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The .3MP Front camera capture best moments of your life and makes them much smaller and blurrier than they actually are.
The first phone to have a facial recognition feature which identifies dissatisfaction and automatically sends a "You are out of range" signal to the other side and drops the call. An inbuilt smart voice recognition feature which identifies "Aur Bholo" in 27 different languages and then drops the call if it is mentioned three times. The features of the "new smart-phone," including freedom to shoot, connect, explore and disconnect, are also well described. Xiaomi MIUI 8 release date, list of compatible devices; what's new and is it worth downloading?

OnePlus 3 release date, features: Will OnePlus 2 successor turn out to be a 'flagship killer'? But still, if you want to do so, you have the freedom to flaunt all your favourite pictures, videos and games. Interestingly, the "Contact Us" session will ask the users for their great grandfather's name, state of mind and even neighbour's phone number.
All you have to do is to say "I want a selfie" and our company representative will make a picture for you. But only on close observation you will realise it as a spoof website taking a dig at the makers of the cheapest smart-phone.

So, once humans are there, we will get all the materials for making this phone," as written on the website.
If you have concerns regarding the content, please leave a message on the FB page," reads the disclaimer of the spoof website.
For going to MARS, we have tied up with Standard Fireworks in Sivakasi to make 20 million of their rockets.

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