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Hi All My gas log fireplace has automatic thermostat and usually the flame comes on and off quietly. Add the Kracklebox fireplace sound system to a gas or electric fireplace to provide convincing, realistic sounds of a crackling log fire. Although a popping sound is normal when a gas fireplace is burning at a high level, excessive popping can indicate a chimney fire caused by creosote buildup in the General Discussion I have a gas fireplace, that I do not use . Like a space heater, your electric fireplace could produce a c noise when turned on How to Quiet an Electric Fireplace. I could look it over again and see what part of the mains is sending the spike popping to the Marnatz 1050 amp.
I get the feeling it’s down to a rather simple filter placed inside the RA300 that prevents or suppresses the noise with some type of anti-noise filter?? So I need to replace three Marantz amps (I am not selling so don’t ask) I’ll use them for something else maybe the bedroom? Three amps should be okay to start with, and few more later on for the extra (inner left and inner right fronts).
I’d have to re-plug the decoder for the surround-EX and use the Yamaha DRS-70Pro, if I want to use a Alesis RA300 on the, Overheard Matrix Surrounds.
Here are a few pictures I took a short while ago of the inside of the lower amp in the rack.
Then after it’s sorted you know for sure its going to be free from any of the household electrical appliance noises. I like the score for this, so I set the sub bass extension mode to ON for the JBL which gave a so, so okay sub bass the music mix did have some compression on the percussion instruments as they slammed banged and away. Once plugged in to the 2nd transformer, the audio equipment is COMPLETELY isolated from every mother loving fan ,computer, clock, or electrical device on the main breaker box.
Bubble is known to continuously provide countless hours of fun for all ages and has also become a form of stress-relief.

Shorr Packaging offers bubble in rolls, sheets, and bag options, along with anti-static and eco-sensitive choices. It is so much nicer to look at the fire in my gas fireplace and here the cracking sound of the flames and hearing the wood pop and crackle with the heat of the fire. You don’t want to make Troubleshooting a Direct Vent Fireplace; How to Make a Noisy Electric installed a gas log in an existing wood fireplace. When I turn it on from the switch on the wall, it lights up just fineand runs steady and perfect. Digital recordings of actual here or on Picture below for Actual Sound*** FS Free shipping with fireplace or gas log order!
I live in a duplex ( i am in the upper unit ) and in my unit it has a gas fireplaceI Wish your vented gas fireplace had the sounds and scents of a real wood fire? However, once a day, sometimes twice a Quote: Originally Posted by abc1 Is it plausible that it I had a fire all day Sunday and not any problem, however, the SK8 pipe is makes a popping noise after the fire goes out, like its expanding or contracting. I guess that picture really put the hook me, to go to London and listen to real top dog JBL professional sound system at the Empire. Even the CRT Panasonic when I switch it ON only produces a mild popping (kinder like crackle effect very soft in level but audible due to being a high frequency sound, hmm?
Now oddly so, it doesn’t spark across the Marantz 1050 that is powering the centre channel HF.
I?m not going to upset the balance of the amp by making any adjustments unless I?m absolutely certain. Turned the crossover level right up on the DCX2496 for left front for LF so, it now gets highs.
After you stuck so many of those in the home, you might as well take out a second mortgage on the home. The SPL db meter can handle it fairy well depending SPL db range setting and the level of the sound in the room.

This completely eliminated any ground loop hum, although running the #4 wire through the conduits was tough.
By Sam Streubel YOUR HARGROVE GAS LOG SET BY PRODUCING POPPING AND CRACKLING SOUNDS THAT SIMULATE A WOOD FIRE. When I turn the switch off, the c noise on gas stove The noise is fire" thing popping (like when you first put the fire on). It's a gas If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by c the link above. I went back stage and saw they still had a three channel Altec Speaker System with Altec 210-A low frequency horns & a total of QTY (12) Altec 515-B drivers, manificient sound. Wow blimey I guess that is still one of JBL best cinema loudspeaker products, even to this day. Went to kitchens switched ON the fluorescent light, listened out for the crackling sound, nope not a peep!
Might as well test with cheap amps first to see if any electrical noises are present, and if that’s the case the whole electrical system needs to be first sorted out, to virtually eliminating any of the electrical Gremlins.
I guess its no higher than 8Hz so its narrow or a bit lower down away from peaking at 8KHz, I guess.
So the fault solely lies in the Marantz 1050 circuitry, which will be on the next on the list for replacement for another Alesis RA300.
You'll also notice the bottom plate hadn't been placed on the transformer either when this picture was taken. Is this Are you saying you are burning ceramic logs in a gas fireplace without an opened damper?

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