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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Breuning "pure fashion" collection offers a unique array of sterling silver designs that incorporate the distinctive Breuning brand into each piece, providing a meaningful and fashionable way to identity yourself with this gorgeous sterling silver jewellery. In the modern world, where there are so many must-haves it is reassuring to know that some things are above these ever-changing trends.
The use of high-grade materials and extremely precise craftsmanship gives designer jewellery from COEUR DE LION an exceptionally long life. Every COEUR DE LION necklace and bracelet comes with a quality seal – your guarantee of carefully checked workmanship from our studios. We deliver products Australia wide using GT-EX or Express Post (signature required) prepaid satchels.
When buying diamond jewellery, of course it is important you like the design however, this is not the only thing to consider. Jewellery advice in Manchester that any buyer should look for will include information about the diamonds you purchase and their quality.
One of the things you would want to know about a certified diamond is which laboratory the diamond was certified at. Depending on the diamond you are getting, which usually depends on your budget, you might want to consider what will be the best setting to enhance the beauty of the diamond. At H&D Diamonds you can expect all that support either when purchasing a new item or when reviving an old jewellery piece.
To schedule your free consultation with a diamond and jewellery expert please click on the image below or contact us on 0845 600 557. As with many modern couples, my client was involved with the selection process, being the one who will be wearing the ring.
Browsing with a close friend, having several heart to heart chats and bouncing ideas back and forth helped my client get a clearer picture of what she does like.
A while back I wrote about women’s choice and my client was a true example of a new trend of designer using gemstones in combination with diamonds.
Once the finger was measured it was only a short while before the ring was ready for the proposal.
Now, the ring is worn with pride, my client loves her ring and is delighted with the admiring comments made by other people. A diamond ring is not an everyday purchase and there is nothing wrong with being particular about this special acquisition. I often meet discerning customers who, through extensive research, have selectively assembled several images of diamond rings . Once the diamond was purchased we had to ensure that we obtained the exact mount he had in mind. The garnet is commonly viewed in red but can also be found in different shades of green, yellow, blue and orange.

Our German origins means we use the best available technology and craftsmanship and our creative designers will always bring the finest jewellery to you.
With you, our clients, in mind we have compiled a collection drawing inspiration from the classic diva, the career professional, the restless Bohemian and the love-struck couple.
Each jewellery box also contains a certificate of authenticity authorised by the stockist you buy from.
We have latest styles so you can browse online for stunning jewellery from our large selection. Standard delivery timeframes are between 3-10 business days; in the event that an ordered item is not available or we are unable to fulfil your order, we will notify you within 2 business days to arrange an agreeable alternative item, a backorder or a full refund. For example, the EGL laboratory no longer can be found on the international platform for certified diamonds as it was found unreliable.
There are times you can compensate on the clarity of the diamond, especially when the flaw can be covered by the setting, and get a better colour of a diamond or larger carat weight.
Many times you can redesign the old stones in a new mount or turn the jewellery into something else. Having an online shop means we have no stock so all the jewellery advice we provide is completely impartial and you get exactly what you decide is best for you after the consultation. One person may like Rubies, another may prefer a Sapphire or maybe an Emerald, and that is perfectly fine. After visiting jewellery shops she came back with a clear vision of what she doesn’t like. After consultations which informed her of the qualities of various gems my client decided that an aquamarine will accompany her diamonds. However, there are times when the best option is to turn to a professional Bond Street jeweller for advice. I offered several design options however, after further research and many visits to jewellery shops my customer came back with a complete design swing. My customer educated himself extensively regarding the most desirable qualities he sought in the ideal stone.
It was initially Josephus, a Jewish historian, who made a connection between the twelve stones of Aaron’s breastplate, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve months of the year and the twelve signs of the zodiac.
The name of the stone comes from the Latin word ‘granum’ which means ‘grain’ as the red round garnet looks very much like a pomegranate seed. It is considered to be the stone of true friendship and fidelity.
Mystics say the garnet has purifying abilities on body and mind and can bring relationships to a higher, permanent level of devotion.
This hardest gem represents love and is given as gifts couples throughout their relationship. Carola Eckrodt’s creations marry clear, minimalist design with unusual colour combinations, making them both elegant and unconventional.
This is our way of certifying that COEUR DE LION handmade designer jewellery is of the highest quality and has been made to last.

You can view our collections of rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, engagement rings & much more. Shipping times are estimated at between 3-10* business days depending on your location within Australia & New Zealand. If the diamonds are certified do not look only at the colour and clarity as there are many more aspects to consider. In other words, it was upgrading the diamond’s quality on the certificate by more than two grades. It could be an old ring that was passed on to you, a present you received a long time ago that no longer represent who you are or even something you bought yourself and are tired of its look. Are you suffering from allergies and want to take that into account when choosing your alloy?
White gold, though very fashionable in recent years, doesn’t complement all skin tones and a large statement ring may not suit every women. Only then will it be admired by you whilst attracting the attention it deserves from others. Every one of these customers wishes for a single diamond ring which would encompass all these unique qualities. He looked to me for guidance and valued my contributions which ensured that budget would in no way compromise quality. My customer was very specific about his wishes, and this made the creation of the ring much easier for my jeweller. There is a belief that each of the stones has healing powers that are at their peak when worn at the relevant month. This contrast gives jewellery from COEUR DE LION a timeless feel that will endure for years. That is the only way to translate Carola Eckrodt’s timeless designs into refined jewellery which its wearers will enjoy for years to come. So it is not enough to know the diamond is certified, it is also important to know by whom and what the certificate actually say about the diamond beyond the colour and clarity. However, before the actual ring was produced I needed my customer’s approval on a 3D design showing what the ring will look like.
Just like you wouldn’t buy a PC just by the screen size and the colour of the tower, there are a lot more things to consider about the diamond. It is important you are aware of the durability of that semi-precious stone, especially if set in a ring, as it tend to be knocked more often than earrings for example. Although used in medieval times by warriors to help heal wounds it is also believed to help peach of mind and clarity of thoughts.

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