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At ?1500 there are lots of choices to choose from but I don't think at ?251 you have any other choice.
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Sign up NOW to receive FREE newsletter from Nancy when new CoordinArt designs become available! The smartphone that was supposed to be sold by Noida-based firm, Ringing Bells, never took off seriously, as we had predicted in our coverage last month.Launched with much pomp and show, the Freedom 251 was a smartphone that hasn't and probably never will see the light of the day, if some reports are to be believed.
If true, this would break all barriers in the mobile world, is what the media thought and rushed to publish the news. The first seed had been planted.The stage of Infancy View PhotosThe launch conference was held at the Nehru Park, in Delhi, with multiple cultural and dance events planned for the buildup.

The event, although hosted solely by Ringing Bells, was graced by the presence of a couple of Cabinet ministers.
The first section presents all 4-quadrant designs, followed by Quadrant I only, Differentiated Instruction Sets, and then the EASY quadrant I ONLY designs.
Many folks from the media, including us, got a hold of the device and saw that the Freedom 251 seemed to appear like a smartphone that had already been on sale, precisely Adcom's Ikon 4. Buy all available designs at once to SAVE BIG, or look for collections to a little here and there! More surprisingly, everyone had learnt by now that the government was not offering any kind of support and ministers were only there to make the consumers aware of such a scheme. 251?Essence of the youth View PhotosDespite all these hurdles and controversies popping up, Ringing Bells wasn't deterred and they planned their first online sale for the 18th of February, on their official site.

No matter what technique the users applied, the website just refused to take the page further than the Shopping cart URL.People complained and the curiosity grew.
Accusations started and the CEO of Ringing Bells, who goes by CuteMohit on Facebook, struck back by apologizing for the crash and initiating a fresh open sale the very next day.Middle Age strikes even the best View PhotosAfter opening up the site to all users, Ringing Bells now claimed that over 70 million people had successfully 'bought' the Freedom 251, even if by bought they meant 'registered for and waiting for a payment link'.
251 smartphone when even a simple 3G data recharge costs more than that in India.After the promises, Ringing Bells once again got caught in the wind. Pulling another trick out of the bag, the CEO now proclaimed that all orders would be converted to Cash On Delivery for ease of payments.Eventual Death?

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