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The more serious the (bilateral) hearing loss, and the earlier its onset during spoken and written language acquisition, the more severe the disability will be. In infants, any departure from the normal pattern of development should be met with special testing as quickly as possible. In preschool-aged children, any small delay in language or speech acquisition should quickly lead to testing for hearing loss. Chronic bilateral otitis with effusion leading to conductive hearing loss, which may in turn disrupt language acquisition, requires treatment.

Bilateral sensorineural hearing loss may occur in the course of meningitis or following ototoxic treatments. Any bilateral sensorineural hearing loss should be addressed very quickly by a specialized team who will provide assessment and follow-up in the ENT, pediatric, SLP, and auditory prosthetics fields, as well as parental coaching and educational support.
Cochlear implants are reserved for patients with profound bilateral hearing loss and no benefit from conventional hearing prostheses. They are advisable under such circumstances from the age of 12-18 months for congenital hearing loss and as early as possible under the same circumstances for secondary hearing loss.

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