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Have Fun with Your LifeGet a Beautiful Touch of Fashion with this Pandora Inspired Black Diamond Murano Glass Bead Bracelet, great fit for any casual and formal occasion. This Quality Fashion Pandora-style Bracelet, a unique collection of Bracelets, and beads that will inspire you to make your own modern jewelry part together. DIY bracelets, make your own unique bracelets Pugster like Murano beads, silver charms & bracelets.

It's a perfect combination of Black and Gray Murano Glass Beads and differently shaped Metal Beads, nicely crafted in Vintage Style with Black Diamond Genuine Austrian Crystals, and settled on a thick Sterling Silver plated chain with an Extender ring. We have a choice of Hematite, magnetic, cat’s eye, semi precious stone, ceramic, glass, and faceted beads.

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