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Of course there are times when it is impossible to get the perfect ring size and rings that may fit this month, might not next. You can also try to find a close fit with a "ring size" chart or "finger size" strip such as below. If your ring needs sizing to a larger size, there is little you can do but go to a jeweler and have it done professionally.
You may also only need a ring sized larger to get over your knuckles, then it may be too large and "roll" or "spin" on your finger. A ring wrap (also known as a ring guard) allows rings that need to be larger, to pass over the knuckles, fit snug on your finger. Ring wraps are perfect solutions for occassional swelling when constantly sizing a ring can damage it.
When rings have engravings or inscriptions you don't want to lose - a ring wrap can allow you to still enjoy wearing it. The Bracelet Helper gives you a helpful "extra hand", holding one end of a chain bracelet, making it easy to fasten the clasp with your other hand, all by yourself.
Magnetic clasp converters quickly and easily modify most finished necklaces into magnetic clasp necklaces.
Provide greater lift and support, reduce shoulder indentions and discomfort and eliminate falling bra straps.

The best way to find out what ring size will fit you is to measure the inner diameter of your existing ring and match your measurement to the size chart above. Your ring should fit comfortably over your fingers but loose enough to slide over you knuckle.
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Hard gold soldering takes tremendous heat and the chemicals and procedures to return the polished finish are harsh. Of course you can wear the ring on a different finger, but that isn't always desirable (especially if it should be on the engagement finger). Including our most popular safety chain with spring clasps on both ends - no need to have to worry about attaching the jump ring side.
If you do not have an existing ring to use then your local jeweller can help you to determine the size you require. The heat of the summer or the dead of winter will dictate whether your fingers will swell or constrict.
Keep your stones upright by slightly pressing up on the "wrap" while the ring is on your finger.

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