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I'm not sure whether that booger from hell the doc pulled out of the man's nose was a result of sinus infection, nasal fungus, polyps in the nasal cavity or some other growth within the skull, but it's quite possible that it was neither. Ingrown toenail is a condition concerning the toenails, which mainly occurs due to the carelessness, or when one being misinformed. You won’t be noticing this condition appear until one day you suddenly get a little push on the toe, and it hurts bad.
The nail should now look rounded and not too short. Clothing the feet with the appropriate apparel should be a top-level priority.

When the situation is still in your hands, and there’s no gory situation involved, natural treatments are the best to treat this particular condition. Through the long time lap of about 7-14 days you’ll have to try and get the nail away from the skin.
It could have been a post-op removal of a cotton ball stuffed in the man's nose for deviated septum after some surgical procedure. It is mainly due to the way that you and me cut the toenails, that this condition hurts; and man does this hurt!

Till this condition clears up, don’t wear shoes, high heels or any other tight-fitting footwear.

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