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If your ears were pierced with a piercing gun (such as at Claire's or Piercing Pagoda), they were pierced at 20g or 18g.
Crafted in sterling silver, an array of shimmering white diamond accents is arranged in a squared frame. Wait at least 4 to 6 months from a fresh piercing, assuming there were no complications during the healing process.

Crafted in sterling silver, each butterfly-shaped earring features charming pink, purple and white enameling. Jewelry sizes are typically referred to in gauges ranging from 20g to 00g, with 00g being the largest and 20g being the smallest. If you were pierced properly at a professional piercing studio, your ears were probably pierced at 16g, but you can ask your piercer to make sure. Polished to a bright shine, these petite papillon posts secure comfortably with screw backs.

In countries that use the metric system, jewelry sizes may only be referenced in millimeters, rather than gauge. To eliminate confusion, a table of gauge sizes with their nearest size in inches and millimeters is listed below.

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