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Churches, colleges, politicians, and civilians have risen up, and it’s almost impossible to not have a stance, for better or worse, on the sheer stubbornness of these protestors. So most of you have probably already heard about Moral Mondays and the upcoming Moral March through local news sources. I’m volunteering during the march in whatever capacity is needed of me, most likely among the many marshals. As someone who long avoided the political arena altogether and spent years living by choice in isolation from people, I have been startled to find myself catapulted into social activism by outrage at the unjust, unkind, and short sighted legislation passed by the state of North Carolina over the last two years. I’m marching as a faith community leader because the policies of this administration are disproportionately hurting the poorest and most vulnerable in our state. I am marching because I am disgusted with the right wing extremism that has taken over this state. I’m marching because North Carolinians of all stripes and walks have worked too hard for too many years to let allow our beloved state to backtrack to the bad old days. I”m a disabled person, marching because simply ART POPE cannot purchase OUR GOVERNMENT! I saw first hand with my own eyes and heard with my own ears bogus ALEC legislation what would lead to the Moral Monday movement.
A good number of our legislators spurred me to engage in civil disobedience with almost 1k others, run for local office, lose narrowly, but resolve myself to continue fighting and organizing for other great candidates who will represent us ALL.

When you have thousands of others behind you, it also reminds you it’s the RIGHT and JUST thing to do. And finally, an impassioned plea from a graduate of Shaw University, to her fellow and future grads. I am looking for my local, North Carolina, Shaw University Sisters, Cousins, Sisters In Christ, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Beta Rho Sorors, my girls (and men folk!!!) to join me on this Saturday for HKonJ in Raleigh. Candid Slice is the Triangle's most popular online magazine, that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Hundreds are driving and flying in from out of town, and an entire system has been set up to find volunteers to help house them. As to my continued involvement: I am only one, but I am one of many, and I cannot NOT add my voice to the voice of all of us together, because together we will accomplish what alone no one of us can. As someone who has directly experienced the pain of marginalization by the privileged classes, I can no longer sit idly in the face of such fundamental absence of justice, dignity, and compassion. I have wanted to attend HKonJ for many years to show my support, but never managed to do it.
The laws that were passed in 2013 are solely for the benefit of the wealthy and not for the rest of the humans who live work and raise families here.
We want to show the NC Governor and Legislators that we are still here in solidarity, still aware that their policies are pitted against education, the middle class and poor, which incudes people of color–and that we are demanding they vote to extend unemployment insurance, reasonably fund education and retract all policies against women and children.

Located in the heart of North Carolina, we provide a platform for journalists, writers, and storytellers to share their unique perspectives and insights in order to raise awareness for life experiences they are passionate about. This is the true power of a movement, and whether you agree or disagree with the principles, you have to admit that these people, with their incredible willpower and willingness to do whatever it takes to try and improve our state, are impressive. We all need quality education, healthcare, Earth-care, housing, livable wages or support, marriage equality, equality of civil rights, and accessible voting.
I could not live with myself if I did not stand up and vociferously voice my feelings about public education, voting rights, children, health care, and all the other things that have to do with being US citizens.
I’m always thinking about their best interests first and when they were in school last yr that became action in the form of visiting NCGA legislators. Jesus compels me to love my neighbor as myself, and so I cannot sit idly by while the rights and the social safety net of my neighbors is stripped away.
We have a duty, an obligation, to right the wrongs and to demand a just government for all. I support all of the causes, but the most important to me is the systematic dismantling of protection for North Carolina’s Natural Heritage, including the quality of the air, water, and soil.

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