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In today's post I want to draw your attention to some of the best ladies jewelry trends called one earring. We're all familiar with the Coco Chanel dictum that we should remove one accessory before leaving the house.
Raf Simons, creative director of Christian Dior and ultimate style arbiter, started it all when he sent models down the fall 2013 runway wearing surreal shifts and a single earring. Gone are the days when only ‘80’s rock stars and professional athletes sported a single earring, it’s now a signature style of the fashion forward. Like any fresh, novel trend, only adorning one lobe can feel (and look) a little disconcerting, but there are several fun ways to give it a trial run. Take a cue from the man who started it all and try wearing a single earring with a classic design. The ear cuff has been a thing for a while now, but always paired with some other type of ear adornment.
All those giant dangly earrings gathering dust at the back of your jewellery drawer, whose partners have been lost on various dancefloors over the years – they now have a use! Typically that means hanging your hat back on the rack (since you're also wearing sunglasses and a scarf), or removing your drop earrings so your necklace can really shine. Rather than sporting the traditional two, the runways have lightened your accessory load by offering one well-dressed ear with an elongated, single stud dangler.
Emma Watson, (who also daringly, and successfully we think, wore her dress over pants), and indie darling Adele Exarchopoulos both rocked a single statement earring at the Golden Globes.
Herewith our favorites – just be prepared for the inevitable “I think you lost an earring,” comments from the less sartorially adventurous.

Wearing just one long, shoulder-grazing stunner (like this one from Citrine by the Stones) can seem a little daring – but it’s also a good way to ease into the trend.
You can’t go wrong with pearls or diamonds in a low-key setting, just make sure it’s still a little irreverent – we adore the way this design by Noir Jewelry combines pretty and punk. Contrary to popular belief, these are not mutually exclusive – you can find her roaming the local library in her Louboutins.
While less is more may not be the message these statement earrings delivered at Louis Vuitton, Celine and Isabel Marant, both minimalists and maximalists can rejoice as there are infinite ways to embellish your earlobes using a solitary earring. And what could have been just an isolated (if appealing) avant garde runway moment has turned into a full-fledged trend. And high-end jewelry designers like Delfina Delettrez and Loree Rodkin actually sell single earrings as opposed to the more traditional pair.
If you feel the need to take it slow, just wear your hair swept over the bare ear a la Angelina Jolie. Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s art-deco dazzler for inspiration (Nasty Gal offers an excellent look-alike). Her goal as a CHAOS blogger is to blend her journalistic expertise with her unique brand of geek-chic. Instead of putting something on to take part in a trend, try taking something off.The trick works best with big, dazzling, costume-jewelry chandeliers and danglers.
Whether it’s a crystal-covered crucifix chain a la Tory Burch or a small, simple, shark tooth hoop from Isabel Marant, there’s something for every taste that delivers the same amount of impact.We rounded up the seven best runway ways to wear this one-sided trend and the starlets who love the look.
Although the bonus of buying two and wearing one is that when you lose it (like we inevitably do) you have a backup.

The cuff reads a little tougher than your average earring, so don’t be afraid to take it for a walk on the wild side by sporting it solo. A former New Yorker, Erin now calls beautiful Denver, Colorado, home and finds endless sartorial inspiration in its purple mountain majesty and wide-open blue skies.
Of course you can buy a set of earrings and choose to wear one, but I see lots of retailers and designer brands who are selling singular earrings, in other words you can mix and match things, so you look very individual.
You lost an earring!" greetings, try balancing out the other side with a just-as-brilliant stud.
No matter if you are wearing bangle earrings, stone stud, drop earrings or any other style, it will spice things up. To make this trend work perfectly, I recommend to wear your hair up or do one side hairstyle, so you can show-off your beautiful jewelry. Click through to see how we've shifted the earring equilibrium to prove a little scaling back can add up to a lot. After packing her designer bags and moving to the other side of the world on Australia’s Gold Coast, Megan received her Journalism degree to put her fashion knowledge and gift for the written word to good use.
The drop and geometric massive earring styles will for sure fit your smart-casual and boho inspired outfits, while sleek and elegant will underline your statement evening dress.
While always perusing the latest and upcoming fashion and beauty trends, runway collections and style stars of the season, Megan’s flair for fashion sparked a whirlwind expensive love affair with handbags and now considers herself to be a true bag snob.

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