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Dan Barry: Should South Carolina Jews be forced to maintain this chimney built by Germans serving the Nazis? Normally, the eustachian tube helps equalize air pressure on either side of the eardrum by allowing air to flow in and out of the middle ear. Some people have eustachian tubes that don't function very well, so they get the plugged-up ear sensation rather easily from a cold or during airplane travel or without any apparent precipitating event.
Bad cases of eustachian tube dysfunction can be treated by inserting little plastic tubes into the eardrum to aerate the middle ear from the external ear canal, rather than depending on the eustachian tube to do the job. If the plugged-up feeling is constant and is affecting only one ear, then a doctor needs to check the opening of the tube in the nasopharynx to make sure it isn't blocked by a cancerous growth of some kind. This portable gadget can clear the blocked ears when gently pushed into the ear and it also stabilizes your eardrum.
You could carry this around wherever you go as it can even help you enjoy a silent environment when it gets too noisy. It seems like you've had this problem for a while, so my first suggestion is to see a doctor and start the process that would lead to a diagnosis and proper treatment. When it's not working well (inset), the air pressure in the middle ear drops, so the eardrum gets pushed in by external pressure.

I can't explain the regular late-afternoon onset, but earwax blockages can wax and wane (forgive the pun!).
You can't see the eustachian (pronounced you-STAY-shun) tube; it's entirely inside your head, connecting the middle ear to the nasopharynx, the area at the very back of the nasal cavity near where it joins the throat.
If it gets blocked, then there's less pressure in the middle ear, which creates a little suction, so the eardrum gets pulled inward. And in situations when the air pressure is changing rapidly, as it does when you're in an ascending or descending airplane, your eustachian tubes must function well to keep the air pressure on either side of the eardrums the same. While there's no real proof that antihistamines or decongestants help, I tell patients to feel free to try them if they wish. Burkhard Franz, founder of the renowned Tinnitus Research and Balance Clinic from Melbourne has developed the Ear Pressure Equalizer. I personally hate it when I get the ‘blocked’ feeling either due to air or some mechanism that I don’t understand. Sometimes people experience hearing loss as a plugged-up feeling, so some tests may be necessary to sort that issue out.
In adults, the eustachian tube is a little over an inch long and runs forward and downward from the middle ear to the nasopharynx.
This causes a full, plugged feeling in the ear and also makes the eardrum less able to vibrate, so hearing will seem a little off.

When you blow out with your mouth closed and your nostrils squeezed shut to "pop" your ears, you're forcing air up the eustachian tubes and bringing the air pressure back into equilibrium. This perhaps would reduce the discomfort associated with blocked ears, which can’t actually be solved by yawning or swallowing.
I also hate it when loud noises reduce my auditory capacities and hence, this product looks good enough.
Doctors also ask patients with ear complaints about dizziness, pain, ringing in the ears, or fluid discharge.
If the blockage is severe and lasts awhile, the low pressure in the middle ear can pull fluids out of the surrounding tissue and blood vessels, so the middle ear fills up with fluid. Cotton swabs and pencil erasers can break off in the ear canal, which isn't the straight passageway that it appears to be from the outside but one that bends and narrows. Ear problems with dizziness -- the room-spinning kind that's the main feature of true vertigo -- might merit investigation into whether someone has Meniere's disease, a rare condition caused by an imbalance of fluid in the inner ear.

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