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I've been scouring the internet high and low for inspiration regarding what to cram into our gorgeous {and flamingly massive} cloche. I'm always conscious of our home being too me or too feminine, so I try to impress hubby by incorporating man things.
And finally, I'm including the below picture because of the parallel-living-room-universe that is going on here.
All words, photographs and website design are the sole property of the owner and website unless otherwise stated. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Much like the stunning belles that fill the elegant ballrooms of the elite, this stunning jewelry holder is sure to turn a few heads.
Make filing report cards and homework seem (seem, not actually IS) more fun with this pretty mint green cabinet. This isn’t a book bag you want to give to your notoriously rough-on-their-stuff kids, oh, no, it’s just for grown-ups. Snag some crayons and get creative while coloring in 2pac, Salt N Pepa, Grandmaster Flash and many more hip-hop and rap all-stars.
Marathon days of work, meetings, school, carpool, errands and more can lead to skipping lunch or finding yourself stuck in traffic at 5 p.m. Sure, you’ve packed towels, a shower caddy, sheets, and your (shh) teddy bear, but what about all those tiny random things you won’t know you need in your dorm room until, well, you need them? We don’t know about you, but when we’re rushing to get the family out the door in the morning to school and work, putting on a full face of makeup is the LAST thing we have time for.

There are some amazing ideas out there, so I'm feeling quite excited about what can be done with ours. This is fighting strong and definitely appealing to my obsession with dainty things, so a load of dainty things in a massive display? For me this would immediately scream knitting needles since I have some that are in quite lovely colours as well as some inherited from my nanny.
This is the exact layout of everything I have in my living room - rectangular tray, stack of books, mini cloche, amethyst, skull, second stack of books, and even the ratio of couch-to-coffee-table-to-wall layout. Use as a ring holder dish, protect your keys or add some flair to your pantry- these bell jars are as functional as they are pretty. Cast in durable gold-tone brass with intricately moulded climbing vines covering a glass taxidermy bell jar. Made from dipped canvas with leather trim, it features two gusseted exterior pockets and three interior pockets for organization, and the signature Tory Burch logo on the flap closure. Get organized- and decorate while doing it- with a sweet, fabric-covered memo board from Livy Lou Designs. The perfect size for a laptop, iPad, books, or whatever else you need to cram in there, this tote is just as stylish as it is functional, with a subtle triangle print that keeps things interesting. This wooden pencil box can be used to house anything you’re trying to keep tidy- hair elastics, make-up, loose change, pushpins- and the sliding door hides it all away.
This nifty little kit contains everything from a screwdriver to earplugs to a laundry bag with laundry instructions, to help you get an “A” in dorm living. This new take on BB cream helps us fake at least the complexion part of the makeup equation, multitasking as moisturizer, primer, foundation, SPF, and treatment.

Well, technically it is, since Eastland Shoes has been making the highest quality leather mocs for a hundred years.
Available in three vibrantly hued patterns, this insulated lunch tote has two zippered storage sections and a handle, and stores flat when not in use. I'm passionate about incorporating bespoke and affordable design into not only our home, but sharing accessible design for everyone, no matter your DIY level. I will have to invest in a carry-all box or some other item, as I'm afraid my guests can easily drop and break the glass. Between prepping your kids or steadying yourself for the soon-to-be school year, either the stress or exhaustion will get to you.
Goodies sends you a delicious package of the latest and greatest in snack foods for a mere $7 a month. We’ve found some nifty little treasures that will help you look forward to back-to-school season. Whether they make your life easier or simply put a smile on your face, it’s totally worth it. Take a look, along with a deep breath, and get ready to welcome autumn back into your life.

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