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Supplements the Realisticart channel on You Tube – Ongoing discussion about jewelry design and painting. Watercolor Paper Earrings are simple to make, and because they are very light weight, you can freely experiment with their design and make them as large as you like.
Before gluing the unpainted layers together, cut a channel into the middle layer where the loop will be inserted to hang the earring. Insert a small length of 18 gauge wire into this channel to prevent it from filling with glue during the building stage of creating the earrings. Glue the three unpainted layers together, and when the glue has dried thoroughly use 120 grit sandpaper to refine the shape, and smooth the side edges of the earrings. When you are satisfied with the basic shape, glue the top watercolor layer with your watercolor painting to each earring, and glue the decorative paper (if you are using it) to the back. This entry was posted in Basic watercolor jewelry construction, Watercolor earrings, Watercolor jewelry.
Carolyn – i believe minwax brand is one of the best, but you can find many brands at your local hardware store (ie home depot).

I teach at a NYC university, but am planning a series of wire and water paper jewelry workshops on Long Island during the summer.
I really enjoy doing this and am happy that so many people find satisfaction in being creative and making things! In my workshops, my students have lots of fun experimenting with designs and often make many different earring pairs during a three hour class. The earrings employ the same paper layering process, and the main form of the earring is built from three layers of 140lb watercolor paper.
When I touch up the sides of the earrings, I like to permit the paint to run into the banana paper.
Yes I do use Minwax Polycrylic clear, as it is water-based and produces a nice hard surface. After the initial form is created, a top layer is glued in place that has been painted with watercolors to create a tiny watercolor painting.
You will also cut a fourth, top layer for each earring which you will keep separate for now.

Coming soon, watch for my video – “Watercolor Paper Earrings,” which will show this entire process from start to finish. I don’t recommend any of the polyurethanes or polyurethane blends, however, as I choose to avoid those products with more toxic fumes. Optionally, you may also cut out another layer of banana or other decorative paper for the back of the earrings. The flat surface is perfect for creating vintage style earrings by gluing on flat back cabochons.

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