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No doubt the pain is relatively less with a gun shot while piercing but have you ever thought of the risk associated with gun piercing?
You cannot be sure of the sterility of the equipment and you would also be exposing yourself to a probable tissue trauma.
In contrast, piercing with a needle is very hygienic and less traumatic because it is done by a trained professional body piercer. Skilled professionals use needles It takes about 2 weeks for a person to get trained to use the gun for piercing and that too they would often practice on teddy bears before they get hand-on on humans. This does not indicate a safe procedure for piercing though.On the other hand, Professional body piercers who use needles for piercing, spends nearly two to three years mastering the art of piercing and understand the risks associated with body piercing.
They are taught about piercing and what are the various points that can be pierced that would enhance circulation of blood.2.
Agreed that the gun does not get in contact with the skin of the customer, but the piercing hands do.

A fast wipe of the equipment does not mean that it is sterilized.But in needle piercing by professional body piercers, they pierce without hitting the nerves that may cause severe pain to customers. They would properly sterilize instruments and are very aware of the cross-contamination prevention. This will not allow your wound heal quickly.But in needle piercing, the needle is hollow and sharp. The needle slices through the skin, pushing the tissues in order for the jewelry to be inserted. High price but quality work No doubt, getting your ears pierced in a mall is much cheaper than getting it done through a professional. God forbid if you develop some complications, you would agree that it is only the professional trained specialists in piercing can only help you.5.
It does not hurt them at all and at the same time you are ensuring that the needle that was used is completely sterilized and very safe for your child.6.

Doctors use needle tooIs it not assuring enough that few physicians too, do needle piercing? So even if you do not have a professional body piercer close to your locality, you could always check with your physician. Some feel much comfortable in piercing their intimate body parts by their physician than getting it done in an open place.
Physicians are highly skilled and you can get your body parts pierced without much doubts in your head.
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