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I’ve been having a great time sharing holiday style from Forever 21, and the Blurred Lines Sweater is holiday-chic with a metallic open-knit, wavy striped pattern and drop shoulders. As I get older, I find it easier to get in to a routine and shy away from trends that I use to embrace in my youth. Festival style is a huge trend and people really turn it out for actual festivals, but how do you make it appropriate for every day and less like a costume?
Since fall weather is upon us, but it’s still a little muggy, I chose floral fishnet panty hose that breath but add a little texture to basic but beautiful burgundy dress.
I’ve been a fan of Fredrick Prince Jewellery since I first discovered them at Homegrown Boutique last year. The silver and brass combination allows me to mix metals with my other accessories as well. For my bracelet, I chose the Empress Bracelet with brass chain and garnet beads (pictured above). Nicole is a Toronto-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger as well as a full-time professional, world-traveler and foodie.
That’s the beauty of being a fashion blogger though – always pushing me out of my comfort zone!

Fringe, florals, crop tops, silk pants, maxi dresses and rompers – so many cute looks with endless accessory options. Even if you’re not heading to Coachella or Osheaga anytime soon, you can still rock festival style for summer in the city! Creator, Melissa DeLuca, designs such unique pieces inspired by found objects – the perfect combination of edgy and whimsical! I settled for one necklace and one bracelet, but I’ve been fighting the urges to go back for more ever since! Similar styles and designs retail for over $100, but Fredrick Prince is fairly priced with most pieces available between $30-$70. I love the flat snake chain and the warmth of the garnet beads separated by brass tube spacers. This is a fabulous deal so now’s the time to scoop up your favourite Fredrick Prince Jewellery!
I usually end up wearing them with leggings or jeans at home, so I decided to style my newest sweater for a night out. When American Eagle asked me and two blogger friends (Anum of Summerxskin and Katelyn of The Skinny Blonde Girl) to share our crop top style on the Bloggers Do It Better segment of their blog, I had to step up to the challenge!

You can go all out with a feather headdress or tone it down with a messy braid and a fedora.
As soon as I saw this dress, I fell for the fun billowy sleeves, soft fabric and keyhole back closure. The primary material used is brass, with some sterling silver, gemstone and crystal accents. I was instantly drawn in by it and every time I’ve worn it since, it garners attention.
It looks like I’m wearing two bracelets in one and it fits beautifully with my arm party!
When FASHION Magazine asked the Style Panel experts about festival style, I was ready to rock the challenge!

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