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Nose PiercingNose Piercing RetainersJewellery to hide your nose piercing for use at school, home and work. Tongue PiercingTongue Piercing RetainersNeed to make your tongue piercing less visible while at school or for that important job interview. Eyebrow PiercingEyebrow Piercing RetainersLooking for a way to cover up your eyebrow piercing?
Ear PiercingEar Piercing RetainersRetainers to hide your standard ear piercings to tragus, scaffold and stretched ear lobes.

Medical PiercingsX-Ray & Hospital RetainersJewellery that can be worn for medical procedures. Externally threaded jewelry is where the threads are actually on the outside of the metal shaft. A Left will bend Clockwise when looking at the flare straight on and a Right will bend Counterclockwise. Professional externally threaded jewelry comes lathed down on the end which helps to reduce tearing when jewelry is inserted.

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