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Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure that is intended to correct abnormally shaped earlobes.
Earlobe laceration repair is a very common office-based surgical procedure performed by facial plastic surgeons. In other earlobe repair patients, the laceration is significant enough to tear all the way through the lower border of the earlobe.
Over the last several years, earlobe gauging has become a very popular and trendy practice. Unfortunately, after stretching the earlobe to such a degree, the skin will not shrink back down on its own.
To learn more about gauge earring repair using a case example of a large defect, use this link here.
In some cases, patients present for earlobe reshaping because their earlobes are just too large for their liking. Earlobe reshaping can be performed to provide a more cosmetically pleasing appearance to the ear. When dealing with a simple earlobe laceration (torn earlobe), the surgical repair process can be typically performed under local anesthesia in our San Diego office.
When dealing with earlobes that need repair following gauging, the procedure can be a little bit more involved. Earlobe reduction surgery for enlarged earlobes is very similar in terms of the surgical effort and recovery. One of the most common questions we get asked regarding earlobe reshaping has to do with re-piercing of the ears following surgery.
To view real patient examples of earlobe reshaping surgery, including repair of torn earlobes, earlobe gauging and enlarged earlobes, please visit our online photo gallery page. These photographs are  of patients who have undergone split ear lobe repair  surgery with Jeremy Hurren. Please note: Mr Hurren will not discuss the details of the surgery these patients have had except with patients who have seen him in clinic and are planning to undergo surgery themselves.
An example of someone who has undergone surgical repair of  enlarged piercings of the ear lobe. Ear lobes repair surgery is the art of repair of an earlobe to reestablish the proper appearance of the lobe with only a fine linear scar. While a simple tear will leave a fine linear scar, a more complex repair of a gauged lobe results in a fine Y or X shaped scar. However, in most cases, repiercing may be performed at a slight distance to the new fine scar about 4 weeks after surgery. Please feel free to use the blog below to share information about Torn Earlobes or to ask Dr. I was wondering if this procedure can be paid for with an HSA account or if this is considered too cosmetic of a procedure to usually count.
I am uncertain that I can envision what type of procedure you had to close up 5 pierced sites.
For the repair of two gauged earlobes, do you offer any discounts for piercing or tattoo industry practitioners? Also in my practice, each tear in the same earlobe is repaired at a separate time in order to provide the best cosmetic outcome. My 4 year old daughter snagged her earring in her jumper, which has left a 2 mm stretched piercing. I think you should go back to your surgeon and be evaluated as it is difficult to comment on a height difference when I am not the surgeon and when I cannot examine you..

After repair, it is expected that further stretching will result in a tear within the scar.
Thread Lift is a minimally invasive method of facial rejuvenation, which allows lifting and repositioning of facial tissues, restoring youthful contours. Augmentation or Enlargement Surgery is a procedure that involves the placement of breast implants to enhance breast appearance. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetics and depending on the anatomy of he earlobe, it may take between 30 to 90 minutes per earlobe.
If you it is not convenient for you to travel to our clinic for the initial consultation, please contact our friendly staff and send us clear photographs of your earlobes. Some plastic surgeons consider earlobe surgery to be a subset of otoplasty, or ear reshaping. Purists will tell you that earlobe gauging is actually not the correct term, but most lay people are more familiar with use of this term to describe this practice. This is shown in the adjacent earlobe photo, which is a patient of ours from San Diego who finally desired to have her gauge holes repaired. This is a congenital issue that they are born with and not something that arises from an injury or prior procedure. Depending on the type of abnormality, the surgery can vary between something that is minimally invasive to a procedure that might entail more of a recovery period.
This type of repair can usually take more like 20-30 minutes, but can be done under just local anesthesia in the office setting. Earlobe reduction also takes about 15-20 minutes to complete under local anesthesia with a very similar recovery period to surgical repair of torn earlobes and gauging.
In most patients, the ears can be pierced once again in 8-12 weeks after the earlobe reshaping surgery. They have all given their written consent for the photographs to appear on Jeremy Hurren’s Website. However they may be helpful in discussions with your surgeon about your expectations and what may or may not be possible  for you.
I suggest that you contact customer service of your HSA to obtain confirmation of your specific benefits. How exactly does the healing process work (which I understand can take a while) and will the holes eventually “fill” in during the healing process? We perform excision with narrow margins of pierced sites in our office and the skin should look flat almost immediately after suture removal, which is one week after surgery. A minute piece of skin is sacrificed when repairing torn earlobes and it is expected that the repaired lobe is minimally narrower than prior to the surgery. An evaluation by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who perform earlobe repair will be able to determine whether repiercing a new hole is possible.
My left ear lobe is slightly higher than my right ear lobe and I seem to be very off balance ever since the morning of my ear lobe repair. Sutures are typically removed by the staff of the surgeon who did your surgery within a time the surgeon deems most appropriate.
I would like to get it repaired, I know the cost and everything like that, but I do not want to get the left one completely closed if I can re-stretch it. It is performed to permanently remove fatty tissue in subcutaneous areas not responding to diet and exercise.
Wong is very experienced in earlobe reconstruction, which involves surgical revision of the skin of the ear lobe, reshaping this area to improve the aesthetic appearance. In most cases, earlobe reshaping involves an earlobe that was traumatically injured – like a torn earlobe.

They can also occur in patients who wear excessively heavy earrings that pull down on the earlobes. As you can appreciate from the photo, once the gauge is removed, the skin simply begins to hang down due to gravity. For example, the adjacent photo is of one of my patients from San Diego who thought that her earlobe was too large compared with the rest of her ear. There is much more soft tissue that requires reshaping with earlobes that have been gauged, so the sutures may be more extensive compared with repair of a torn earlobe. It is important to appreciate that photographs of the results of cosmetic surgery should not be considered a ‘catalogue’ from which you can choose the appearance that you would like.
I recommend you contact your surgeon to learn about the expectations specific to the procedure you had. Fees are tailored to those without ample financial resources, those who want to join the police, military or other armed forces, those who chose to change their careers etc.
This is usually not noticeable because earlobes are at an angle that defies immediate comparison between one and the other side.
External scarring is minimal and the scar will gradually fades over a period of a few weeks. In other cases the earlobe is reshaped because of being altered from a prior piercing or gauging. In some patients this results in an elongated separation of the skin whereas in other patients an actual wedge shaped deformity can be seen along the perimeter of the ear. Gradually, a larger gauge can be placed over time to further stretch the earlobe to the desired size.In the adjacent diagram you can see visually what a gauge looks like after a larger one is eventually placed. In these instances, the skin has been stretched to the point where the elasticity (rubber band quality) has been lost.
Despite this, the recovery process is about the same with sutures removed in 4-5 days and minimal pain overall.
In rare cases, earlobe surgery is done to address a congenital problem that arose from birth, like excessively large earlobes.
In the adjacent photo example, this patient was unlucky enough to have both types of deformities arise from the laceration of the earlobe. Patients who undergo repair of the earlobe following gauging have decided to stop the practice and wish to have the ear restored to a more normal shape.
Since the earlobe can no longer snap back to its original shape and size, the skin begins to droop down without the gauge in place. In cases like this, plastic surgery can be performed to reduce the size of the earlobe to be more proportional with the remaining ear.
In essence, the remaining earlobe looks and feels like a small segment of rope looping down.
Needless to say, this is something that is not desirable once the decision is made to stop wearing the earlobe gauges. Immediately adjacent to this, she had another earlobe piercing that was torn from her earring being pulled down accidentally (see red curve). In order to reshape the ear, a surgical procedure is required to close the opening and remove the excess soft tissue surrounding the earlobe. This type of earlobe repair is much more complicated than correction of a torn earlobe as might be expected.

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