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Remove the wipe pad by pressing one or both of the red buttons on the top of the cleaner head. Open the two inspection caps on the top of the cleaner head to check for blockages and remove.
If the suction channels become blocked, wash with lukewarm water using a damp cloth or sponge.
NB: Do not use any lubricants, cleaning agents, polishes or air fresheners on any part of the machine. Remove the clear bin by pressing the red release catch located behind the bin as shown below.
The following is a fully copyrighted outline of truncated first paragraph lines of Cowmakera€™s Eve, a novel by C.

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With the exception of the cleaner head, the machine should only be cleaned with a dry cloth. We repeat that test to bin full 100s of times consecutively, amounting to 10 years’ worth of test dust, to ensure vacuums containing Dyson Cinetic™ science maintain constant suction. Paper towel dispenser, warm air hand dryer, and Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer purchase costs are excluded from comparison.
Evaluation of bacterial contaminants found on unused paper towels and possible postcontamination after handwashing: A pilot study.

Also assumes elevated air speed may offset increase in air temperature by up to five degrees (See ASHRAE Standard 55-2004-Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy).
Air multiplier must be used in conjunction with and in close proximity to air conditioning ventilation output in each room to recognize savings benefit. Power 2016 Vacuum Satisfaction Study, based on 2,878 responses from 13 companies measuring the opinions of consumers who purchased a vacuum during the previous 12 months surveyed in January-February 2016.

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