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Occupational Audiology and Health Services, and in Nevada, Utah and Arizona through Nevada Occupational Audiology and Health Services. John Munroe Health Support Services can provide Audiometry Testing and relevant risk assessments for noise in the workplace, or at our Head Office (please call for further details). The test result is a highly repeatable, exact reading of the hearing thresholds by frequency. Due to the reliability of the test, the required 3 year follow ups are comparable (as required the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, 2005). Contact us now on 01538 394270 and speak to one of our team for further advice on your company's needs or complete the contact form.

Since the publication of A Practical Guide to Effective Hearing Conservation Programs in the Workplace in 1990, many things have changed, while some have not.
It checks the effectiveness of the noise control measures undertaken by your company, allowing for potential risks to be identified (as required the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, 2005). Things remaining the same include the Hearing Conservation Amendment to the OSHA Noise Standard. This hierarchy underscores the principle that the best of all prevention strategies is to have no exposure to agents that can cause or contribute to hearing loss.
Corporations that have embarked upon buy-quiet programs are moving towards the creation of a workplace where there will be no harmful noise.

Many companies are automating equipment or setting up procedures that can be operated by workers from a quiet control room free from harmful noise, chemical agents, and heat.
When it is not possible to remove the harmful agent or relocate the worker to a safe area, the worker must be protected. In the arena of hearing loss prevention, protection is a many-faceted process that includes exposure assessment, provision of protective equipment, assessment of hearing with appropriate management and follow-up actions, worker education and training, and continuous evaluation of program effectiveness.

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