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Wij verkopen uitsluitend nieuwe producten met volledige fabrieksgarantie waarvan de verpakking is verbroken of beschadigd. Multi-PairingMultipairing allows you to connect your Philips Bluetooth headhpones with two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously.
Smart Touch ControlsSmart touch controls on the right earshell give control of your music and calls with a tap or a swipe. Finely tuned 32 mm neodymium drivers combined with a closed-back acoustic system design and on-ear sealing provide an excellent and impressive precision sound.
We recently spent some time checking out a couple of pairs of headphones from Philips across two different, increasingly popular categories – noise cancelling and wireless.
Ever growing in popularity, noise cancelling headphones are useful for more than just plane travel. Philips Fidelio NC1 headphones are made mostly from a combination of metal, plastic and pleather. When it comes to sound, they’re fairly well balanced yet slightly light on the bass for me personally, although this does come down to personal taste in the end.
To provide their noise cancelling functionality, the Philips NC1 headphones use active microphones, accessed from a switch on the left earpiece. If you’re looking for noise cancelling headphones without the common bulkiness of most models, the Philips NC1 noise cancelling headphones are a good buy. Offering the ultimate in movability, bluetooth headphones free you from cables and mean you don’t have to worry about damaging often flimsy cables.

Coming in at a very affordable price point, the Philips SHB5500 provide powerful sound and nine hours of wire-free listening. The controls for volume and playback are on the ear and the adjustable headband allows for a comfortable fit. The sound is sort of what you’d expect from a pair of headphones in this price range. The Philips SHB5500 headphones are perfect if you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable pair of bluetooth headphones.
The SHB8850NC is only $199.95, which by my searching makes it one of the least expensive, if not the least expensive pair of Bluetooth plus active noise cancelling headphones that you can buy in Australia. On paper, the headphones sound pretty impressive; 16 hours of battery life from the internal rechargeable cell when both Bluetooth and noise cancelling are enabled, jumping to 28 hours with just Bluetooth and 33 hours with just active noise cancelling enabled. A four-microphone array on the headphones’ exterior blocks up to 97 per cent of external noise, reducing it by -20dB. At the same time, Philips also has a new wired-only pair of noise cancelling headphones in the SHL3850NC, which will be $129. You’ll be able to buy the SHB8850NC at Harvey Norman and Officeworks where it should be in stock in the next couple of days.
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Our business philosophy is simple: give customers and businesses an easy way of shopping for what they want, when they want it and all with a first class level of service. For some strange reason, your music will always sound better when it’s not mixed with the conversation of the people sitting behind you on the train or that persistent hum of the bus. The metal adds noticeable weight that gives these headphones a premium feel, whilst not making them overly heavy for travel. The on-ear design is a point of difference in the noise cancelling game and the headphones felt comfortable to wear for a lengthy period of time. Those microphones can also be used for audio pickup, letting you use the SHB8850NC for voice calls. Despite critical acclaim, Agent Carter is no more after the second season failed to attract the ratings it needed to continue. Enjoy music easily with smart touch control and one-tap NFC pairing with Bluetooth devices. We never stop improving our operation by always putting our customers - and their needs - first. From computer hardware & software to office supplies & electronics all at low online prices.

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