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To formally introduce, we are no designers, no highflying architects, no technocrats, and no geeks. We are sure that we got something for everyone in this collection of 'Cool, Unusual and Creative Earring Designs'. Camera & Film Earrings: The camera's lens lights up when you press a little button behind it.

Ice Earrings: Creation of designer Katharina Ludwig, the ice jewelry collection includes earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.
Food Earrings: These handmade polymer clay jewelry look delicious and are cute wearable miniature versions of French baked goods and other treats. Computer Chip Earrings: Real 8-pin computer chips are fixed on sterling silver posts to create these cool pair of earrings.

Cellphone Earrings: An artist from Toronto Barb Feldman, has handcrafted beautiful earrings in the shapes of tiny iPhone 3G and Blackberry.

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