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The results of overabundance weight include absence of vitality, loss of self esteem and confidence in your life. Most of those that washed up on the Japanese shores facing the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea drifted over from South Korea and China, while on the coastlines facing the Pacific Ocean, the bulk of the bottles came from Japan. Therefore have you ever wondered about some questions by yourself like this: Have you ever felt embarrassed about your small breast size?

Along the coasts of Shimonoseki and Tsushima, more than 50% of the bottles were from South Korea, while at Ishigaki over 80% were of Chinese origin.
There have even been reports that the fat found in seabirds that have swallowed plastic contains very high levels of harmful chemicals. Researchers observed the garbage with the naked eye from ships and used nets to collect trash floating on the surface. Researchers will then examine the distribution of microplastics, where they originated and what pollutants are clinging to them.

The problem is, there are currently no international frameworks for studying microplastics, nor are there international laws or systems to regulate marine trash.

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