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Snowcapped Bell Christmas Ornament 38014 Old World Christmas According to legend, bells rang throughout the world when Christ was born.
Our pottery selection varies, but we have a representative grouping of what we normally have in stock.
Triple Moon Bell, A 3" tall silver-plated bell, adorned with a triple-moon engraving upon its side.
Celestial Bell String These delightful strings of bells chime with a delicate ring that is certainly best described as celestial.
Traditionally, bells have been used throughout Europe and America to ring in the Christmas Season.

Small and portable, this bell can serve to invoke the goddess with grace, its light ringing calling her attention to your acts, bringing her strength and wisdom to your endeavors. Hang them in doorways or where the wind will make them sing in your home, business or office, or use them to decorate your altar and make a musical chime in your ritual. Carved from moss agate crystal & delicately beautiful, these bowls are the perfect addition to your ritual tools. They can be used upon your altar, for fuctional purposes on the dinner table or with sushi sets, or even for decorative purposes alone. This beautiful snowcapped bell comes in brilliant colors of pink, red, gold, green, blue and purple with white touches and glittering.

Put on your desert rose-tinted glasses—high noon on the playa calls for light, airy pieces, intricate embroidery, and jewel tones as rich as your summer tan. Finally, it was delicately hand-painted and glittered for you to enjoy and cherish as a holiday heirloom!

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