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In addition to the convenient carrying case, you will also find a cool Alpine Miniboxx in each PartyPlug packaging. Sunsets in Key West are a big deal–every evening Mallory Square hosts a sunset celebration where thousands of people gather to watch the sun dip below the horizon. We have seen many a sunset from the west-facing Mallory Square, but this time we opted for a sunset sail since we were celebrating our anniversary and all. The captain and crew could not have been nicer–this boat actually gets out and sails around the waters and passengers can help with the ropes and steering if they want. After playing with the cannons, dolphins and hearing pirate stories of the 1800’s, it was time for the famous sunset. Sailings are only available on the weekends, as during the week the boat sets out on weeklong Boy Scout trips where the boys can live like pirates by walking the plank, jumping into the water and shooting off cannons. We loved our sunset cruise and would definitely consider trying one of the day cruises as well–if you are looking for something a little different from the traditional sunset cruise, the Jolly II Rover has you covered! Love the idea of this sunset cruise in the Keys… you’re giving me too many options for my short stay in Florida! I love the history of the area, so we have visited quite a few museums, but most everything else we have done is out on the water and walking around and exploring too. Jenna, it’s so different to you and Micah back here in the states as I’ve been following your posts as a Subscriber with you overseas! This looks lovely in general, but especially so right now, after several frustrating and exhausting work weeks. Join the Conversation SubscribeSign up via email to receive our FREE monthly breakdown which includes photo of the month, money saving tips and adventure travel advice! The loud music and the shouting in each other’s ears to be heard, simply was too much.

The extremely well thought-out and extensively tested shape of the earplugs, provides a natural flat absorption and a great fit. This material takes on the shape of the air, giving the earplugs a perfect fit in the hearing canal, allowing them to stay put in the air, making them feel extremely comfortable. This convenient carrying case is easy to take with you when going out and can be opened with one hand. With gorgeous colors and the elusive green flair, more often than not, you will catch a great sunset in the midst of street performers, vendors and visitors clamoring to watch and celebrate the beginning of the evenings likely debauchery. I have always wanted to take a sunset cruise in the keys, but the typical sunset cruise is jam-packed with people looking to party like crazy with blaring music or the other option of an expensive, upscale wine and cheese sail–neither are my ideal conditions for sitting on a boat. Unlike all of the other sunset cruises, the Jolly II Rover does not serve any food or drinks, but they do supply water bottles. They weren’t feeling like playing much, but we did get to stop and watch the dolphins swim around for a bit. We sailed over toward Mallory Square and watched the sun disappear before our eyes, but not before putting on a beautiful, golden show. They definitely don’t have the tropical beach atmosphere like I expected as well, but there are some beaches here and there. We loved that you could bring your own picnic as well–it made it more affordable and then you could bring what you actually wanted to eat and drink. After we finish up with some more Florida stories, we will have more overseas places to write about again Thanks for following along! We’ve been wanting to go down to John Pennekamp as well, have heard its nice by always seem to bypass it! Our names are Jenna and Micah and we are filmmakers and photographers who travel the world in search of outdoor and urban adventure.

When this happens more often, there is a serious risk of permanent hearing loss and permanent ringing ears. There is enough craziness to participate in on Duval street, so when I’m on the water, I want to relax, and not for a price tag of over $100 per person. You can bring your own snack, picnic and beverages, which honestly, I prefer as it keeps the ticket cost down and you are able to bring what you actually prefer to drink or snack on. Another fun feature on the Jolly II Rover is the cannon–we got to fire at the noisy party cruises when sailing by which was fun, but beware, it is loud! We like being in the water more than on the beach though, so the lack of beaches doesn’t bother us too much.
After some online browsing, I came across the perfect option for us and I couldn’t have been more excited! I didn’t heed the warnings too well and my ears were ringing for quite some time afterwards! I booked our tickets on the Schooner Jolly II Rover Sailboat for a price of $40 per person with a coupon ($45 original price, and although not exactly cheap, much more affordable than the other sailboat options). We also listened to stories about the pirates and rum runners who roamed the Florida straights and waters around Key West.

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