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It kicks off June 6, 2015, in Luxemborg with a reception followed by live music at a local night spot. From Lithuania it’s off for a short drive (by Death Trap rally standards) to Riga, the capital of Latvia. Michael Barnes, Randy Armstrong, and Anthony Armstrong rock Wooly’s in Des Moines, Iowa. After taking in 5 metal bands in one night, my ears were still ringing well into the next day. I think I hold a special place in my heart for Red as well since they are led by twin brothers, guitarist Anthony and bassist Randy Armstrong.
Whether you call it screamo, death metal or heavy metal, it’s really not my cup of tea. Next came Gemini Syndrome who were definitely entertaining to watch and listen to but to be honest with you, their volume was turned up painfully too loud.

Oh, and if you’ve never seen Red in concert, feel free to watch this entire concert filmed in Germany back in 2011. The next day, ears probably still ringing, you head to Copnhagen and a four-star hotel that looks like something out of Star Wars. The icing on the cake was that my friend’s band, As Clouds Break, were the first band to open up. I definitely appreciate the artistry and craft to make this style of music, but subjectively it’s not something that I love.
I was blown away by how much Michael Barnes jumps around the stage while keeping perfect pitch and belting out those high notes and screams.
Surprisingly, Red has a ton of t-shirts that they offer on their website (a mixture of 32 t-shirts and hoodies).
And they deserve a special tip of the hat because their lead singer, Tiffany Arber, rocked out the vocals 8 months pregnant.

Two things I especially enjoyed about Mistaken for Halos: 1) How effortlessly Michael Hansen played the electric guitar and 2) How Jeffry Wolf beat the tar out of his drums. It helps to have former Fuel vocalist, Toryn Green as the frontman of this band as well as the very talented and entertaining (and the primary songwriter) Justin McCain on lead guitarist.
While I was bummed that Joe Rickard is no longer drumming for Red, Dango, drummer for Amber Pacific, didn’t miss a beat (excuse the pun). And while the pyrotechnics were thankfully absent from this smaller venue, the Armstrong twin brothers lit up the venue on bass, electric guitar and backing vocals.

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