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A rip roaring visual stylist and quite possibly the definitive American auteur, Brian De Palma is a director responsible for some of the most breathtaking examples of modern pulp cinema. Sisters, Phantom of the Paradise, Blow Out, Body Double, Dressed to Kill, Raising Cain… Good fucking heavens!
Though not without its problems, The Fury is a lively firecracker of a picture- think a proto Scanners with added pomp. Now part of the ever expanding Arrow Video label, The Fury arrives onto region B blu ray in style following a somewhat controversial stateside release earlier this year from niche company Twilight Time.
Thankfully, Arrow have remedied this with what is the films most comprehensive edition to date. Covering everything from his start in the industry to his obvious love of watching De Palma at work, it’s a unique making of-esque feature. Matty Budrewicz - A suburban dwelling misfit from a run-down seaside town, obsessed with the bizarre and quirky. Tagged Amy Irving and Carrie Snodgress, arrow bluray, arrow video, brian de palma, dvd review, film, film review, film reviews, horror, horror dvd review, horror film, horror review, John Cassavetes, Kirk Douglas, Matty Budrewicz, religion, review, supernatural, the fury arrow, uk, uk bluray, uk dvd, uk dvd release, uk horror scene, ukhorrorscene, UKHS.
Ear lobe piercings are without a doubt the most common type of piercings and it isn't uncommon for parents to take their children to get their ears pierced when they are still toddlers. It was my choice to have my ears pierced, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it is a very simple process of choosing an earring you like. As was the case with lots of little girls, when I was about 10, I decided I wanted my ears pierced! Like a magpie, he cherry picks shiny ideas and themes from a host of his favourite movies, directors and literary sources and reworks them, merging them often seamlessly into his own obsessions. A landmark seventies horror classic, the material obviously struck enough of a chord with De Palma to warrant a further exploration of frightening preternatural mind power, following it up as he did with the similarly themed The Fury.
An unapologetically entertaining blast of crowd pleasing mayhem whos shortcomings (chiefly a patchy script from horror scribe John Farris, working from his own 1976 novel) can be more than overlooked thanks to its total commitment to endless audience excitement. Limited to three thousand copies, the Twilight Time disc used only a bog standard and now dated HD master resulting in the film looking only marginally better than the previous DVD incarnation. Painstakingly remastered from the original camera negative, it’s hard to imagine the film looking any better as cliched as that may sound. On each, the gun shots are loud, the screaming piercing and the dialogue thoroughly audible- and that’s all I need! The veteren DP is excellent, engaging company as he fondly recounts his time on The Fury, proudly hailing it as some of his best work.
Spurred by a childhood love affair (non physical) with the Hellraiser video cover and his Aunties' tales of all the scary movies she'd seen, Matt trawls the video wastelands in a desperate attempt to find all the stuff everyone else either hates or has forgotten about. I personally have twelve ear piercings: three on each lobe (number 9 in the picture), two helix (1), one snug (6), one tragus (5), one rook (3), one conch (7). When i was about eight i had a second hole pierced on my left lobe but that got slightly infected to i had to leave it close.For my birthday this year i treated myself to scaffolding or industrial piercing which involves two holes in the upper ear. My mum took me to a jewellers in town, and I remember being terrified of the gun but I got it done anyway, and was happy that I got to choose my own little heart shaped studs. My mum came with me to a hair dressing salon, signed the consent form (which you need if your under 16) and the process was started.First you choose your earrings that will go in the gun, I chose some gold ones as you were only allowed to wear gold studs in your ears to school. You can get your ear pierced on almost any part of your ear, and its getting more and more fasionable for women to get it pierced in other places apart from the ear lobe itself.Few men have their ears pierced now, and I really don't like it on men. Infact 90% of women have pierced earlobes and overtime it's become more and more popular in men too. Although his work spans a whole variety of genres, covering everything from crime (Scarface) to comedy (The Bonfire of the Vanities), it is for his glorious horror and thriller output he’ll remain best known.
Cracking set pieces and bursts of gruesome splatter (the finale being incredibly spectacular) are the order of the day here, punctuated by De Palma’s assured direction.

Although, for its time, the DVD was a revelation considering the awful history the film has had on home video this is something that is surely, to my mind at least, wholly unacceptable for a truly next generational viewing experience. A marked improvement over previous home video releases which all seemed to be plagued by weirdly off tones , the clear transfer is much more in keeping with cinematographer Richard H. The real treat in the sound department, however, is the option of listening to Academy Award Winning composer John Williams’ isolated score. Likewise, actress Fiona Lewis has nothing but positive things to say about her experience- despite her initial reluctance to accept the part of Dr.
The package is rounded out by the obligatory trailer, a scant behind-the-scenes gallery, archival interviews (producer Frank Yablans and stars Amy Irving and Carrie Snodgress to go with the De Palma one) and a booklet featuring new writing on the film by Chris Dumas. I had them done a year later, I thought it was painful at first cause of a slight shock, but as i had them re-pierced a few years ago it's actually not that painful.
Naturally my mother was disgusted and although its still taking its time to heal i would not go back. I got mine done when I was 10 I think, though some people think its wrong for babies to get there ears done because its the parents choice, but I want my child's done because they'll then have the choice later whether they want them in or not and they most likely will.
It was the fasion at some point for a man to have just one ear pierced, but then that did die down a bit.
Indeed, it is as a technical exercise that the film truly excels- De Palma and his crew were clearly operating at the top of their game. Much has been written previously about it and rightly so- it’s stupendous stuff, amongst the best soundtracks of the genre in fact.
The best place to get them pierced is either at Claire's accessorises or a license body piercing. I dont think its right when you see toddlers screaming in chemists because their parents have forced them to get their tiny lobes pierced. If they're anything like me they're gunna be scared to get they're ears done so why not have them done when they're younger like 2 or something?Myself personally don't like piercing on men unless they're like flesh holes because I know so many that are chavs so that's all I think of!
Its now becoming slightly more fasionable for men to have both ears pierced, although I think it looks silly.Also kids are getting theirs done younger and younger, some before they can even walk. It will cost you at aprrox ten pounds.They usually take about six weeks to heal, but some can take longer up to eight weeks - mine took that long to heal. Yes it can look pretty but shouldnt it be your childs decision?I also think really earrings are a lot easier and comfier to wear than clip ons which can make your ears feel sore after a while.I like simple piercings so when a female has on a nice pair of earrings it can be really attractive. I've always wanted another 1 or 2 piercings on each earlobe because I think it's a really nice look but have been too chicken to get this done so far! I got my first ear holes done when I was ten by my mums friends who did them professionally. Again I think thats a bit too young, I got mine done when I was 7 which is an ok age I think. If you are over 16 (18 in some places) you can sign the form yourself, if you are under 16 you will need a parent to sign it for you- The piercer will sit you down and wipe the front and back of your lobes with an antiseptic wipe. Just make sure you clean them twice a day and turn them (not all the way, just half way) to make sure they don't close up.We all know earrings look better on girls, but does it look good on guys?Well here are my opinions.
I'm not that fond of men who wear earrings especially now an earring can show a guys sexual orientation.Overall i think ear piercings are nice and even though the initial thought of a needle or a gun piercing fleshy skin they can make a nice, positive difference. I always remember she kept saying this is only a practise and starting counting but I was sooo scared I kept pulling away!
I think a few ear piercings on girls can look really nice if its done in the right place, but it has to be right!
A guy can have one ear pierced but it only looks good if he is either 16+ or in their 20s and can pull it off. If you don't like the positioning don't feel silly to let them know - they are your ears after all!- The piercer will prepare all the equipment - the equipment will be sterile and the piercer will be wearing gloves - if not, get yourself out of there!There are two ways of piercing ears - by gun and by needle.

I had 1 ear done for about 4 years I think and I then pierced the other one myself with a long needle and some ice!
Mind you he did pull it off quite well but actors like Sean Penn and Tom Hanks couldn't pull off something like that, but my mum said it looked pretty stupid! Then sat in the chair, the girl approached with a gun explaining how she was going to shoot this stud through my ear. I always wore very small hoops with 3 different coloured studs going up my ear, but found it annoying because I had to take them out every night as the backs stabbed into the bit behind my ear! I chose smaller studs this time so they wouldnt rub against my other piercing.My third piercings were done in the same place as my 2nd ones, a registered piercing studio in Winchester. Healing nicely (:If anybody has anymore questions regarding any of the piercings please let me know. And for the record, I also used to have a belly button piercing so I can answer questions on that.
Although all of my ear holes are still open I think id only go as far to wear 3 holes in just because its too much bother! Ear piercings are typically pierced with studs.Stretching is becoming more and more popular now too. These ones took a bit longer to heal, and were a bit more painful.Finally in Leeds I got my 4th piercings. There are many parts of the ear and body that can be stretched, however earlobes are the most common.
These were the worst, as I stupidly chose a ring instead of studs to be put in my ears after the needle pierced them.
I personally have 2 stretched earlobes - it's quite easy but painful and can take some time to get to your desired size.
If you don't want to get your ears stretched at a piercing shop, you will need tapers (stretchers) and tunnels or plugs to keep the stretched piercing open. My top tip is vitamin E oil or cream, it works a treat to keep the stretched piercing nice and moisterised, and smell free (gross I know).Another part of the ear which is regularly pierced is the pinna - although most people would refer to this as their 'cartilage' (even though most of the ear is made out of cartilage).
I think my ears just rejected them.After 6 months of pain my dad took them out with pliers.
The pinna is situated at the top of the ear.The tragus is probably the next most popular ear piercing and can only be described as the floppy bit of the ear, which is situated in the middle of the ear and is attached to the face (labelled '5' on the picture above). The holes and lumps have healed now, but there is too much scarring to try and get them done again, so thats me finished with ear piercings now.I think the 3 that I have look good, and have healed well. My friends have had their tragus's pierced, and have had problems with them healing as well.Make sure you go to a piercer with a good reputation. As long as the equipment is all sterile, particularly the earrings as they are the bit that goes through your ear, not the gun.The piercer should check your over 16 and if your not you have to have someone over 16 with you to sign the form. They should tell you how to look after your piercings, and that if you need more advice on aftercare you should come back.Happy piercing!
I think they should wait at least until they are 10 years old, this seems to be the age these days when kids are realising their own identities and wanting to express themselves, very scary. Do not drink or take any form of pain killers before a piercing as this will thin your blood and could make you bleed excessively.

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