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A pack of 50 sheets of recycled A4 90gsm paper, plain on one side and foil coated in metallic gold on the other. The Green Stationery Company is the UK's pioneering Recycled Paper and Green Office supplies company.
Samples for some current stock and size are available, but the freight cost will be paid by buyer. B: we are professional packaging manufacturer, which has 10 years of experience in this field, and our factory has passed ISO9001 and QS certificate, quality can be ensured fully.

Eco Notebooks are made in India and have a 100% recycled hardcover with a tactile, green, handmade paper finish. This prints fine on laser printers and photocopiers, but smudges when printing on metallic side with an ink jet printer. We are a mine of information on all products from Recycled Paper to Cleaning Supplies, please contact us if you have a question and we will be happy to help. The quality, lined, cream pages are 70 - 75% recycled paper, made from a combination of agricultural waste, recycled waste paper and bamboo crops that are harvested for re-growth as a sustained renewable resource.

If you really don’t have, you can use the easy open lid paper tube instead or change the paper discs to sealed tinplate lids. 40 leaves inside (80 unprinted pages) of 100% recycled Australian made Kraft are bound with black double wiro.

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