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Director of Clinical Research and Professional RelationsDr Ravi Sockalingam is the director of clinical research and professional relations for Oticon Medical LLC. Vice President of SalesJustin Pfeiffer worked as a Territory Manager for Entific Medical Systems and continued in that role at  Cochlear Americas . The course will describe Oticon Medical’s OptiGrip Implant and OptiFit Abutment and how their design has made it possible for surgeon’s to use other surgical approaches that utilize linear incisions or a punch biopsy and less removal soft tissue in order to optimize the post-operative outcome.
Prescription and verification of hearing aids is an important component to clinical audiological best practices. This course will examine the indications, benefits, and the pitfalls of both the percutaneous and transcutaneous bone conduction implant systems. This seminar provides an overview of the auditory implantable technologies that are available to patients today. A native of Singapore, he completed his training in speech pathology and audiology at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia where he also received his PhD in Audiology. However, bone anchored devices present a challenge to the prescription and verification procedures. The indications, and the pros and cons of commonly used middle ear implants, osseointegrated implants, cochlear implants and auditory brain stem implants will be discussed.
As a full time faculty in audiology he had taught and undertaken research in various areas of audiology in Australia, Israel, Canada, China, New Zealand.
This course is a compilation of three courses on the topic of bone anchored hearing solutions, and will provide information on how to implement these procedures for audiologists who have patients with bone anchored devices, including the pediatric population. Prior to joining Oticon Medical LLC in Dec 2010, he was the senior audiologist and manager of audiology communications at Oticon’s international head quarters in Smorum, Denmark for three years.
Currently, Justin is employed by Oticon Medical  where he is the Vice President of Sales.
Difference in hearing threshold between traditional bone-conduction (gray) and BC in-situ measures (red).Figure 10. Audiological considerations of the Ponto Bone-anchored Hearing System before and after surgery.

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