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Hardwoods Hardwoods are most often used to make plugs for enlarged piercings, such as ear lobe, labret, and septum piercings. The part of the tree normally used is the center heartwood, normally darker and denser than the surrounding sapwood. A few species of wood commonly used for jewelry, furniture and inlays are endangered or threatened.
These species are regulated by CITES, the Center for International Trade of Endangered Species. Threatened species include Mexican mahogany (Swietenia humilis) and Carribean mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni), Commoner (Guaiacum officinale), and Holywood lignum vitae aka ?Tree of Life? (Guaiacum sanctum), Bigleaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), and American mahogany (Swietenia meliaceae). In some cases, wood from threatened species is acquired by salvage or through sustainable harvesting.

Because hardwoods are porous and readily absorb and release moisture, oil, and bacteria, hardwood plugs are best worn in healed piercings and dry areas of the body.
Because hardwood jewelry cannot be sterilized it should always be handled by clean hands and only worn by one person.
Hardwood jewelry should be cleaned regularly with a non-chemical soap that is safe for the body. Tea Tree oil can also be used; prior to use a patch test is recommended to test for allergy. Many finishing oils and sealing products contain chemicals, toxins, solvents, petroleum or animal products, or pigments. Food grade oils such as olive and peanut are generally safe but may break down (turn rancid) with heat and time; pieces finished using food grade oils should be washed and re-oiled periodically to avoid turning rancid.
Waxes can be animal or vegetable based; waxes may come off with heat or be rubbed off while cleaning.

I do not recommend using pigment as most are chemical or solvent based and can fade or enter the bloodstream. The risk of developing a sensitivity to certain hardwoods is increased for those who work with the woods by way of the dust which is produced in the production process. Some woods may be very hard to identify; for example, African blackwood can masquerade as ebony.

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