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WHAT IS HEARING LOSS?Everyday sounds cover a range of pitches from the sound of a low-pitch foghorn to a high-pitch squeal.Sounds are also heard at different levels of sound, from soft sounds like the patter of rain to loud sounds like a plane at take off. The ear is a sophisticated, sensitive and complex organ, which consists of three main sections:The outer earThe outer ear is made up of the external cartilaginous part of the ear and the ear canal.
A gradually progressing disease, otosclerosis is an ailment that is related to hearing impairment. Tinnitus hearing loss is an ailment in which the ear suffers the brunt and there is a funny sensation in the ear. As this is a disease that is hereditary in nature and has its roots in genetic transfers, it may be found in children as well. It has been diagnosed that people are able to hear better when they are in a noisy environment rather than when they are in an environment that is calm and does not invite a lot of noise. Gradually it is felt that the ears are not responding to sounds and the ability to ear is almost diminishing.
Before the treatment begins, there are certain tests that have to be performed to evaluate the area and the extent of damage sustained.
With the symptoms and treatment options for otosclerosis aforementioned, one is sure to be well informed about the condition. The eardrum is located at the end of the ear canal and forms the boundary to the middle ear. It is when children hear less, that they fail to respond to cues given to them by their guardians or parents. There are times when you may suddenly feel that the world is rotating at an accelerated speed.

However, it has been observed that many are unable to grasp sounds and voices that are low pitched and are also not able to decipher and understand what is whispered to them due to the tone.
An ENT specialist will ask you certain questions that are related to the condition and the symptoms that you endure. This article is a navigational procedure to help you consult a medical professional and should by no means be interpreted as a supplement to your doctor's advice. Depending on the extent of the hearing loss and the pitch range of the hearing loss, a person with a hearing loss may only miss some soft, high-pitched sounds; while others with a more severe degree may not be able to hear conversation. The outer ear functions as a kind of satellite dish that picks up sound waves and conducts them to the eardrum, causing it to vibrate.The middle earThe middle ear is an air-filled space, whose air pressure is regulated by the eustachian tube, which connects the middle ear to the throat.
The most prominent symptom to observe is when the child does not respond when his name is called repeatedly, does not waver his voice volume even when he is told that he is being too loud. This is a sign that shares a connective thread being a dominant symptom of vertigo as well.
A Rinne test is conducted to decipher the damage that the bone has endured, as well as the anatomy of the soft bone that has erupted in the middle ear. It is an invisible handicap which can have far reaching medical, social and psychological effects.
This chain of bones forms a lever mechanism, conducting the vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear (also referred to as the cochlea).
To name the most prominent symptoms, giddiness and a sensation of ringing in the ears are the ones that have a gory impact on the individual's mundane functioning.
There is headache and a feeling of yourself being swirled around even when you lie in the same position for hours on end.

Attached to the bones are two small muscles, which are activated when very loud sounds reach the ear. The treatment may consist of the individual wearing hearing aids that may help him hear better with an enhanced clarity of voice and sounds. These muscles work to reduce the effects of excessive sound pressure before reaching the inner ear.The inner earThe inner ear, or cochlea, is shaped like a snail shell and filled with fluid.
The medical and social problems of the hard of hearing are vastly different from that of the deaf and therefore should not be grouped together. The balance organ is attached to the cochlea and is made up of three fluid-filled semicircular canals. It has been observed that if the condition is left untreated, total deafness may be the culminating result.
If the condition does not improve with the use of hearing aids or surgery a CT scan is conducted to evaluate if there are other inert reasons that are causing the condition to stay stagnant in nature or deteriorate further. When the hair cells are activated, they send impulses via the acoustic nerve to the brain, which perceives these impulses as sound. Via these fantastic, winding ways, the ear is able to pick up sound waves, transform them to bone vibrations then to wave movements in fluid and finally to nerve impulses that can be interpreted by the brain.

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