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Oliver Monroe is a Los Angeles-based photographer who has photographed some of the world’s most famous bands and music artists in concert. I loved the process right away, and got myself a job when I was 17 in a local camera store. Several months later, I met a guy who owned a stock photo agency around the corner from my work, and I ask him to check out my pictures. He said I had potential, and suggested that I build a portfolio and return to see him in a year or two.
One Friday morning in the dead of winter, the owner of the stock agency told me they received a rush request from a international magazine for interior photos of a church in Washington. The magazine wanted pictures of the celling, I quickly realized this was not possible without a tripod since it was dark inside. I pulled my camera out, attached a flash and kneeled down and started to shoot.The flash bounced off the gold dome roof and created a sun-like effect. The next thing I saw was a group of men yelling at me and coming towards me with what looked like small letter openers. I turned around, ran to the door, grabbed my shoes, and started running in the snow away from the building.
I went home and processed the black & white film in my makeshift darkroom in my bathroom, and delivered the film to the agency.
A few weeks later, I met 2 guys who were in the process of setting up their own media company. It did not register with me at the time, so when we pulled up to the White House, I got real nervous.
After the Secret Service looked through all the gear, they took us through a underground tunnel to The White House where minutes later we would be standing behind a rope in the Oval Office, with President Jimmy Carter behind his desk.
OM: When I was 10 years old, my best friend and I played Rolling Stones records all day long. One day, I told the owner of the stock photo agency that I wanted to shoot rock & roll concerts. The agency specialized in sports and political photography, not entertainment, and they were not that interested. At this point I recognized that music photography was in my DNA, and I wanted to do it full-time. One morning, in June of 1978, I heard on the radio that the Rolling Stones were playing a one-night gig at an intimate DC venue: the 1800 seat Warner Theatre.
A few months later, I moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of becoming an entertainment photographer. Polaroid came out with a SX-70 SE model with a higher-quality lens and a promo where Polaroid would replace any 10 pictures you did not like with a free pack of film. Before I knew it, 6 years had gone by and I had logged a lot of miles, photographed many bands, and wore out a few cameras. OM: As I mentioned above, I started with The Ramones, then The Rolling Stones, and then others came over the years to come. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak financed the 1982 and 1983 US Festival in Glen Helen, CA, a 3 day rock festival with about 550,000 visitors. Bravo, a magazine that I worked for a lot back then, ask me to shoot some pictures of an up-and-coming European artist named Falco.
So we kinda kidnapped him, drove around Hollywood, and got great pix of him which ended up as a full page spread in the magazine. PP: What advice do you have for someone interested in pursuing a photography career in the music and entertainment business?
Starting out in studio portraiture and not sure what light modifier to choose to achieve the photo you want? The saying goes that "you are your own worst critic," but when it comes to photography, a Canon photo trends study finds that the old adage simply doesn't track. Time and again photographer Martin Heck has captured our attention by pushing the time lapse envelope.
When Adobe celebrated Photoshop's 25th birthday back in February, one thing that flew under our radar was a fun little "Real or Photoshop" test that Adobe put up on its website. The site shows you 25 images, and your task is to figure out whether each one is an actual photograph or a faked picture that resulted from photo manipulation. Steve McCurry is, perhaps, one of the most iconic names in the National Geographic pantheon. Here's an amazing short film titled "The Old New World" by photographer and animator Alexey Zakharov of Moscow, Russia.
If you ever try your hand at light painting photography with burning steel wool, be extra careful with safety and legality.

Photographer Garry Cornes of Glasgow, Scotland, attended the demolition of a 24-story building this past Sunday. There are a plethora of common Lightroom mistakes made by beginners and advanced users both.
What would it be like if, instead of Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig and Matt Damon, the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood all starred Asian actor John Cho? He said his local pros were out of town or not available on short notice, and asked me if I wanted to give it a try. One day, one of them could not make it so I was told to rush home and get dressed for something fancy.
Neal said the Secret Service needed my Social Security Number to run a criminal background check on me. The Secret Service controlled the lighting rigs, and no one was allowed to shoot till they turned them on. We were so into the music, and I told my friend that I would meet the band someday — I just did not know how that would come together.
After a few weeks of nagging them, they issued me a very official-looking press pass with my picture and the agency stamp on it. I went down to the club where they were performing and showed my press pass at the box office. I then dove right in, took a few pictures of the band getting ready backstage, and then shot the show from in front of the stage. I raced down there at 8am, to find 20-30 photographers, reporters, and news crews trying to get access to the band. While we were moving through the lobby, he put a black garter belt on my arm in lieu of a photo pass. I would shoot concerts for record companies in the evenings, and during the day I would shoot interviews the European magazine was doing with film & TV celebrities. When I was not shooting concerts, I would hang out there and mingle with PR folks from record labels. The interviewer backed off for a while, but towards the end of the interview she came back to the family questions and that pissed the artist off. The record company was not very pleased that their artist was missing for 6 hours (pre cell phone days). Depending on your access, you may only need a wide-to-medium telephoto zoom lens, cutting down on gear you have to carry. I would get a photo pass that allowed me to stand in front of the artist for the first 3 songs. Joining Jet Skis, anti-Drone net bazookas, and mother nature herself, a Russian man at a history festival made his displeasure for drones known by taking one down with a spear. Seattle-based photographer Ben Lucas recently decided to do an experiment to find out, and the 5-minute video above shows what happened.
In the post, we'll take a look at the differences between the main modifiers in order to help you make a good choice. We've featured two of his 4K time lapses in the past, and today we get to show you something even more stunning: his 8K Patagonia time lapse captured entirely on a medium format camera. Everything from the logo to the look of the app interface itself has been retooled to put more emphasis on the photos and videos themselves.
A travel photography giant, his vibrant images have inspired millions, but he's recently come under fire over Photoshop use after a botched print at a show in Italy was found to have a serious issue.
Photos and specs of the lens leaded today, revealing that it will be the first Canon lens to boast a built-in LED ring light. A selfie-snapping young man in Portugal is making headlines the world over today after he toppled and smashed a 126-year-old statue to bits while trying to take a selfie with it. Just a few months after a photographer allegedly destroyed a historic shipwreck in California with his sparks, another steel wool photo shoot has burned down a historic 1920s building in a US national preserve. After joining the crowd there and setting up his camera on the other side of the street, Cornes had his view ruined at the worst possible time when a bus rolled in to photobomb his shot.
I started hanging around his stock agency, working for free, sorting 35mm transparencies, and doing general office work. Then the light went off in my head regarding why no pro shooter from the agency was available for this assignment. Neal was shooting 16mm film stock, and he told me to shoot as much as possible with the still camera. They made it clear they could not get me any assignments, but if I could come up with great rock & roll photos they would try to sell them. After a couple of hours I finally got to speak to the Stones publicist, who said it would be a slim to no chance of getting in to shoot, as there were only 2 photographers allowed.

After a few years, I was too busy to shoot and sell at the same time, so I signed with a entertainment photo agency in NYC. Their marketing rep called me one day asking if I be interested in showcasing my photos in exchange for unlimited film. When they sent the contract, it stated that they were buying the images, not licensing them from me and there would be no photo credit. One rainy night I was leaving the Rainbow, and next door is The Roxy Theatre (a wonderful, small club to see a band perform). The Roxy’s bouncers finally came out, pulled them apart, and shoved them into separate limos. He grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels, took a swig from it and then tried to slam it at the wall. We did the interview and pictures, and as we were rapping things up, Falco told the reporter he wanted to escape the endless hours in the record companies office.
In the early 1980s, the Rock & Roll scene was fully engulfed in excess of alcohol, cocaine, and prescription drugs. Without wasting any time I started writing back a sort of stream of consciousness response. I learned a lot by looking at the style and techniques of their professional photographer clients. One of their services was to screen first-run Hollywood films for the super rich and for political figures. The owner gave me three pieces of advice: (1) Do not make us look bad (2) Dress professionally (3) Project confidence. With a few ups and downs, I quit the day job and started ringing the phones off the hook for everyone I could find in the music business. Once again, this worked out well, as they had so many contacts that it quadrupled what I could earn from my work. I heard Reggae music coming from it, and as I was standing there listing, the door opened up and Keith Richards stumbled out. About 2 hours before their set, David Lee Roth found out that David Bowie (who was performing the next day) was the highest paid act at the festival.
As the bottle was leaving his hand, it started to spin and I could see it was coming my way. Wanting to see daylight again, I left editing and started a multimedia development company.
I took off my shoes, went into the main area where I found 30-40 people kneeling on the floor.
At the time, some of the Hollywood studios would make 16mm prints available for rent for large sums of money. When I got back, he hailed a cab, filled the trunk with all the gear, and told the cabbie go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I would use lenses that have fast autofocus servos, as the action happens quickly at concerts.
So, the pix you get in the first 3 songs can be less energized than those shot later in the show. The entertainment photography business has changed in a big way (and not for the better for photographers) since the days I was doing it. I had no clue how film projectors worked, but Harry & Neal showed me the ropes and let me hang out and learn from them. The deal I struck with her was that the magazine would get me the access in the form of a photo pass and pay for expenses including film and processing. After doing this for a little while, I would chat up the road managers for a laminate all-access pass that would allow me to shoot the whole show. Unless you have good connections that can get you access, you need to cold call band managers, PR agents, record companies executives, magazine editors until they are sick of listing to your voicemails and will take a meeting with you, just so you can show them your pictures. Although I was more interested in photography than being a projectionist, it was all new and mechanical and cool to be around.
This sounds silly now, but it was a huge problem for the promoters then, as there were hundreds of thousands of people amped up to see Van Halen.
I was in the photo pit, and only 20 feet from all these wild fans, and all I thought about was that if VH does not play, I was a dead man… Luckily, the promoters paid up and the show went on with a sigh of relief from all the crew in the front of the stage.

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