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Transparent, soft, stretchable, self-adhesive, medical-grade Silicone gel sheet for prevention and treatment of hypertrophic scars. Effective (proven in medical studies) for the management of both existing and new hypertrophic or keloid scars on closed wounds (or after dermaneedling) or to prevent the formation of hypertrophic or keloid scarring. All individuals who have been dealing with scars each day will agree that they can do anything to have their problem solved. There is so much a person can do hide scars and make it almost impossible for others to see it. Sometimes, scar removal products may fail to work because they are not being used properly. Though scar removal products are available in most chemists nearby, it is always wise to seek the advice of your dermatologist before purchasing anything. The number of products you are about to try cannot be numbered since not all people are the same.
Home made natural solutions; you can make this at home using the readily available ingredients.
Keloid formation in this unfortunate patient arose from an ear piercing gone horribly wrong.
Gently clean the scar and the surrounding skin with a mild soap and rinse in clean, warm water.
Take the silicone sheet from its protective cover and if required, cut off a piece that will fit over the scar, leaving a little extra to overlap the skin that surrounds the scar.
Apply the silicone sheet to the scar, without stretching or with only minor stretching (otherwise it may detach eventually), adhesive side down. Wash both sides of the silicone gel sheet, the scar and the surrounding skin at least twice daily (more often in case of excessive perspiration) with mild soap and rinse in clean, warm water.
Scars are often results of accidents which end up injuring our skin severely to the point that it does not heal back to normal, but other incidences such as a medical operation may cause them too. It states its ability to help minimize how visible your scar is, as we all know that it is impossible to have products which will make the skin go back to normal. However, one needs to be patient when looking for the best products to help in reducing scars. Most people always hope that the product they bought will work effectively to give positive results.

Ask questions from all angles and be in a position to try what they may recommend for your scar. Although some of the content links to various products, and I sometimes receive a small compensation when you buy one of these products, the information provided is based on my research and experience.
If necessary, a light bandage or adhesive tape may be used to help keep the silicone sheet in place.
When using ointments, apply a thin layer, and only on the scar itself, not the surrounding skin. The use of silicone occlusive sheeting (Sil-K) and silicone occlusive gel (Epiderm) in the prevention of hypertrophic scar formation. Comparison of a silicone gel filled cushion and silicone gel sheeting for the treatment of hypertrophic or keloid scars. Hypertrophic scars and keloids: Immunophenotypic features and silicone sheets to prevent recurrences.
Problems associated with the use of silicone gel sheeting for hypertrophic scars in the hot climate of Saudi Arabia. However, for some people they get disappointed and even end up discarding the product thinking that it is just another scam.
If you already bought a product, take it with you and let them tell you what the chances are that it is going to work.Now that your questions have been answered, it is important that you carry out another research yourself. The side effects of gels are not well known and you may be surprised what could happen to your skin, hence do not ignore the patch test. Aside from the fact that it will save you money, its side effects are also minimal as they are natural. If you experience this, it means that you have to look for another option of reducing scars. It is no lie that people with scars are desperate to have them cleared; this is why there are thousands of scar removal products which claim to have the power to make them disappear for good. This is why it is essential that you choose a safe product, preferably one which a friend used and found successful.
This group of products usually needs to be applied generously on the affected area for an effective result to be registered. It is therefore important to be very careful with the product you choose to work with as not all are what they claim to be.

Therefore, keep trying and do not get so frustrated when it does not work, instead get back to your feet and look for something else. Everyone will want to try it out, but it is always wise to wait for some positive feedback before you can risk using it. Changes in the cellular signals that control growth and proliferation may be related to the process of keloid formation, but these changes have not yet been.
When the silicone sheet begins to deteriorate or cleaning is difficult, it should be replaced. Unlike normal scars that flatten and fade over time, keloids are raised, dome- and claw-shaped.
If you had the same condition then chances are high that it will also work for you as well.What are the possible side effects of the products?
A relationship appears to exist between immunoglobulins and keloid formation; while levels of immunoglobulin G and immunoglobulin M are normal in the serum of patients. A relationship appears to exist between immunoglobulins and keloid formation; while levels of immunoglobulin G and immunoglobulin M are normal in the serum of. Always rely on the information you get from reviews, as these are often true as compared to what the website of a product has to say.Now that you are sure of what you want to purchase, do not shop in bulk, instead buy small doses for you try out first. When collagen synthesis of normal metabolic function bound to lose control, a continued hyperthyroidism takes.
This will help you save up on cash in case you realize that the product is not for you.Try out with a patch test first before using it on the whole scar.
There has been some improvement in reduction of the keloid formation with the C02 laser, however it is not noted in the majority of individuals. Use the skin on your elbow for this purpose and if there is no irritation after some time, you are good to use it. A red, raised formation of fibrous scar tissue caused by excessive tissue repair in response to trauma or surgical incision Keloid formation. Certain areas of the body such as the sternum, deltoid region of the upper arm, and upper back, have increased susceptibility to keloid formation.

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