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One of the more frustrating things about shopping for high quality brands and products is the sheer amount of fake versions out there that often catch people out. And sadly, many people unwittingly buy these fake Pandora charms and bracelets, believing that they are getting a great deal. This guide highlights some of the problems that can occur if you buy fake Pandora goods, and provides some simple tips that can help you to determine whether or not your Pandora jewellery is genuine.
Pandora charms and bracelets come in a variety of different designs, so it can be difficult to identify real or fake versions.
While it can be tempting to save a wedge of money and treat yourself to a discounted item, it's important that you proceed with caution.
To make things that little bit more difficult, many of these fakes look completely identical to the authentic Pandora products, at least to an untrained eye.
Whether you intentionally or unintentionally buy a fake Pandora item, it can cause a variety of problems, particularly if you try to combine them with authentic Pandora jewellery. Fake charms can ruin genuine bracelets: In the ensuing panic of getting a bead or charm stuck on a bracelet, people often pull or tug in desperation to remove it. Evidently, fake Pandora jewellery has more negatives associated with it than just simply being a rip off.
One of the quickest ways to detect if a website is selling fake or genuine Pandora charms and bracelets is to find out if the site is an authentic Pandora retailer. The red arrow above points to the official Pandora stockist certification logo, which verifies authentic sellers of genuine Pandora jewellery. If the website does not carry the certification logo or is not featured on the Pandora website's authorised online retailers list, it's probably best to avoid it. Unfortunately, the process of vetting a website comes too late for many people, who make a purchase without taking the necessary time to decide whether it is genuine or not. As mentioned already, the price of a Pandora piece can be a big indication of its authenticity.
As a result, any website or store that claims to be selling Pandora products at less than the recommended price is likely to be a fake. If you've already purchased the item and you are unsure about its authenticity, there are some ways to determine if your Pandora bracelet or charm is genuine.

Because it is made with high quality materials, Pandora jewellery is stamped with quality marks or hallmarks which help to prove its authenticity by displaying the purity of the metals. The gold Pandora jewellery carries similar markings, with different numbers for 14k and 18k gold. The sponsor's mark, known in America as the maker's mark, is also evident on the vast majority of Pandora products (excluding some of the smallest pieces). When examining your Pandora jewellery, these stamps and marks are signs of authenticity and fake versions may not carry them. Another quick and easy way to discover if an item is fake is by discovering the metal content. Holding a magnet to the jewellery can help to establish whether there is a metal or iron content, as these are very magnetic metals. However, if the piece is attracted to the magnet, it can be determined that it is not made entirely from silver or gold.
With the exception of some of the Openwork charms, Pandora charms and beads are threaded to allow them to be placed onto the bracelets properly.
The threading system also enables Pandora clips to be added to prevent other charms from moving or falling off.
Fake Pandora items vary massively in quality, with some being very difficult to spot, whilst others are quite obviously knock-offs.
Also feel the weight of the piece; remember that gold and silver are quite heavy metals, and therefore will be heavier than those made of steel or iron and subsequently plated with gold or silver. Again, telling the difference between genuine and fake Pandora jewellery can be difficult to an untrained eye.
When studying Pandora Murano glass beads, check whether the pattern is painted on top of the glass. It can be difficult to establish the authenticity of a Pandora piece, and if you have purchased one, it can be extremely difficult to get your money back. Our race organisation and management services include everything from course design and location-finding through to chip timing and on the day race management. We have one impending trip - a fourth return to India for the magnificent Himalaya 100 Mile Stage Race. As a massively popular jewellery brand, Pandora is unfortunately often replicated and counterfeited. Following the tips in this guide can ensure that you don't end up being ripped off by fake Pandora jewellery.

However, there are some key things to look out for that may help to spot a fake Pandora charm or bracelet. However, this can actually cause more damage by ruining the thread and breaking the bracelet. In fact, although it may be cheaper to start with, by the time you've replaced broken pieces and paid out for repairs, it can actually end up being more expensive than if you'd just bought a genuine Pandora product in the first place. All online stockists of genuine Pandora products carry a certification of authenticity (pictured below), verifying that they are real. Pandora items are made from high quality metals such as silver and gold, and therefore the price of the jewellery reflects the value of these materials. If the magnet does not attract the item, you can be confident that it is made from gold or silver and is therefore likely to be genuine.
The bracelets also have threaded sections which allow the beads to be effectively placed on them and to be spaced around the bracelet. If it instantly starts to fall apart or the material starts to dull within days of purchase, there's every possibility that the product is not real.
However, if the quality of the carving or the details upon the piece look suspect, it may not be a genuine item. If this is the case, it is not a real Pandora bead, as the genuine article has designs within the glass which are added during the production process, rather than being added afterwards. Again, this is not something that Pandora produces, so these can be instantly dismissed as fake.
This is because most online stores that sell fake goods are there to make a quick sale before disappearing into the sunset.
Buying Pandora jewellery from an authorised online retailer such as Joshua James is a much safer way to guarantee the quality of the goods you are buying.
Pandora also places recommended retail prices on its jewellery, which are followed by authorised retailers.
However, fake Pandora is often produced using cheaper materials such as steel or iron before being plated with silver or gold. It is much more difficult to achieve the level of detailing on steel or iron that can be achieved when working with precious metals such as gold and silver.

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