, contact us and we will give you a full refund or a replacement.SLANT TIP GRABS THE TINIEST HAIR: Don't you want longer period in between brow tweezing and hair regrowth?
We dare to open the gate, escorting your Beloved Dead to your death bed, be that bed covered with the well known cotton sheets of your own beloved home or the sudden excruciating explosion ripping your heart from your flesh spewing it out into the heat of the sun in screaming streams of liquid death.
Our sharp & precise hair tweezer won't tug at tend skin and will grip the smallest, ultra fine hair at the roots.

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