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I got my nose pierced last week of March, and it was fine for about 2 weeks, and then a bump formed inside my nose. I got my nose pierced in January and after a few months I decided to maybe try and change it. What also helped me is that i could see the salt was drying up the bump, so i put a little tiny wipe of coconut oil on the end of a qtip and rubbed it gently NOT covering over the bump and on the dark shading of skin, only do this once you see the bump reducing in size or going really dry to help prevent scarring and drying out the skin. I am happy to say that the chamomile (organic) tea healed my red bump from my nose ring , due to trauma from moving and removing nose ring.
Richard Kanyoro is an online marketer, teacher, writer (some might argue this point) and all-round web geek. We went to see a piercer not far from where we live in Miami and he told me exactly what to expect.
I had the same problem with my Prince Albert, but once the two weeks were up, it was awesome. In modern fashion, double nose piercing is widely being adopted by people to add creativity and difference to their look.
Same side: In this case, the same side of the nose is perforated one above the other or side-to-side.
Nose and septum: One piercing is on the left or right side of the nose whereas the other is done on the septum. You may wear studs in case of opposite piercings or a curved barbell on your septum and a pretty stud on the nose.
When done together, a double nose piercing may range from $80 to $100 along with the jewelry.
What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry. What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows. What are spider bites piercings Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd.
Add a dot of antibacterial liquid on a clean cotton cloth and swab it around the nose to remove any infection. Simply soak some cotton wool in a hot solution of sea salt and press it onto the bump until the heat dissipates. This can happen if you accidentally knock the nose piercing or pull out the ring accidentally.

It was freaking me out, I've already gotten it pierced 9 times before, and there have been problems every time, so I was understandably upset, but a couple of things kept me calm this time. I JUST kept doing sea salt compresses, but, instead of compressing the top of my nose for 10 mins, I would compress the top for 7 minutes, and then let my entire nose soak for the last 3-5. Its still a little bump and a little dark around the peircing which is fine, because i know it will fade. I begged her for two weeks and she finally gave in but said I had to have her with me and we had to go to a professional piercing salon. Ia€™m now the envy of all of my friends and I have a really cool diamond stud which looks super cute! Though there may be slight pain if both piercings are done together, it may hurt lesser when done by a professional. Trauma occurs when the ring or stud is knocked, tugged or has been removed and reinserted, causing damage to the surrounding tissues. A pustule is a hard lump formation that occurs under the skin as a result of the body’s attempt to isolate and encapsulate chronic infections. This is especially so if you use a contaminated tool that will introduce bacteria into the wound. So I decided to try the hot sea salt water compress and In two days my gigantic bump was gone!
A friend who got her belly button pierced told me that the piercer told her stress makes the piercing worse, so you should try to keep calm.
I also took a teaspoon of turmeric morning and night, just put the powder in my mouth and chased it down with milk or water. I have tried numerous things to try and heal it but what has worked the best for me was mixing the asprin, tea tree oil, sea salt and I tiny bit of water and leaving the paste on overnight.
After a few weeks of it being completely normal, I accidently snagged it momentarily putting a shirt on. Even after the bump is gone continue for 2 weeks after with the salt water to make sure it don't come back.
I have wanted one for ages but it is the after care more than the pain that has bothered me. It is to be made sure that there is sufficient space inside your nostrils to accommodate both piercings.
It usually has a red and raw formation and bleeds easily and at times drains a clear or yellow fluid.

While it is not easy to identify an infected nose piercing , you should check whether the bump is pink, tender and looks like a pimple. Should an infection develop after the piercing, do not try to remedy the situation at home.
Ever since I can remember just the sight of a needle has made me want to faint which sucked because I really wanted to have my nose pierced.
My mum asked loads of questions and checked I was old enough which I was (you had to be at least 13). Treating the infection with cotton swab dipped in sea salt water will help in getting it healed.
Africans and Asians are the most likely to suffer from keloids (a type of raised scar) than other races.
Go back to the piercing professional who did the piercing and have them change the jewelry for you. After reading online I tried tea tree oil for a few weeks, but this only made the bump bigger.
I put the oil on the end of a q-tip, pressed out the blood on the bump and applied neosporin. Wearing jewelry that is not compatible to the size of the nose, using metals and plastic jewelry on noses can cause infection. They were fully booked for that day so I had to wait another week until I could get the piercing done. I didna€™t but when they twisted the ring around I held onto the chair so tight my knuckles were completely white.
In severe cases, it can give out whitish yellow discharge of pus from the nose, when it develops inflammation. I think my bump came from hitting the piercing with my glasses a couple of time hence the inflammation.

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