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In order to receive the proper treatment for hearing loss, our audiologists need to perform certain tests, evaluate your symptoms, and review your medical history. The 3 bones form a chain; they are called the anvil (or incus), the stirrup (or stapes), and the hammer (or malleus). The 3rd bone in the chain (the stapes), will interface with fluid that fills the hearing portion of the inner ear (called the cochlea). Conductive hearing loss: This hearing impairment occurs when the transmission of sound from the environment to the inner ear is impaired. Sensorineural hearing loss: This hearing impairment occurs because of abnormalities in the inner ear or the auditory division of the 8th cranial nerve. If fluid sits in the middle ear for weeks at a time, otitis media with effusion will occur.
We will start out by talking about the Eustachian tube— a narrow channel which connects the inside of the ear to the back of the throat. When a ear is healthy, the fluid will drain down in the Eustachian tube, which gets assisted by the tiny hair cells, and gets swallowed.
However, when the Eustachian tube fails to do its job, a patient may experience an ear infection. Children have Eustachian tubes that are much shorter, more horizontal, and straighter than adult’s Eustachian tubes. These 3 factors also make it harder for the ears to clear the fluid since it cannot drain with the help of gravity. The child’s Eustachian tubes are also floppier, which creates a smaller opening that easily clogs. When patients have been diagnosed with a middle ear infection or if they have fluid, they also experience some degree of hearing loss.
If a patient has fluid in his or her ears, they can expect a hearing loss of an average of 24 decibels. If a patient has thicker fluid in his or her ears, they can expect greater hearing loss of up to 45 decibels. Patients often wonder whether a hearing test should be performed when it is related to frequent infections or fluid.
Hearing tests should be performed for children who: experience frequent ear infections, have fluid in the middle ear for more than 3 months, or experience hearing loss that lasts more than six weeks. Our audiologists typically use state-of-the-art medical devices (tympanometer, audiometer, otoscopy) to test your hearing, the flexibility of the ear drum, and the Eustachian tube function. If you would like to get your hearing tested and receive proper treatment, call Northeast Atlanta ENT today.
Welcome to Northeast Atlanta Ear Nose & Throat , where we are committed to excellence in caring for our patients. Recent Blog PostsRadiofrequency Ablation (RFA): Everything You Need to KnowTrouble Swallowing? Choosing one’s doctor is a very personal and important exercise, based on rapport and trust.
Not all doctors are painted with the same brush, which is why we invite you to a complimentary chat in the practice to discuss any issues you may be experiencing and how we might be able to help. Dr Neil offers a complimentary talk called Change Your Brain in which he highlights key points to recognise a badly functioning brain and nervous system.
For early learning centres, a large portion of the talk will focus on brain development and common childhood health challenges.
Research has shown that a pathway exists between neck muscles and a part of the brainstem (image below) called the nucleus tractus solitarius1 (NTS).
The upper neck, or upper cervical spine, is critical to how many systems in the body function.
Dr Neil Bossenger is a specialist chiropractor with 8+ years of study in the brain and spine, currently undertaking a PhD at AUT University in chronic pain and the autonomic nervous system. Dr Neil has special interest in neurological problems and techniques which support them, studying the brain and nervous system extensively week in and week out. The latest information is delivered to you regularly in the Spinewave Bulletin and on facebook.
At Spinewave we can satisfactorily deal to the following issues whether they have occurred from acute trauma, like a car accident, lifting or fall. This is one of those topics you won’t understand unless you’ve truly experienced it yourself, or you’ve lived with someone with anxiety for quite some time. One morning a few years ago, around ten o’clock, I found myself collapsed and shaking on the kitchen floor.
I’ve only had a handful of major anxiety attacks like that since, but there have been a score of aftershocks. Anxiety has presented to me in practice countless times in the form of numbness, tingling, pain, palpitations, abnormal breathing, insomnia, blackouts, tension, seizures, burnout, adrenal fatigue, headaches and all the mood disorders that hold anxiety’s hand, like OCD or depression. Anxiety is based largely in the realm of irrationality and the illogical – but it’s real to the person who experiences it. I am writing to show my appreciation for what I have achieved with you over the past two months.
I came to see Neil at Spinewave Wellness in November 2008 because I was having a major problem with falling over, in fact 9 times in 2008 alone!
I am a 56 year old self employed woman who has always been fit and active and I found that my falling problem was causing me great distress as each time I would injure myself.
After doing initial tests, Neil could see the reason immediately as to why I had been falling so often.

People free of neurological interference tend to display skin temperature readings which continually change, but when spinal misalignment and interference to normal neurological function appear, these changing differentials become static. Pattern analysis is extremely important in dictating how specific adjustments need to be delivered.
The heart’s nervous system contains around 40,000 neurons, which detect circulating hormones and chemicals, sensing heart rate and pressure information.
This quick and easy check tests to see how these pathways between your heart and brain are communicating with each other. With the emWave technology one can see how thoughts and emotions affect the heart and nervous system, which in turn impacts cognitive performance, learning ability, mental clarity and overall health and wellness. My head seemed cloudy, I started to drift off into daydreams – being unable to concentrate on my work, and I also started to experience severe headaches and eventually, bilateral migraines with vomiting and light and sound sensitivity.
Fast-forward a few weeks and the problem became so bad, that I could no longer concentrate on my work at all, and I resigned from my banking job. Low back and hip pain can be challenging to diagnose because there are multiple sources of pain referral and with the way pain receptors are wired in the low back (being wide apart) a person cannot always accurately perceive where the source of the pain is, although they might feel it in their hip or groin.
The old understanding is that the ITB becomes inflamed as it runs over the leg bone due to friction. Tension and compression of the ITB occurs when these two connections at the top of the band become weak or don’t have appropriate nerve firing from spine and brain. Weakening of the gluteal muscles can happen in a number of ways: Sitting for long periods of time, crossing legs, or standing with hip cocked to one side.
Brain fog is an unofficial diagnosis for poor concentration, lack of mental clarity, inability to focus, indecision or forgetfulness. Disconnectedness implies a cognitive dissonance between thought and behaviour; and a dissonance between perception and reality. There could be a hundred-and-one physiologic reasons for brain fog ranging from toxic, to neurologic, vascular, hormonal, infectious, traumatic or elemental deficiency. The cortex is the outer layer of the brain that requires constant stimulation to keep us engaged in life. Arousal is a term that can be used to describe a level of physiological activity in the body leading to activation of the cortex, because all roads lead to brain. The challenge with modern day society is that we’re over-stimulated, most of the time, beyond the point of optimum performance for the brain. Sign up to receive our newsletter: a cutting edge knowledge update including case studies, research, videos, blog, and Dr Neil's periodic existential outrospection. The outer ear, which is the part of the ear you can visibly see, will pick up the sound waves, and then direct them into the outer ear canal. The movement of the 3 bones will transmit and amplify the sound waves toward the inner ear. It can become impaired because of an abnormality of the external auditory canal or the middle ear.
Draining the fluid will help to prevent build up and help to prevent the build up from bursting the thin ear drum. We can schedule an appointment at either of our office locations— Johns Creek, GA or Lawrenceville, GA. We understand that people are skeptical or even scared of chiropractors because of stories they’ve heard. Postural alterations to the spine or injured neck muscles can change the way the NTS works. Not only does the NTS receive input from the spine (C1) and muscles, but it also responds to emotion and stress from the brain above. Chiropractors are at the forefront of a growing number of professions that pay attention to the spine and its role in health, wellness and disease prevention.
You do not need a referral to see a chiropractor as they are specifically trained to recognise serious problems that warrant immediate referral. Sobbing, hyperventilating, cold, stiff, and it felt like my heart was going to break through the wall of my chest. The problem, and beauty, with the brain, emotional cortex, amygdala and various other bits and pieces, is that emotional experiences are seared into its living matrix to be continually revisited until the synapses are broken and rewired.
Personal experience has been the only factor in making the differentiation between mind and body, and implementing the appropriate strategies to deal with anxiety because oftentimes people will be sent away from practitioners with the diagnosis of “there’s nothing wrong with you”. I had previously been completely checked over by my GP who could find nothing to indicate why this was happening to me.
My final and most major fall saw me injure both my knees, my right ankle, hip and left shoulder all of which were preventing me from playing my beloved game of golf!
As you can imagine my spine was out and after several weeks of treatment with Neil, he retested me and was quite amazed at my progress. The objective is to not only change the pattern (below) but also affect the symmetry of the pattern. Marrying modern day neuroscience and traditional upper cervical care means assessing dysfunctional output from the brain and devising strategies to create positive input to the nervous system to allow the body to work better.
The health implications are easy to understand: Disharmony in the nervous system leads to inefficiency and increased stress on the heart and other organs, while harmonious rhythms are more efficient and less stressful to the body’s systems. Hormonal, chemical, rate and pressure information is translated into neurological impulses by the heart’s nervous system and sent to the brain via several pathways.
By ECG, we can see in real-time how distressed your nervous system is and how this may be impacting your health. One can objectively monitor heart rhythms and confirm when coherence or harmony has been achieved.

As well, I had problems with my ears, they were constantly ringing – similar to tinnitus.
I went to countless medical professionals and had brain scans and neurological testing done, all of which came back clear. It starts at the hip and runs along the outer thigh and attaches to the outside edge of the shin bone (tibia) just below the knee joint. This can also be called eustress: the right amount of stress which is healthy and promotes learning and growth.
The inverted-U theory states that as arousal increases, so too does performance, up to a point where further increases in arousal cause performance to decrease (see graph).
Especially when we’re setting big challenges for ourselves with high expectations, or simply trying make ends meet. Actually, it is possible for the fluid to remain in the middle ear for a period of weeks to many months. The Eustachian tube maintains the middle ear pressure, which is equal to the air outside of the ear. It is characterized by the formation of soft, vascular bone leading to progressive conductive hearing loss. After more extensive testing including an ECG and treadmill test, this time from a specialist, it appeared that I had the heart of a 30-year old.
To start that process you need simply to understand who and what you are, and what is happening. The world pauses and the imagination takes over in that gap, wreaking havoc with the monsters under the bed it creates. Problems become insurmountable and soon any activity of daily living in work or relationships can become triggers when they never used to be.
It is also a useful gauge for how your chiropractic care is improving the performance of your body’s software! It acts as a mirror of the emotional state and this real-time information enables a client to more effectively reduce stress and the impact of negative emotions. Rushing to take documents downstairs for the courier, I caught the heel of my shoe on the first concrete stair. I started to develop irritable bowel problems and I had an ‘unbalanced’ feeling, I noticed one shoulder seemed lower than the other and my head would click every time I turned it.
Parts of the nervous system responsible for handling stress weaken the body’s posture and the pelvis can lose strength and form. So we can look at the brain becoming fogged because of its inability to maintain normal cortical function. The cerebral cortex is also the area that becomes damaged, shrinks and dies in the process of Alzheimer’s Disease, which would obviously be an extreme case of brain fog. When the cortex becomes overstimulated, or over-stressed, this is called distress and has a negative impact on its function and performance. In addition, during the process of the air in the middle ear space escaping into the bloodstream, a partial vacuum is formed.
My vision narrowed to a tunnel and it took a couple minutes to regain my senses and slowly sit up, stabilise my breathing and think clearly. These spikes are temperature differences, and temperature is controlled by your nervous system. I would go to courses at the Bank and be unable to focus for more than minutes at a time, the constant fogginess in my head and the band-like feeling around my forehead was unbearable and it would have me in tears every night. One rehabilitation specialist took some brain scans and other tests and then proceeded to tell me it was literally “all in my head” so I was to take up a hobby, stop thinking about it, and basically stop being a hypochondriac – there was obviously nothing wrong with me that he could see. As the curve begins to dip over the other side, signs and symptoms of stress start to manifest in the form of pain, skin or gut problems, fatigue, moodiness or brain fog. It is treated (if the fluid is in the middle ear) by draining the middle ear and inserting a tympanostomy tube.
This vacuum will begin to absorb even more bacteria from the nose and mouth into the ear regions.
As a result, sensorineural hearing loss may become evident due to the involvement of the cochlear duct. If irregular spikes repeatedly appear on the scans, it means the nervous system is not working properly and ill health ensues. These signals regulate many functions of the brain, heart, organs, glands and blood vessels.
This will prevent germs (residing in the mouth and nose) from entering into the middle ear. From the lack come the triggers for the anxious mind – the thoughts and behaviours which set it off on a path of neurological hard-wiring. The stream of consciousness in one’s mind used to be a pleasant bubbling brook but now there are whirlpools of particular thoughts that circle the drain over and over and over because we never let go, and let them get sucked out. However, they also cascade up into the higher centres of the brain, influencing perception, decision making and important cognitive processes.
I was stunned and forced myself up after lying underneath a heap of bikes for several minutes. I tried virtually everyone in the medical profession including rheumatologists and several neurologists.

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