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The Orb transforms from a ring with a simple twist to become a Bluetooth headset capable of hands-free calling. The base model Orb is scheduled to launch in January 2010 carrying a suggested retail price of USD$129, while the Deluxe edition is due in April 2010 with a price of USD$175.
Perfect for those that want unique jewelry without needing special piercings, the Dragon Ear Wrap is the striking earring that only requires a regular earring hole.
When I get my earlobe pierced, I’m ordering this (right now I only have and industrial piercing). Free delivery via Global Express by UPS, DHL, EMS or TNT to USA, UK, AU, CA and other countries.
A free appraisal certificate stands so firmly behind each piece of pearl jewelry from Pearl Hours. DIY and CraftsDIY crafts, diy projects, diy decorations, diy furniture plans, painting and polish ideas, diy gifts, diy headboard, diy home decor, diy wedding plans.
Swirl the pieces of metallic wires in curvy or swirling shapes and dangle some beads with strings to them to get a ear cuff jewelry. Mostly these cuffs are designed with etched decoration by using swirls, dots and spiral embellishments. You can design any shape with metallic shine to use as a ear cuff but it should be capable to fit snugly to different folds of the outer ear portions and parts.

Also, since they are usually designed to mold to the shape of the ear, they can be a little awkward to stuff in a pocket when not in use. Incorporating NXT technology the Orb provides high quality bone conduction audio without the discomfort of placing a device inside the ear. The Limited edition designer models are also due in April 2010 with their price based on the value of the gemstones incorporated into the device. Made of English pewter with a surgical stainless steel post, the dragon measures just over 3 inches tall.
He has a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has worked at a range of high-tech companies from research powerhouse Bell Laboratories to leading semiconductor companies and Silicon Valley startups. It certifies that all our pearl products are strictly examined and of 100% authenticity in accordance with the description in the document.
With this number, you have 24-hour access to monitor the progress of your pearls as it is in transit to you.
Use the ear cuffs which are becoming trend now in both sexes and are much easy to install or remove from ears. Use of chains, simple straight ear wires and that of dangling decors will also be remarkable in create highly adorable statements of this fashionable accessory. There are links for tutorials under each unique style of these ear cuff pictures to make them without errors and mistakes at home.

An innovative new Bluetooth headset called the Orb solves this problem by transforming from a wireless earpiece into a ring that can be worn on your finger. A Deluxe edition also features a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device (FOLED) screen to display caller ID, calendar reminders, and voice-to-text information for communication without taking the ring off the finger.
It is made to wear on your right ear, and since it weighs less than ?s of an ounce, it should be relatively comfortable. They come in various designs and shapes to meet the unique desires of fashion lovers however, you can also make them at home by using twisted metals or metallic wires.
Create flower shapes using gems and curvy wires to hug with outer portion of your ear for cool ear looks. Those who like their Bluetooth headsets with extra bling will be able to opt for a limited edition designer model featuring decorative gemstones.
Here we you can take a glance on these grouped inspirations of DIY ear cuffs that are really material for personal adornments in modern fashion activities.

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