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The package includes the headphones, a mini USB 8 pin cable, a travel pouch, and the instruction manual. To turn on the headphones, you need to hold the power button for a few seconds until the blue indicator light comes on.
The only gripe that I have with the Anker Bluetooth Sports Foldable Stereo Headphones is that they are not loud enough for me. Netherlands' noise project (Obsolete) Office Equipment delivers a track of heavy, unadulterated harsh noise that is complex, dynamic, and unrelenting. The Pet Goat Records presents "Delusions of Ganja" by Australian noise post-punkers gLAMville. Transcendent and chaotic noise inspired by the complex nature of the hypothetical hyperspatial realm.
Surprising dynamic variations, making sounds similar to metal being banged together and scraped violently, "scrap noise" as he himself puts it. Heavy, sludgy, hideously depressing drone doom with elements of harsh noise, black metal and ambient. Ian, Mike, Dario (A Fashionable Disease) and Chris (Mammatus) team up to make some insane jams; stoner rock meets John Zorn's Painkiller!!! Second release of lycanthropic evil noise by members of CHIMORA, A FASHIONABLE DISEASE, and FAG PRIEST. Fag Priest (USA) and Nryy (Japan) team up to make over 30 minutes of weird ass harsh noise.
Botched Facelift- "Mindless Death Noise"- Glitched screaming vocals over harsh, distorted additive synths. DOWNLOAD OUR FIRST LIVE ALBUM FROM THE EPIC PERFORMACE LIVE ON UC DAVIS COLLEGE RADIO BACK FROM OUR FIRST TOUR!
Percussion loops assembled from strange sources serve as the backdrop for microtonal organ sound improvisations in 24 tone equal temperament. Australia's Peterhead dish out an album of completely heavy jazzcore, from one of the best bands on the Ass Jazz comp series. Botched Facelift's track consists of experimental shit with lots of twists and turns set to a sampled victim of a real botched face lift. Throbbing, chirping, trance-inducing multitextures that will surely leave you with severe HPPD and the taste of burning plastic in your mouth.

Circuit bending, pedal delay loops of real drumming, free jazz saxophone, harsh noise, and more great shit from noise duo Fag Priest. The opening title track is a brutal harsh noise piece with heavily processed distorted vocals and harsh as fuck additive synth noise. All out chaotic craziness from the noise artist known as Hyphield, who is also know for his projects and experiments with Frater Hater. Tinnitus-inducing, ultra-distorted mind fuck textures to destroy your ear drums and damage your brain. The first track uses almost entirely scratch electronics to build circuits producing chaotic, complex textures; modding oscialltors that were hand built!
Heavy keyed-up jams, prog fusion style at times, other times more straight ahead psychedelic rock and roll; with saxophones, and blasts of noise!!
Lycanthropic brutal noise recorded on tape made with synths, glitched electronics, heavily processed vocals, etc. Warped saxophone through halloween voice changers, unrelenting blasts of gut wrenching noise and weird chirping and throbbing glitch noises from hell. The synths are programmed to mimic glitched circuits.lots of evil heavily processed vocals.
Fag Priest uses weird halloween voice changers and glitched electronics, with harsh synth and heavy processing of drums and live instruments.
Awesome free jazz noise, complete with saxophone insanity, heavy delay noise, and heavy drum machines a la "16-17".
This punk ass band (and pals of ours) from the town of Watsonville, California are a bunch of snotty creeps with twisted visions of landlords on fire and yuppies being run through the wheat thresher! Gradually this morphs into a pretty chaotic and abrasive noise texture, at least compared to the rest of the track. The dudes from Peterhead throw down some experimental noise on the album "Alfred Lehermayr". Track 2 "Pator os Muppets" is a an extremely brutal harsh noise hell blast, with heavily processed "bent" vocals over harsh glitch noise and chaotic, mid-high piercing additive synth sounds.
Hal Hutchinson's side consists of pedal noise with blasts in the low mid range for heavy sounds. With funny ass samples of MJ and his music warped and turned to hell shit over brutally processed satan vocals. One track features both Ian and Dario playing some gnarly free jazz saxophone at the same time!!

Their sound is part Public Image Limited (with dubbed out guitars, pounding percussion and general bad attitude) and part Big Black (angular, dark and more bad bad attitude). Excerpts, links, and photography may be used under the condition that full and clear credit be given to author 21st Century Mummy with a link back to the website. The next track, the title track "Mind Rape" is a completely unedited track that features only one glitched circuit being molested for more than a few minutes. At some points there is some kind of weird processed flute, other times there's an endless loop of hand drumming, but all the time there's a constant blast of extremely loud distorted harsh noise. Nryy uses contrast between blasts of harsh noise, radio static and more normal orchestral strings to create an unpredictable sound. The track concludes with a sample from a delusional neighbor, speaking in half-tongues, half-schizophrenic word salad about his remarkable occult power. Happy Meal is fronted by twin brothers, known only as American Cream (guitar and vocals) and Harinjneesh Al Chone (bass and vocals). Next is "Emons" a harsh-noise death-throb track alternating with samples of mental patients describing some incredibly weird shit. Track four contains a sample of Elvis Presley strung out on heroin, yelling at an audience on stage and saying he's going to "break your goddamn neck you son of a bitch", of course over chaotic, tinninus-inducing harsh power electronics.
Awesome drumming with heavy unrelenting gut wrenching noise and low metal throat singing through some sort of weird halloween voice changer.
The album concludes with "Bullshit Artist" paying homage to power electronics pioneers Whitehouse through pounding, complex bass drum rhythms, mangled and pissed off vocals, and sheets of hideous, ever-morphing noise blasts. The last track "Jesus Was a Junkie" was created completely with the discontinued Kawaii K5000s additive synth. And the saxophone processed through one of these voice changes as well while playing free jazz squealing that will make your head want to explode. Ultra-complex textures generated by self created synth programs which mimic the sounds of circuit bent electronics. Jagged but melodious guitar lines, throbbingly fucked up bass patterns and two little twerps screaming about making pipe bombs and selling weed to the cops.

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