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The same patient is shown from below to show that the angle of the ears before surgery has been brought back closer to the head, but not flat against the skull which would look like the ears were absent.. The same patient is shown from the front to illustrate the her prominent ears were reduced different amounts to make them symmetrical and still show enough ear lobe for earring wear. A 32 year old man desired an otoplasty to bring his asymmetric ears back closer to his head and is shown in before and after pictures which reduced the upper and middle prominent portions of the ear. The same patient is shown from below to show the change in the angle that the ears make with the side of the head before and after Dr. This 42 year old man had very large ears which stuck out very far from his head mostly because of the middle third conchal prominence. The same patient is shown in before and after pictures from below to illustrate how the wide angle of his prominent ears before surgery has been reduced back to a more normal position of his ears after Dr.

The ez-Release earring remover ergonomical design allows for simple single handed use by the earring wearer or by another person with a helping hand.
The ez-Release earring remover allows the earring post to be pushed out of the earring back without applying any pressure to the ear lobe. The earring and earring back should be free with respect to the surrounding skin. ez-Release is patent pending. Gallico's otoplasty surgical procedure leaving the ears 'stuck out' just the right amount as to be natural and normal. He is shown before and after with his ears restored to a more normal position where they can be seen on both sides of his head in a very normal way. Gallico with the ears corrected by the ear pinning operation in the top, middle, and lower portions of the ear to leave the ears pinned back so that they are still visible, but in just the right position.

The right ear stuck out much farther than the left, but both required surgical alteration to assure symmetry of the ears after the ear pinning surgery. Gallico re sculpted each ear separately and differentially to bring both ears symmetrically back closer to the scalp, but not so close as to not be visible at all.

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