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All ReSound Verso TS hearing aids are coated inside and out with iSolate™ nanotech to protect against moisture and ensure great durability.
ReSound ENZO2 is not only the smartest super power hearing aid available, ita€™s the smallest. Whether you have a hearing loss or not, ReSound LiNX TS offers a game-changing approach to finding relief. ReSound ENZOa„? brings smart hearing technology to people with severe and profound hearing loss for the first time.
ReSound Verso uses innovative technology to let you tune into all the voices and sounds that matter most to you. ReSound Verso TS combines an advanced hearing aid with an effective sound therapy solution, allowing your tinnitus to blend into the background.
ReSound ENZO2a„? is the next step in smart super power hearing and a complete solution for hearing the sounds that matter most to you.
ReSound LiNX TS combines a tinnitus therapy solution thata€™s proven to be highly effective with the worlda€™s smartest hearing aid.
ReSound AleraA® improves hearing in even the most difficult listening environments, based on core technologies such as Natural Directionality II, Environmental Optimizer II and Surround Sound. All ReSound Verso TS hearing aids are coated inside and out with iSolatea„? nanotech to protect against moisture and ensure great durability. Just like going from a set of stereo speakers to a fully customized surround sound system, ReSound Livea„? hearing aids deliver a unique surround sound experience.
ReSound Sparxa„? hearing aids have been specifically designed with the needs of super-power users in mind. ReSound Alera TSa„? combines advanced hearing aid technology with an innovative tinnitus sound generator.

The Oregon Ear, Nose, and Throat Center is an independent physican group serving Southern Oregon and surrounding regions. ReSound offers one of the market's newest and most updated product line-ups of hearing aids. Learn about all the great hearing aids from ReSound, see which types of hearing aid models are available and find out which types of hearing aids suit your listening GN ReSound hearing aids supplied by Digital Hearing Care. Unfortunately, GN ReSound digital hearing aids cannot restore normal hearing, but they can dramatically increase sounds and their sources. Offers a range of digital and non-digital hearing instruments under such names as ReSound, Danavox, and Viennatone.
The receiver (the speaker unit) sits in the ear canal and is connect to a very small behind the ear aid via a conductive wire in a very thin tube. There are now several power CICs on the market catering for people with severe hearing losses who require cosmetic appearance.
Traditional style hearing aids fitted with an earmould (generally silicone or acrylic) that fills the ear. Modern BTEs now have sleeker bodies and multi-colour designs and incorporate much higher specification technology than those available from the NHS. This design is unique to GN Resound and was developed originally for the 'RESOUND BE' product. El empaquetado debe ser el mismo que se encontrarA­a en una tienda, a menos que el artA­culo haya sido empaquetado por el fabricante con material no destinado a su venta en tienda (por ejemplo una bolsa o caja sin etiquetas).
They also come with wireless connectivity options, which means that you can stream sound directly from TV, phone and other audio devices using ReSound Unite™ accessories a€“ for a complete hearing system. Click on any of the products below to learn more about the functionality and advantages of each hearing aid.
LiNX2 offers all the same features and benefits as the LiNX but with new additional enhancements to provide you an even better hearing experience. And ita€™s protected against moisture, wax and dust by iSolatea„? nanotech, a water-repellent coating. Available in a wide range of attractive, discreet designs, ReSound Enya delivers all-day listening and wearing comfort.
With ReSound AleraA®, sound is crisper, cleaner and works more like natural hearing, providing a truly advanced listening experience.
They also come with wireless connectivity options, which means that you can stream sound directly from TV, phone and other audio devices using ReSound Unitea„? accessories a€“ for a complete hearing system. With a greater sense of awarenessa€”of being therea€”youa€™ll enjoy fuller, richer and more detailed sound quality.

ReSound Veaa„? can help and at a price you can afford.ReSound Veaa„? brings you back into the world of sound and helps you communicate with people around you. The hearing aids take full advantage of ReSound technologies and expertise, and offer great value-for-money for any super-power user.
We supply all GN ReSound products, Alera, Essence, Be, Sparx DFS (Digital Feedback Suppression) was the first GN ReSound Pulse – Convenience Meets Simplicity. This questionnaire helps determine the type of ReSound hearing aids that will fit your lifestyle and hearing needs. Its products are programmed to adjust to the At GN ReSound, the manufacturing process for hearing aid shells has entered the digital age as well, promising faster production, greater customization, and fewer 1984 Rodney Perkins founds ReSound Corporation.
Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable. ReSound Verso TS comes in the widest range of models a€“ so ita€™s easy to choose one that fits your lifestyle and hearing loss. Binaural Fusion delivers rich, full sound, outstanding performance in background noise, superior feedback management, all in an easy-to-use instrument. Combined with informed counseling, the sound generator built into ReSound Alera TSa„? is recognized as a highly effective way of managing tinnitus. The GN ReSound Pulse is one the few open fit hearing instrument that comes with a recharging system.
ReSound digital hearing aids are feature-deep, appealing to the on-coming market of Baby Boomers looking for quality hearing and automated convenience.
GN Resound Sport Locks 10 pack Keep your hearing aid from coming out of your ear and easily remove your hearing aid with these Sport Locks. 1992 GN Danavox introduces the first commercially available hearing aids used to use digital sound processing.
Using a custom tip on the end of the speaker we can fit these hearing aids to severe hearing losses. But with a seriously powerful punch, dot2 by ReSound provides dramatic improvement for your hearing.
You are here: Home Products Hearing aids ReSound Match ReSound Match™ for the perfect digital match! Available now as Starkey Soundlens, Phonak Nano, Oticon IIC, Widex IIC, GN Resound IIC and Unitron Micro.

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