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CaregivingThe Boomer's Guide to Aging Parents is an essential reference for anyone coping with an aging parent who may be losing the ability to manage alone. NewRetirement is a site dedicated to helping people concerned about retirement find information and prescreened service providers, such as lenders, insurance brokers, certified financial planners, and other retirement experts. Home careThe official National Adult Day Services Association Directory, first authorized for use by Silver Planet, is a database of more than 4,600 adult day service providers in every state and the District of Columbia. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) is a REALTOR® who is uniquely qualified to assist seniors in housing sales and purchases. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Additional features make this versatile phone also make this a good choice for visually impaired users. Frequency-Specific volume setting - 4 levels to compensate for severe frequency-specific hearing loss. Set in large print, the book covers topics such as how to find and use a care manager, how to handle a parent who has become a dangerous driver, how to stand up for your elderly loved one in the health care system, how to handle money for aging loved ones, and many others. Knowing that caregivers feel scared, angry, guilty, frustrated, overworked, and underappreciated, she passes on her knowledge and practical advice in a way that everyone can understand. The SRES designation is awarded only to REALTORS who have additional education on how to help seniors and their families with later-in-life real estate transactions. Silver Planet does not make any representation as to the suitability or expertise of resources referred to on its Web site. It amplifies voices on incoming calls up to 53dB and digitally adjusts frequency-specific volume levels so that any user can clearly and comfortably hear a caller's voice.
The Boomer's Guide to Aging Parents is available in paperback, downloadable ebook, and audiobook forms for your convenience. Learn more or click here to purchase E-Learning I.-->ConsultationsSilver Advisors™ are professional geriatric care managers and other experts who provide phone consultations on preventing falls, navigating Medicare, evaluating senior driving challenges, and other issues baby boomers must resolve while caring for an aging loved one.
ClearSounds® amplified phones are the perfect solution for those with mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss who want to enjoy using the phone again.
Silver Planet does not give legal advice, and no information provided on the Web site should be so interpreted. Members of Silver Planet receive $10 off the order total by entering the appropriate discount code.
Silver Advisors clarify concerns, suggest a plan of action, help prioritize next steps, and furnish personalized written plans and recommendations.
Before relying upon content on Silver Planet, you should consult the appropriate professional(s) where you live.

In addition, this phone is equipped with a Visual Ringer - a flasher that alerts of incoming calls. Learn more or contact a Silver Advisor now.Driver safetyThe DriveSharp brain fitness program strengthens the cognitive skills essential for safe driving. Learn more.NutritionTop 10 Guilt-Free Desserts: "Recipe Doctor" Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, is positively passionate about changing the way America eats—one recipe at a time!
For maximum user convenience, personal volume amplification settings are saved automatically, and can be recalled with the push of a single button. Unfortunately, PERS pendants are not effective if your loved one is unconscious, unable, or unwilling to press a button.
She has been performing recipe makeovers for over a decade now, reducing calories, fat, saturated fat, and sometimes sugar and sodium, while simultaneously increasing fiber, phytochemicals, omega-3s, and monounsaturated fat. This clinically proven system means older drivers can stay safely on the road later in life.
Studies have shown that in four of five falls, manually activated medical alarms are never activated. Elaine specifically designed these desserts to be healthier than typical treats so that you may occasionally indulge your sweet tooth without guilt. Learn more.Financial planningElderlife Financial Services serves families by helping them plan, locate, and finance their senior housing and needs. The myHalo Senior Monitoring Fall Detection System is unique in that your loved one doesn’t have to press a button.
Its solutions are available to seniors and others who need simple financial options to help them pay for senior living or other senior living communities. Learn more.HousingThe goal of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is to help homeowners find the right professional partner to do their remodeling. Elderlife's Senior Living Line of Credit provides immediate financial assistance for senior housing. Whether it is updating a kitchen to make it more efficient, turning an ordinary bathroom into a haven of rest and relaxation, or adding a room to meet the needs of a growing family, NARI wants all homeowners to get the maximum value or enjoyment for the dollars they invest in remodeling.
A personal chef can work with you to understand the types of foods you enjoy, while respecting any dietary concerns you may have, such as requirements to avoid or eliminate sodium, spicy food, or lactose. Learn more or apply for an Elderlife Senior Living Line of Credit now.Mark Miller wrote The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security to give baby boomers the first examination of retirement issues in the new post-crash economy. Learn more.The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) is the only professional association in North America representing organizations dedicated to assisting older adults and families with the physical and emotional demands of downsizing, relocating, or modifying their homes. A personal chef will customize dishes for you, prepare them fresh with groceries purchased that morning, and package them in easy-to-heat individual servings to store in your freezer.

As a journalist covering retirement security issues, he wanted to show how strategies for money, work, and living could be interwoven and leveraged for retirement security—even in the Great Recession. One call to a senior move manager can connect you with services older adults and families need for a seamless, successful transition of any type. He also hopes to help readers boost their retirement IQs by showcasing the best thinking he could find while reporting on retirement and aging.
Learn more.Members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) are strictly fee-only in their compensation, which means they do not accept commissions or referral fees of any kind for the financial advice they provide their clients. Learn more.ReferenceSilver Planet's Featured Sites page contains an ever-growing list of great resources for boomers and seniors. They are also held to a fiduciary standard at all times, which places the best interests of their clients at the forefront of their work. The page includes Web sites providing information on caregiving, positive aging, aging-in-place technologies, legal and financial counsel for midlife and beyond, best places to retire in the United States or abroad, and more. Visit the Feature Sites page now.Silver Planet's Housing Options Glossary provides a framework for understanding new choices. Once upon a time, nursing homes were the only option for seniors who could no longer live on their own. Housing options now come in a variety of forms, and though some of the names sound alike, states often refer to them in different ways. Read the glossary now.Silver Planet's Senior Designations Glossary defines many of the credentials you may encounter when searching for a professional whose specialty targets seniors. You may run across acronyms and initialisms that indicate certain kinds of certification, some with more professional cachet than others. We've written about some of these, so we’ve put together a one-stop glossary to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Read the glossary now.SecurityID Security Solutions (IDSS), a services company focused on protective and restorative identity theft and fraud solutions, offers the Identity Theft Shield, which includes a review of your Experian credit report and credit score, continuous monitoring of your credit file at Experian, and access to licensed investigators in case identity theft occurs. Learn more or try it now.Supplemental health benefitsKey Life Benefits specially designed and priced the Silver Supplemental Wellness Package for Silver Planet members. This service is particularly helpful when your primary care doctor is not available, when you have a problem after hours or on vacation, and for nonemergencies.

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