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Let's say you run a large auto body shop, a modern, clean place that gets lots of referrals from insurance companies in a small city. She shows up appropriately dressed, is pleasant and has on her resume that she worked for some lawyer in town as a receptionist until he got caught smuggling 11 round magazines from PA and he fled to the Artic. Not if I have a equally qualified clean skin with the right number of holes (minus no more than two for pierced ears) applying for the job. Now if I ran a salvage yard that would be a different story. The location of the tongue piercing indicates her preference for cock or pussy. If shebhas one in the front and one in the back she likes both.
I good with whatever, but that's likely because I don't give a fuck what people draw on, or stick into, their bodies.
Depends on the impression it all leaves. I've seen younger women with a small nose stud or ring working in very professional settings. Big ear gauges kill it for me no matter how hot the girl is or how good she would be at her job. A front of the house position like a receptionist needs to project the professional image you want for your business.
ETA: Was the ankle tat like the ones you see on the fat broads going into the dollar store? Every now and then while flipping channels I pass through the Jerry Springer show and think, "Well"? Stay tuned for more informational overviews of popular piercings that you might just take the plunge for in 2012.  Bye for now!

Sparkling clean white is the new Holiday mainstay, tangerine is the new cocktail party black, but what about those normal days when you’re just rockin it casual? Some of Gaga’s most notable stand alone hues that can be embraced into everyone’s cold weather wardrobe? Tid Bit: Piercings that pass through the tissue of the actual lip are rumored to have begun as an accident, when inexperienced piercers botched the needle angle of standard lip piercings.  But what an accident!
Pros: Unlike most others in the oral piercing family, speech is effected very minimally by a vertical labret, so if you have a job that requires a lot of talking and interaction, this one might be for you. And last but not least, for those who prefer pastoral swaths of inky pink on their pouts, your surefire shot at attention grabbing greatness is contrasting white.  Shades of powder and cream keep your rosy lips feminine and hint at a little wild streak, especially when paired with black clothing or accessories.
Today one of the most common themes in many Solstice celebrations is paying worship or homage to the sun, including any gods or goddesses associated with it.  In modern celebrations, just as in centuries past, observances generally include the drinking of beer or mead, the use of oranges for food and decoration, exchanging of gifts, feasts involving candy and game birds, the wearing of flowers and sun emblems, and alternatively getting pierced or tattooed amongst groups of friends and doing yoga or performing prayers outdoors at sunrise. For a modern Midwinter celebration, getting piercings or tattoos with friends has become fairly popular, especially since this is the time of year when many people who live in colder climates get cabin fever.  The event can even be turned into a party, where cookies, candy, and gift exchanging occur.  Just remember to have plenty of aftercare products on hand! So if you’re looking to create one of the hottest fashion trends of 2012, just keep doing what you’re doing! As I achieve more and more seniority I am reminded of how grouchy my grandfather became in his old age.
As I was talking to the adults there was some reality TV show that I think must have been about a pawn shop. Is this a twenty something fashion statesmen a tht as an angry old white guy you don't get?

The gay guy with full sleeves and gauged ears just might be the best employee you ever had.
The gay guy with full sleeves and gauged ears just might be the best employee you ever had. This isn't a back office job.
The volume was cranked so it was hard not to notice that the show had several men fighting and cussing and several women were standing around the fight and cussing also. Most of us were stoned out of our minds on the fumes from the paint most of the time anyway. Of course that was 30 some years ago.
There are some exceptions to this but if you are going to get shit loads of tats make sure you can cover them up with normal business attire or understand you may be relegated to only getting certain types of jobs.
It was bleeped out but I guess I was surprised that people think nothing of such young children watching such filth. I'm also a soldier (NCO) and not apposed to tattoos by any means but you got to be smart about it. Things that get people on here fired up were going on there 20 years ago and today I don't think anything of it. If someone on the streets in LV cut off their head I wouldn't have been the least bit shocked or surprised.

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