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A few days ago, a Model S parked itself using the Summon auto-park feature, crashing into a trailer in the process. While the driver wasn’t happy with Tesla’s response, it turns out that the company keeps incredibly detailed logs of how you interact with your car.
Carmaker Nissan has announced a rival to Tesla's Powerwall home battery pack called the xStorage. The same lawyer who successfully sued Gawker Media over Hulk Hogan’s sex tape has now sued the online publisher again, this time representing the Massachusetts man who claims that he invented e-mail in 1978 at the age of 14.
BT will broadcast coverage of both the UEFA Champions League and Europa League finals for free on YouTube.
But she said the "Full Frontal" team made it a priority to diversify its behind-the-scenes staff, with a concerted outreach effort. You can listen to Recode Media in the audio player above, or subscribe on on iTunes, Google Play Music, TuneIn and Stitcher.
Peter Kafka: If you're slow and dull-witted like me and you watch your show, you’ll see some differences [with the Daily Show]. If you like this interview, then you should also check out Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, which features conversations with tech and media's key players every Monday. We're making a television show, understanding that there are points within the television show where it will be beneficial for us not to put out an eight-minute-long segment. And what do you think about the idea that there's a lot of people who may be your fans, who will never watch the show on the air?
They had the "men of comedy" — or sorry, it was the "stars of comedy" — who happened to be men. I already had that photo because Miles Kahn, who is an executive producer of the show, runs the field department here. The obvious thing that everyone writes about when they write about you, is… you're a woman! We all have questions about tech, which is why Recode has another podcast called Too Embarrassed to Ask, which comes out every Friday.
Was that bothersome to you when you were at "The Daily Show" when it was primarily, I assume, white dudes from Harvard working there?
Just mechanically, how do you go about saying, "Alright, we want a diverse staff?" How do you go about doing that?
You're being really specific and reaching into places where maybe no one's ever been asked before and you're trying to say, "Hey, tell me all the people you think are great. Ever since the US retired the space shuttle, it's relied upon Russian rockets to get crews to and from the International Space Station. Should you be enjoying your time spent with Microsoft Edge, you'll be pleased to learn that the web browser now has a Save to Pocket extension.
The new Doom game will be released this Friday (the 13th day of the month, appropriately enough), and one of the best looks inside the game was provided by Nvidia during the launch of its new GeForce GTX cards. The Vulkan API (Application Program Interface) mentioned in the video's title is also quite significant. Windows Phone Central - News, Forums, Reviews, Help for Windows Phone : Grab this super protective Lumia 950 XL case for just $4.95 today!
If protection is what you are looking for, then you will want to check this Lumia 950 XL case out.
Anime feature The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which is fantastic, is getting a live-action TV drama version in Japan.
Microsoft has a neat promotion on the company's official store where you can pick up either the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 and bag a free dock and pen tip kit. Continue reading »The post Latest 2017 iPhone gossip calls for borderless display with embedded sensors appeared first on Pocketnow.
Activision revealed the latest on their upcoming action game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan with trailers and info on the four heroes, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.
The kitchens of the 90s and the strict modern design that puts emphasis on simple, straight lines and sleek, polished finishes (at times all too glaringly) are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Image: APLyft has offered to settle a case against its California drivers with a sum of $27 million. Photo credit: PorscheThe factory Porsche Team Manthey World Endurance Championship squad sat out this year waiting on a new racing 911, and we finally know what that new car for 2017 will look like. Square Enix announced today their consolidated results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, with some information on the performance of key titles and segments. Read Here Are Square Enix Holdings’ Financial Results For Fiscal Year Ended March 2016 on Siliconera!
Image: PixabayMany of us have experienced prolonged stretches of driving where we’re seemingly oblivious to our surroundings, and we’re left dumbfounded that we didn’t get into a serious accident. Jide, the company behind desktop-orientated Android fork Remix OS, has put its software in an all-in-one PC for the first time.
Remix OS is still in beta, but it essentially turns Google's mobile OS into a desktop operating system. Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition has been selling consistently well since its release in Japan last year, and Famitsu reports that its total sales numbers have surpassed one million units. Former Xbox Japan honcho Takashi Sensui has joined Tokyo-based game company Marvelous as Executive Vice President, Nikkei reports. Opera has implemented a power saving mode in its main desktop browser and is touted as the first to do so. GOFAR Services, LLC - Appliance Repair Houston, TX - Chapter 8DOMESTIC ICEMAKERS8-1 ICEMAKER TYPESIcemakers are divided into two basic types; flex-tray and hard tray.
The handset is actually a fiver more expensive now than when it launched almost a year ago, and yet it's still one of the best pound-for-pound devices available in the UK. The car’s sensors and software did not detect the trailer’s high bed and the car crashed into it. Like other residential batteries, the device is supposed to pull cheap electricity off the grid during off-peak hours and feed it back into the home when power is in demand and expensive. For more smart and BS-free interviews like this one, subscribe to Recode Media, which has a new episode every Thursday. And my face does really weird things, like if I'm trapped behind something, I start to fidget.
I mean, I think that we will do that, when it makes sense, if it fits what we want to do, if it excites us.
And frankly that was the rap on "The Daily Show" — that it was the least interesting part of it, most often. You have to be a bit mindful of having a break in an act so you can sort of chop it into pieces, so that it's a little bit more shareable. But I actually think it doesn’t… I consume television products in a way that is probably not pleasing to networks, so I really can't fault people for it. Obviously, we want to drive people to TBS and we want them to watch the show in real-time… but it's not the only thing that builds a brand anymore.
It was a picture that really drove home the message of, there really are a lot of men in late night comedy. We had been talking about doing a field piece and using that image for something, so we cooked it up between ourselves for months, so it was on hand. The things that jump out to us jump out to us in a certain way because we're not all women here, but we all have a certain point of view. I think that the diaper segment, in particular, is a great example of a piece of satire that would not have been created or performed on any other existing show currently. You actually have to do more than just putting out a submission packet and saying, "All people apply please." You have to make calls, you have to contact people who you know from that community, you have to go, "Hey, who do you know?
If you happen to come across anything while browsing online, you'll be able to conveniently save said content for later viewing. Alarmingly, it’s actually in one of the windows.Caused by a space debris impact, it’s not a big crack nor could it do any harm to the multi layered station window—but it’s still not a nice thing to see when you’re in orbit.
The gameplay from that event has now made its way to YouTube in its full, uncompressed glory and it's well worth a look.
Amzer's hybrid warrior case is a military inspired case that has two layers to offer maximum protection. Premiering this July, it will star actress Yuina Kuroshima and singer Fuma Kikuchi from the Japanese boy band Sexy Zone. Uniqueness, textural beauty, geometric diversity and a hint of classic charm are now the sought-after qualities in a beautiful and inviting kitchen. The cash would allow the company to keep its drivers as contractors, rather than making them employees.The case is based on the fact that if Lyft were an actual employer, it would be expected to provide minimum employee requirement like holiday pay, a and a minimum wage. As the name implies, LG has managed to build LTE directly into its tiny camera so you don't need to pair it to a smartphone to stream live video. Today, Porsche unveiled their new GTE-spec endurance racing 911, in all its naked, angry glory. A new study suggests that a specific brain function protects us from these bouts of absentminded driving—but that it completely breaks down while texting. The firm partnered with Chinese manufacturer AOC to create a Remix OS-powered desktop device that's aimed at China's enterprise market. The software adds floating windows, keyboard and mouse support, a Start menu lookalike, and file manager. The news will not affect those on a desktop PC, but laptop owners will be interested to learn about possible 50% savings in battery life when using Opera compared to earlier versions of the browser and Google's Chrome. The driver discovered everything when he and a second person came out of a nearby building.
You can hook it up to renewable energy resources to charge it up off-grid, and Nissan says a companion app will help owners easily monitor usage. Past guests have included The New Yorker editor David Remnick, "The Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore and New York Times Magazine writer Jenna Wortham. It's a terrible story, I think we did a great job with it, I'm really proud of it, it was really funny, it's an important story, it's something not a lot of people know or think about it.
It seemed like there were a lot more women behind the stage, working with you, than you would see if I went to a traditional late night show.
It was probably caused by “a paint flake or a small metal fragment no bigger than a few thousandths of a millimetre across”, according to the European Space Agency.
Although capped at 60fps and running on a Titan X, the same in-game action was handled just as well on the upcoming GTX 1080 that demoed it at Nvidia's press day — with the newer (and cheaper!) card rising as high as 200fps when its frame limit was taken off. Following this trend and giving it a new direction is the fabulous Kelly designed by Iosa Ghini Design for Snaidero. As it is, the ride-hailing company treats its drivers as contractors, which means it doesn’t need to provide any such support.The case has been brought by California drivers in attempt to become reclassified as employees of the firm.
GoPro's do not include LTE chips just yet, so this opens LG's LTE Action Camera to a whole new world of uses. Photo credit: PorschePorsche unveiled their successor to the current 911 RSR in a tweet early this morning, complete with photos of it on their test track in Weissach. This isn't a powerful computer by any stretch of the imagination (nor is it the first all-in-one device to run Android, or a variant thereof), but it's still interesting to see what Jide is doing with its software.
Also like manual molds, when it comes time to eject (harvest) the ice from the mold, it invertsand twists, "popping" out the ice. When asked to explain the event, Tesla blamed the driver, saying that the Summon feature is activated by the user and that any Tesla driver looking to take advantage of it agrees to supervise the vehicle while it’s parking itself, to take control in case something unexpected happens. How are you thinking about it sort of minute to minute, day to day as you’re producing the show? We don't come into work and go, "What are the women stories today?" It's just the stories that jump out from the page to us.
But since Jo, she's the show runner, since we've been putting this together, it's been important for us to figure out a way to advance the conversation.
You do your regular submission, you do all the agents and stuff like that and you hit that territory but then you do have to push that further.
It’s amazing that one tiny speck of debris you cannot even notice on Earth can do such damage at orbital speeds.
You will notice a certain sense of refinement and old-world elegance the moment you take a look at Kelly; the love affair is almost instant!Unlike many other contemporary kitchens, every little detail here has been carefully crafted and one can notice the high-quality craftsmanship by taking a look at the countertop, island and kitchen cabinets.
In January, Lyft offered to pay up $12 million to settle the case out of court, which was deemed too little by a federal judge. A completely waterproof case (that will be available later this year) will let you live stream surfing, scuba diving, or anything else straight to YouTube.
The tray then turns back upright and refills with water for the next freeze cycle.HARD-TRAYHard-tray icemakers have a metal ice mold which is coated with a non-stick coating.
It's important to me because the success of the show is important to me and as a consumer of visual products it's important to me because I like to access everything.
When we started this, we knew the type of show that we wanted to do and we knew that it would be really ferocious.
This also indicates that space debris threat is something that cannot be ignored in space exploration. Corner decorations enhance the opulent aura of Kelly and beautiful glass cabinets with backlit shelves and open storage units perfectly complement the style of the kitchen even while enhancing the storage options. Photo credit: PorscheThe Porsche Team Manthey WEC squad won’t be the first team to race it, though. And part of that is I just don't want to really sit with people and ask the same questions that everybody's already heard the answers to, basically.

ESA emphasizes:While a chip like the one shown here may be minor, larger debris would pose a serious threat. Central island here is as gorgeous and practical as it can get with ample space for cooking and a prep zone that can be easily turned into a lovely snack station for the entire family!The contrasting visual presented by dark granite countertops and the light, sophisticated backdrop seems mesmerizing even as the large range hood in bronze adds much needed metallic glint to the setting.
Because the WeatherTech Sports Car Championship starts a bit earlier in the year and uses GTE-spec machinery for its GTLM class, the Porsche North America team will debut the car at the 24 Hours of Daytona in January.
An object up to 1 cm in size could disable an instrument or a critical flight system on a satellite.
Kelly is the perfect kitchen for those who want to enjoy the bets of modern comfort and traditional elegance that has been reinterpreted and fine-tuned to fit in with current urban lifestyle. Photo credit: PorscheWhile debuting the car at a full 24-hour race is no small task, Head of Porsche Motorsport Dr. The amount of time spent in the freeze cycle is controlled by a number of factors depending on the individual design, but it is best explained by knowing how the harvest cycle is triggered.HARVEST CYCLEThe harvest cycle occurs when the ice is ejected from the ice mold.
Just perfect!You're reading Kelly: Chic Modern Kitchen Wrapped in Intricate, Timeless Panache, originally posted on Decoist. Frank-Steffen Walliser said in today’s press release that the new car’s development is “right on schedule.” For now, Porsche will continue testing their new 911 racer at tracks all around the world. Porsche already brought in most of their works drivers to test the car during the car’s development at Weissach, but their work is far from over before the car is ready for the 2017 season.
If the washer is in poor condition, then purchase another one as this fitting must be re-installed later.
However, it should be noted that the accumulation of "run" time is, in one way or another, thermostatically controlled.
If an adapter was not supplied with your new unit then you will need to identify the make and possibly the model of the faucet to order one.
For example, Admiral-type flex-tray machines have a thermostat in line with the icemaker timing and drive motor that opens at 19 degrees, and doesn't close again till the freezer temperature drops to 15 degrees. Adapters are normally available from any full service plumbing supply or large hardware store.2.
A thermostat pressed against the ice mold senses that it is cold enough to ensure that the ice is frozen. Ensure that the washer in the top of the diverter valve is also lightly lubricated and positioned flat.4.
When the harvest mechanism contacts the ice, it stalls until the ice melts enough to release it from the mold. Cubes in the bin might occasionally stick together a little bit because of this liquefication, but they should be easy to separate.In a hard-tray icemaker, the thermostatstartsthe harvest cycle, but it does notendthe cycle. The mold heater would open the thermostat and end the cycle way too early; long before the mold was refilled. When the thermostat begins the harvest cycle, a cam attached to the drive motor closes a "holding" switch. Once the valve is screwed on finger tight, then a pair of pliers can be used to snug it up. This switch keeps the drive motor turning until the ice is harvested and the mold refills with water. When the ejection mechanism is reset, the mold is refilled and the cam reaches the proper position, the cam allows the holding switch to open.
This ends the fill cycle and begins the freeze cycle.FILL CYCLE AND FILL VALVETowards the end of the harvest cycle, a cam on the drive mechanism closes the fill switch.
You can use elastic bands to hold the hose tight to the faucet so that it remains out of the way.6. This switch opens a fill solenoid valve, usually located on the back of the fridge, at the bottom. The original aerator fitting removed from the faucet can now be installed on the bottom of the diverter valve in the same fashion as mentioned above. These fittings can be in very bad condition due to their age and exposure to different minerals in the water.
The shape of the cam that closes the fill switch controls the length of time the valve stays open. Unscrew the sump (white portion) from the head (gyre base) and lubricate the black "o" ring in the sump with Vaseline (never use mineral oil).
A flow control washer within the valve adjusts the flow for variations in house water pressure, so that the same amount of water flows through the valve regardless of water pressure.
After a repair, you can't stand there with the freezer door open, waiting for the next harvest cycle, to make sure the machine is working properly. If the threaded end cap of the ceramic has a retainer holding the large black washer in place then remove the retainer.8. Gently thread the ceramic into the base until it is snugly seated onto the large black washer.
Most icemakers are temperature-sensitive, and as the freezer temperature rises and falls, this sensitivity can cause symptoms to be intermittent.Icemakers can behave erratically, and be difficult to diagnose because of it.
But a basic understanding of how a particular design operates can go a long way towards removing the mystery of intermittent malfunctions. Knowing how the icemakershouldoperate may point you towards whatisn'toperating correctly.Has the fridge or freezer seemed warmer or colder than usual?
This can point towards refrigerator problems other than the icemaker, such as defrost or sealed system problems.
Any higher, and the ice may not freeze fast enough or the thermostat may not trigger a harvest cycle. Any lower, and the cold may migrate into the refrigerator compartment.Has the freezer or refrigerator door been opened a lot?
Inspect for leaks around the diverter valve faucet connection and the aerator connection.11.
In some circumstances, this can keep the freezer temperature too high and cause slow or no ice production, or "shelling," where the cube has not frozen completely before the harvest cycle begins.Do not yet discard any "slabbed" ice. Pull on the diverter valve stem (sending water to the filter housing) and again inspect for any leaks from the diverter valve connections or the sump "o" ring.
While observing, rotate the filter unit onto each side so that the top of the sump is held lower than the head (gray section). This will allow excess air to escape from inside the unit enabling it to work more efficiently. The ice cubes are "shelling," or not freezing completely before the harvest cycle tries to eject them from the mold. See section 8-2(b).D) The fill tube keeps filling with ice and blocking the flow of fill water.
See section 8-4.8-2(a) SLABBINGThis generally occurs when the ice is not ejecting from the ice mold properly. If there are cubes left in the ice mold after a harvest cycle, the new waterfill will overfill the mold for the next batch. Depending on the design, this may cause the mold to overflow, or it may just cause a thick sheet of ice to fuse together the tops of the cubes too solidly. In this case, the icemaker can jam and the problem can compound itself rapidly.This can be caused by a number of factors.
To service a counter top system, ceramic cleaning or cartridge replacement, place the unit into the sink.2.
This can simply prevent the ice from dropping into the bin, (Figure S-1) or it can interfere with the ice level sensor arm, preventing the icemaker from shutting off when the bin is full. Lift up the head (gray piece), with the cartridge still installed and drain off the remainder of the water.
Both hard-tray and flex-tray machines are prone to this problem; it is caused by impurities in the fill water. The problem can get so bad that you may see black or gray flakes and sediment in the cubes. In both hard- and flex-tray machines, the solution is usually to replace the ice mold, or just the entire icemaker. If you do this, rinse the mold with a weak chlorine bleach solution and flush with copious amounts of water before you put the mold back into service. The exact service interval is impossible to dictate as it is the condition of the incoming water that requires the valve to be serviced. Mineral deposits and contaminants in the water will build up on the internal "O" ring seals and cause the valve to stick or become stiff to operate. The next fill will then cause overfill, and slabbing symptoms may develop.Low water pressure can also cause the valve to leak, sometimes badly enough to overfill or overflow the ice mold.
See Section 8-2(c), section 8-3 and Figure S-4.8-2(b) SHELLINGHollow cubes, or "shelling" can occur if the ice cubes are not fully frozen when the harvest cycle begins. Place a single drop of liquid dish washing soap into the top of the valve and steadily operate the diverter valve stem in and out.
Depending on the design, either the harvest cycle is being triggered prematurely, or the cube is not freezing in the allotted time.Shelling may be an early sign of defrost, sealed system or other cooling problems of the refrigerator itself, especially in flex-tray machines. Place several drops of liquid cooking oil (canola not olive oil) into the top of the valve and again operate the diverter valve stem.4. The freezer vents in flex-tray machines must direct cold air directly at the surface of the water or the mold, to insure that it will freeze in the alloted time.
Check that nothing is blocking the airstream and that the freezer vent directing air over the icemaker is not damaged, missing or misdirected.In hard-tray machines with shelling symptoms, ice or water left in the mold after harvest may cause overfill and slabbing problems. Shelling is usually a sign of low waterfill, which allows the mold to get colder faster, triggering the thermostat into a harvest cycle too quickly. Check and adjust the water level (sections 8-5 thru 8-8) or check for low water pressure or the incorrect water valve. For small one to three stage systems, select a suitable location for the filter housing(s) under the kitchen sink or on the under sink doors. Over time it will freeze the tube completely shut.To melt the ice from the tube and clear it, you can use a blow dryer, or blow hot water into the tube with a turkey baster. Therefore the system should be reasonably accessible to enable the sump to be unscrewed to change or clean the cartridge(s). Fit the head of the filter housing to the bracket using the 3 self-tapping screws provided (Fig A.). Sediment from improper installation or low water pressure may prevent the valve from closing fully. Ensure the bracket corresponds to the arrow on the head, indicating the direction of water flow.A 3. If you have this symptom, especially if it returns after clearing the ice blockage once, start checking for water supply pressure or sediment problems.
For multi-stage units the short hose inter-connecting the head assemblies should be installed before the heads are mounted to the wall. I've seen people tap into hot water pipes, but the piping should be long enough so that water does not fill the icemaker while hot, or the water may not freeze fast enough.
It is far better to use a cold water line if possible."Saddle valves" are often used on a new installation to pierce into an existing pipe, (Figure F-1) and generally work pretty well. Select a suitable position for the location of the line piercing saddle valve on the copper (or plastic) COLD water line leading to the main faucet.
However, you must be careful of using dissimilar metals; for example a copper valve on a galvanized steel pipe. A water supply drawn from a saddle valve on a galvanized pipe is an invitation to scale and sediment problems.Similarly, a saddle valve installed too close to a hot water tank can pick up calcium sediments from the tank itself.
It must also be accessible enough to allow for isolation of the filter during cleaning or replacement of the cartridge(s).A 5. Scale and sediments can block the saddle valve and cause low water flow.Low water flow through the saddle valve may cause the same symptoms as low water pressure at the solenoid valve inlet. They can also get into the solenoid valve seat and prevent the valve from closing fully, causing symptoms from fill tube freeze to slabbing. Slide the valve around the line and tighten the securing bolt until it butts up firmly against the sleeve.
However, the only long term solution is to secure a better supply, directly from a copper cold-water pipe if possible.
It's a little cheaper, easier to cut and install, and less prone to leakage when you have to move the refrigerator.
However, some people feel it's more prone to leakage than copper simply because the material is stronger.
That's not been my experience, but it's your call.If you do use plastic, make sure you insert the brass sleeves into the ends (Figure F-2) before installing the compression fittings. Without them, the ends of the plastic could collapse and leak.HOT WATER OR COLD?I've seen people tap into hot water lines to feed the icemaker, but I highly recommendagainstit. Select a suitable position for the faucet as close to the sink edge as practical, but ensuring access from the underside to enable installation of the mounting hardware and hose.A 10. But when the temperature of the water drops, the heat flow slows to the same rate as if you had just filled it with cool water in the first place.
Common complaints and contaminants are chlorine, rust, sand, dirt, sediment, dissolved calcium, organic substances such as PCB's, THM's, herbicides and pesticides, chloramines and detergents, causing bad taste, odors or even health hazards. This book is not intended to be a primer on water filtration; I would in no waybegin to try to pretendto be able advise you what contaminants you need to guard against in your area. For that, you need to hire a water chemist, or talk to your water company or neighbors who might have been through this already.

If your filter has John Guest fittings, disregard the references to figure D hardware and procedures.A 12. These contaminants you can pick up independent of what your water company supplies you, through old or inadequate water piping or other house conditions.
Push the other end of the hose into the "John Guest Push-Fit" connector on one end of the Ball Valve. You don't think the pipefitters washed all the bugs and dirt out of the tubing before they brazed it in place, do you?INLINE AND UNDER-SINK (CARTRIDGE) FILTERS(Figures F-3 and F-4)In my opinion, about the only good thing about inline filters (vs.
Using a separate three (3) inch piece of hose (cut from the remaining stock) push one end into the Ball Valve and the other into the John Guest fitting in the head. Being behind the fridge instead of under the sink, they are harder to get to, and easier toforgetto change.Cartridge-type filters, on the other hand, have replacable cartridges which are relatively easy to get to and change. Some even have water shutoff valves built right into them to make filter changing even faster and easier. They are little, if any, more difficult to install initially, and replacement cartridges usually cost less than a new inline filter.
Lubricate this washer and the "O" ring in the top of the sump with a small amount of "Vaseline" or any equivalent petroleum jelly. When the new membrane is new, probably half of the water that enters the RO system goes down the drain to flush themembrane.
The cartridge should butt up and slightly compress the washer, but it does not have to be tightened into place with anything other than wrist pressure.A 18. If you don't change the elements frequently, then when the membrane gets older and plugged with contaminants, as much as 15 to 20timesas much water goes down the drain as comes out the faucet.
Also, water flows through the RO membrane very slowly, so it can drop water pressure at the tap considerably.Most manufacturers recommend AGAINST an icemaker water supply coming from an RO system. I have been personally using an RO system on my Whirlpool crescent cube icemaker for two years now and I am tickled with the results; ice as clear and clean tasting as our drinking water, and no scale or calcium deposits. While closely observing for leakage, slowly open (counter clockwise) the saddle valve fully and then the Ball Valve (in-line with hose).A 20. Lift the faucet lever up to lock it in the fully open position to discharge the air from the system.A 21.
But if you understand the risks, and the RO system doesn't drop the water pressure too low, it can be done.8-3(b) FILL SOLENOID VALVEWater fill volume is controlled by a couple of things. Let the system run for 1 to 2 minutes to flush out any loose carbon (black) dust left over from manufacturing.A 22. For one, the length of time the valve stays open, which is usually controlled by a cam in the icemaker head, which closes a switch for the proper amount of time. Aflow control washerwithin the valve adjusts the flow for variations in house water pressure.
However, if the water pressure is below about 20 psi at the solenoid valve inlet, problems can occur. If the cube is too small, it may not eject properly, and the next fill may cause overfill.Water solenoids operate using a pressure diaphragm with pressure on both sides of the diaphragm. The ceramic cartridge may be removed and cleaned by turning ON the drinking water faucet (to release the water pressure) and then turning off the water supply to the filter.
To shut off the water, turn the John Guest Ball Valve shut-off 90degrees to the hose, or if your unit does not use a ball valve shut-off then turn the T handle of the SV2002 saddle valve at the cold water connection CLOCKWISE until the water flow stops.
Different icemakers require a wide variety of fill volumes, from about 3 ounces in certain GE units to as much as 8 ounces in Admiral-type machines. Place a shallow pail under the sump when removing it as it is full of water and a small amount may spill. The valve bodies might look the same from the outside, but you must make sure the valve is the correct one (has the correct flow control washer) for the icemaker you're working on. If someone has previously replaced the solenoid valve, and you experience low flow problems or slabbing in an icemaker, double check that the valve is the correct one. Remember the ceramic is very fragile and will not withstand force being applied to the side of the element. This is acriticallyimportant point.8-3(c) TESTING AND ADJUSTING FILL VOLUMETo test fill volume, remove the icemaker from its freezer wall mounting (but leave it plugged in) and initiate a harvest cycle if possible. Baby bottles are generally just about the right size for testing fill volume; most are graduated in both cc's and ounces. Using a stiff brush, or scouring pad, scrub the outer surface of the ceramic under running water until it returns to a uniform off white colour (yellow tint). A good rule of thumb is that one fluid ounce equals about 30 cc's.Water fill level can be adjusted onsomeicemakers. See sections 8-5 thru 8-8 about your design.8-4 SLOW OR NO ICE PRODUCTIONThere are a number of things that will slow or stop the production of ice. If you are working on an icemaker where you can do so, a good start is to try to manually trigger a harvest cycle and watch what happens. Note: Never use soaps, detergents, bleach, or any other chemical during the cleaning process. However, there a few common causes.8-4(a) FREEZER TEMPERATURECheck the freezer temperature. Inspect the large rubber washer at the base of the mounting threads for any signs of damage. In most icemakers, a freezer temperature above about 15 degrees may cause icemakers not to harvest or to have other ice production problems.
If the freezer temperature is hovering right around the thermostat temperature setting, the icemaker's thermostat may open and close, causing slow or intermittent ice production. If the freezer temperature is not low enough, check the refrigerator's temperature settings.High freezer temperatures may also mean that therefrigeratorhas cooling problems such as defrost or sealed system malfunctions. If adjusting the controls doesn't lower the freezer temperature, see Chapters 4 and 5.8-4(b) POWER SUPPLYCheck that the icemaker is getting power.
Unplug it from the freezer wall socket and see if you have power between at least two of the terminals.8-4(c) WATER SUPPLYCheck also that the icemaker is getting water. Hand tighten the sump to the head, slowly turn on the John Guest ball valve or the saddle valve, and let the system flush for 1 minute.A 8.
If possible, unmount the icemaker from the freezer wall and manually initiate a harvest cycle.
At the recommended replacement timing [refer to the specification sheet for your cartridge(s)], follow all of the above steps except for the cleaning phase. The electronic one has a circuit board and an on-off rocker switch on the right side of the icemaker head.Most of the symptoms and the malfunctions between the three designs are similar. However, the internal differences between them are pretty pronounced, so testing and troubleshooting are quite different.8-5(a) MODULAR CRESCENT CUBE DESIGN OPERATIONThe harvest cycle on these icemakers is thermostatically triggered.
Very shortly thereafter, a cam on the drive shaft closes the holding switch, keeping the motor circuit energized even after the thermostat opens back up.
The motor then stalls, with the ejection fingers applying pressure to the ice, until the mold heats up enough for the cubes to separate from the mold. If the ice level in the bin is too high, or if you raise the arm to the shutoff position, this switch opens and interrupts the thermostat circuit. The icemaker then will not enter a harvest cycle until the sensor arm is allowed to return to its full down position. During the harvest cycle, a cam raises the sensor arm and opens the shut-off switch, but the holding switch keeps the motor turning. There is an adjustment screw on the right side of the icemaker head; one full turn equals 40cc's. Some models have water level adjustment dials on the right side of the plastic icemaker head cover that attach to this screw.
This screw simply moves the fill switch closer to the cam on the drive shaft, keeping it open longer, or vice-versa. The maximum adjustment on these machines is one full turn in either direction; any more will damage the icemaker head. When adjusting the level, do it gently and do not attempt to force it AT ALL.TROUBLESHOOTINGAside from water supply problems, what usually goes wrong with these machines is that the thermostat (bimetal) fails.
To jump the thermostat and trigger a harvest cycle, just jumper between the T and H test point holes. In this case, you would see the ejection fingers pressed against the ice, trying to eject it, but it would not eject. Under power, test for line voltage between the L and H test point holes; if it is energized, then power is going to the heater. Unplug and test for resistance between the same test points; the heater should test 72 ohms. If not, replace the mold.If the drive motor isn't turning at a time when it should be, test for 110 volts between L and M to see if the motor is energized.
Some have water level adjustment dials on the right side of the plastic icemaker head cover.The harvest cycle on these icemakers is thermostatically triggered. Very shortly thereafter, a cam on the drive shaft closes the holding switch, keeping the motor circuit energized and turning even after the thermostat opens back up.
The fingers then continue pushing the ice out of the mold.The thermostat stays closed throughout the first rotation of the ejection fingers. Near the completion of the first rotation, another cam attached to the driveshaft closes the fill switch, butwater fill does not occur.
The shutoff switch is closed, and offers a lot less resistance than the water valve circuit. Near the completion of the second rotation, the fill switch closes again for about 7-8 seconds, and this time the mold fills with water.
During the harvest cycle, a cam raises the sensor arm and opens the shut-off switch, but the holding switch is still closed, which keeps the motor turning. When you remove the plastic cover, you will see the motor gear turning and disengaged from the larger ejection drive gear.
The motor gear can be pressed back on and glued with superglue.Some of these machines have a "chiclet"-type thermal fuse (figure X-8) attached to the underside of the ice mold, near the icemaker head. If this fuse blows, the icemaker will not harvest, nor will the motor start when you try to manually initiate a harvest cycle.
The other two microswitches are the waterfill switch and the holding switch, both cam-operated. Fortunately, they're pretty much commodity items at this point, and can be replaced for well under a hundred bucks.8-6 GE "BULLET" OR "BARREL" CUBE MACHINESThese machines produce five cylindrical cubes per harvest. If there is an ice dispenser in the door, you may need to turn down the crescent cube size a little to get the cubes to go through the door properly.OPERATIONThe harvest cycle begins thermostatically at about 16 degrees. An ejection shaft through the bottom of the ice mold is attached to an ejection pad, which pushes the cubes vertically from the mold.
During the harvest cycle, the mechanism raises the sensor arm and opens the shut-off switch, but the holding switch keeps the motor turning. The icemaker will not be producing ice, and you're sure the freezer is cold enough, but manually jumping the thermostat produces a harvest.There are two test connections on the underside of the icemaker head. In both, a small rectangular plug in the bottom of the icemaker head can be removed to reveal two small holes. When the harvest cycle is initiated, it takes about eight minutes for the tray to rotate completely around and refill.
Above 19 degrees, it will not produce ice at all.You can tell if the motor is turning by looking at the end of the motor shaft as shown on the illustration. There is an adjustment screw on the right side of the head, but the factory glues it in place during construction.
In fact, the factory doesn't want you messing with these machines at all; if they malfunction, the solution is to replace them. I have had a couple of these icemakers apart and I'd have to agree with the factory in this case.
After you replace your old one, try pulling it apart and reassembling it and you'll see what I mean.A conversion kit is available to convert the refrigerator to a crescent-cube design, and I would highly recommend it. Instructions will be included in the conversion kit.During the harvest cycle in this design, the twisting action of the ice tray ends with a relatively violent SNAP! Over time this can have several adverse effects.The icemaker can begin to pull its wall mounts out of the freezer wall.
Cubes on the high side of the mold may be too small, while cubes on the low side may be too large or even slab together, and fail to eject.The plastic mold (tray) can crack, especially around the hub. If it is, there are a number of things that could be causing the icemaker to stop making cubes, but the solution to all of them seems to be to throw a new gear and pin set in both the front and back of the icemaker head. Gear alignment instructions are included with the new gears.There is no way to manually initiate a harvest cycle in these machines.
When you replace and realign the gears and reinstall the icemaker, it will immediately enter a harvest cycle and fill with water.Time only accumulates on these icemakers when the cold control (the refrigerator's thermostat) is closed and the compressor is running.
If the doors remain closed, the ambient air temperature (outside of the fridge) is low, and the compressor doesn't run much, you may experience low ice production. Thus, the icemaker must be plugged in at all times, even if it's not being used to make ice.
If you no longer use the icemaker and wish to remove it from your machine, a module is available that replaces the icemaker with a smaller "box" unit that just performs the defrost function.

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