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Don't miss out on a great way to get the bling you want for that Special Person for Christmas! This young lady was brought into the studio by a friend who thought her ear should be looked at. The metal used in the making of your body jewellery is very important to your overall health.VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Health Canada is warning anyone Christmas shopping for girls to be aware of a jewellery recall.

This poor unsuspecting girl has suffered huge hypotrophic scarring and deformed cartilage due to use of the unregulated spring in a piercing gun. She had lost feeling in her ear, so she didn't realize the infection had spread further into her ear. If you have or know anyone who has a nasty problem like this, please advise them to see a physician.

The strawberry pendant also contains more than 16% total weight of cadmium and the camera pendant contains more than 26% total weight cadmium, both of which far exceed the recommended safe limits.The jewellery was made in China.

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