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A few months later I went in to keep my boyfriend company as he was getting his tattoo worked on and got my navel pierced. It took me a few months to figure out which piercing I wanted to do next, I had my cartilage pierced before but it was done many many many years ago with a gun and it just didnt work out well for me so I ended up taking it out. I have to start out by saying that I love tattoos and piercings and when I get bored or I feel like its been a while I tend to get some new ink or a new hole in my body. After debating for a long time of where I wanted my next piercing (which would be my 10th – they are so addictive!), I finally decided on the rook piercing of my right ear. YAIROARGENTINA dijo:A mi me gustaria ponerme los piercings que parecen cuernos en la frente para que me acompanen con los que ya me pusieronAnimo amigo, animo. You can piercing in the same spot, but it may hurt more since its skin that has healed up, but you can totally.
Searesrayne said: You can piercing in the same spot, but it may hurt more since its skin that has healed up, but you can totally. My rook piercing is killing me rn ): It was fine for a whole week and then now it's throbbing, red, and swollen. I know this is weird but I got my 2nd piercing done on my lobes with a gun and it hurt like a b***h! Gypsy Rose in Calgary AB, Canada (where all my piercings are done) was open and it was gonna be a good day!!
I have my lobes stretched to 5mm, second holes, my right ear has a high helix and a lower helix ring, my left has its fourth hole and was looking bare. My very first “body piercing” besides my earlobe was my belly button, I was 16 years old and my mom promised me that I could get a belly ring on my 16th birthday and that began my journey of body modification. Unique, fun, and I had the perfect rook to be pierced – plus it would look great above my tragus piercing and three lobe piercings.
I've been wanting a tragus piercing for like two years now.Finally got around to going to the piercing parlor and turns out my ear is too small for it. I got my conch done with a needle and everyone told me that was suppose to hurt the worse but I barely felt a thing, anyway when can I start changing the earring on my lobes? I decided on the rook based on the cute jewelry I could purchase like the heart or jeweled bar.

El aumento recomendado en cada sesion es de entre 2 y 4 mm.Otro metodo mas rapido de dilatar es el realizado con un dermal punch, este instrumento sirve para extraer biopsias de la piel, es un bisturi circular que atrapa en el interior la zona que se atraviesa.
Anyways everything I did that came close to touching my ear I had to be careful about, pulling off a t-shirt, putting on a t-shirt, telling my hair stylist to be careful when drying my hair, EVERYTHING. I was lying on the table, and the piercer (we’ll call him Bob) aligned the dots and I took a look. When I turned 18 I was a senior in high school and as a graduation gift she allowed me to get my tongue pierced and I got my first tattoo. Son esteriles y desechables.Este metodo esta recomendado en lobulos que no tienen ninguna perforacion inicial, es una manera de perforar no estirando sino por un pequeno mordisco inicial que ira dilatandose posteriormente con barras dilatadoras.
He mentioned that his co-worker Bob had a client once who he had to pretty much restrain to the table in order to get the needle through her rook.
I did research the tragus piercing to see how other people would rate the pain level and of course everyone has a different answer, so I decided to hold off on the piercing and just re-pierce my cartilage. I would have to say that the only bad thing about the tongue piercing is that I couldn’t really talk with it for a while but with practice I got it down.
I'm doing the SSS like twice a day, do you think I should do more or would it start irritating my piercing?
I headed down to the tattoo shop with the intention of only getting my cartilage pierced after I filled out the paper work I sat on the piercing table and watched as the piercer sterilized the jewelry and set up everything for my piercing. I went away to college and in college I got my nipples pierced I mean hey what college girl wouldn’t want nipple rings. I didn’t think much of it at first, so I said mint (just a fun question to keep me from being nervous, I thought). She marked my ear and when I was happy with the placement she told me to take a deep breath and breathe out and it was done, I didn’t really feel anything just a slight pinch.
My roommate and I decided on a whim to get our nipples pierced and they have to be my favorite body piercing. Then he handed me a little cup of mouthwash, told me to swish it around, and spit it out in the sink. A cartilage piercing where if you are facing the ear you can see the face of the stud, or a cartilage piercing that is parallel to the ear?

Since it was virtually painless I told her to just pierce my tragus while we’re at it! I just recently got my rook pierced and I absolutely love it the pain was horrible the piercing is gorgeous.
I started to wonder if this was a new protocol for any piercing around the facial area (just in case I had bad breath, perhaps?), so I did as I was told.
She went to get the jewelry for the piercing, came back and marked my ear for placement of the jewelry. Un piercer sabe como y donde perforar sin riesgo para los nervios ni la piel, esta aleccionado para ello especialmente, en cambio, en manos de una persona que simplemente sabe que apretando la pistola se realiza un agujero, estamos corriendo demasiado riesgo.El factor dolor es tambien muy importante, para mucha gente es muy relevante a la hora de tomar la decision de perforarse. She put the clamps on my tragus and had to bend it forward to make sure the placement would be right. La pistola realiza el agujero con la misma joya, se produce un desgarro a presion en la piel, pudiendo ocasionar hematomas y traumas en la zona, en cambio, la aguja tiene un filo muy fino que permite el paso a traves de la piel de manera natural y suave y por lo tanto mucho menos dolorosa y por supuesto, traumatica.Ademas, la joyeria que se colocara con la pistola, a lo sumo, sera hipoalergenica, pero en un estudio profesional de piercings, ademas de hipoalergenica, sera lisa y adecuada para la cicatrizacion y la limpieza, un barbell o un circular barbell. When she started to pierce I could hear the needle tearing through my cartilage and it got stuck, she had to use quite a bit of force to complete the piercing.
However, I dismissed this as well (maybe the shop had become a little unconventional), and requested the barbell. The piercing itself wasn’t painful but there was a lot of pressure and you can hear every little thing.
Las aletas de la nariz, uno de los piercing mas socialmente extendidos, necesitan una joya larga que acabe en espiral, lo que se llama un nostril.Esta joya tiene esta curiosa forma para evitar que sea extraido por accidente, la espiral hace que haya que manipular la direccion de salida.
This time around I think I will go for the forward helix on my left ear…hopefully no one could misinterpret THAT!

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