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Take our word for it: Guys LOVE when you use your taste as a form of intellectual dominance.
Sign up for the Reductress Newsletter to get weekly updates in your inbox and become our bae. This opinion’s a short, sweet and only slightly demeaning addition to a date you’ve def already cinched. You’re not afraid to take on corporate bigwigs, especially fictional dystopian future ones! Now hit him with this cool-chick observation about the parallels between Paul Verhoeven’s cult classic and our dystopic, modern-day state.
Pair it with a tiny laugh to show him you’re still awww-worthy, despite having razor-sharp correct opinions on RoboCop.

Get active about this opinion by standing up and doing your best robot impression at the same time.
When you’re not afraid to ramble a little about your interests (namely Robocop), he’ll see you as the fearless type who doesn’t mind pushing conversational boundaries.
Guys find physical activity and robots hot, so he’ll dig that you’re the kind of girl who’s not afraid to work up a robotic sweat while you talk. Don’t ask these questions unless you’re trying to make him astral-project out of sheer apathy. Research shows that when you’re talking about something you love, like Robocop, your sudden attractiveness will overpower any respect that your opinions alone would have garnered, turning you into the fuck-magnet we promised you would be. This confidence could translate to any aspect of your potential relationship, if you know what we mean!

Turn even this opinion into a way that he can sexualize you, and you’ll be snatch-deep with the D in no time.
Instead, spice up your conversation with these thoughts about the 1987 action film Robocop that guys absolutely LOVE. Trust us?that hottie you’re trying to hook will go crazy for the following dude-approved opinions that we’ve methodically compiled.

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