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Culprits of hearing loss are many – from infections, ear trauma, ototoxic drugs, to genes. The very day after day causes micro-damaged hearing cells, which after many years result in deterioration of hearing. Paradoxically, it is this type of hearing loss most preventable, yet most of us do not do it. In its memory MP3 player holds hundreds of songs, which means that we can listen for hours – as most people do. It has been shown that exposure to the sound of 85 dB for 8 hours with time causes hearing loss.
Scientists warn, because of the MP3 player, our generation is exposed to a serious risk of hearing loss. For improvement of the hearing every morning and before bedtime take a mixture made from equal parts of honey and cinnamon. It is good for the heart, mood, immunity, and recent research shows that red wine can prevent hearing loss.

The antioxidants in red wine protect the hairs in the inner ear, the ear that defend against external influences. The latest studies reveal that some vitamins and minerals directly connected with the organ of hearing.
In studies where participants were exposed to loud music, hearing loss was much lower in people who had previously been taking vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, and magnesium. A recent US study with over 51,000 participants showed a positive effect of folic acid on the hearing.
Whether in the form of food or as a supplement to the diet, vitamins and minerals can be a good prevention of hearing loss. The latest studies reveal interesting facts, and that is that our hearing directly is inked to the health of the cardiovascular system. The exercises generally improve blood circulation in the body and are therefore essential if you want to have good hearing. Studies have shown that people who in their 50s had good shape, they also have good hearing, as well as young people.

For cardiovascular health and a good ear is the most recommended aerobic exercise – jogging, swimming, and walking. If you need to raise your voice to make yourself heard – you should know, that your environment is too loud! If you are listening to music with headphones, do not turn up the volume more than 60% of the maximum level. The volume is such that we do not hear the people around us, the noise from cars, even taking off aircraft – which means it’s too loud!
What can we say about iPods and MP3 players, where we use a lot more volume (usually over 100 dB)? In the follow-up period of 20 years, hearing loss was reduced by 20% in people who were regularly taking folic acid.

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