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Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Acoustic neuroma treatment options include observation and management, tumor removal, and radiotherapy. If you live in a rural or underserved area, an online support group may be your best option, and you can still benefit from the interactions, relationships, and resources that a support group has to offer. The National Brain Tumor Society helps connect patients with support groups in their area or within the online community, as well as offering additional resources for patients to take advantage of.
The Acoustic Neuroma Association provides information and support to acoustic neuroma patients, including information on finding, joining, or starting a support group. If you don’t want to attend meetings or make personal connections with other patients, an anonymous support group may be for you.
Medical Disclaimer Statements on Get Holistic Health about health issues aren't meant to identify, treat, cure, or protect against illness. To determine whether hearing aids can help, you should have your hearing evaluated by an audiologist to find out if a hearing loss is present. If hearing loss is not present then your audiologist can recommend other effective ways to manage your tinnitus. Janet Brown, MA, CCC-SLP, Janet Brown, MA, CCC-SLP spent twenty years in practice at the Veterans Administration Medical Center and at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC.
Specifically, with regards to medical issues, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. BrainLineMilitary.org is supported by generous grants fromthe Bob Woodruff Foundation and the Infinite Hero Foundation. It’s always excited to see food and beverage manufacturers responding positively to consumer sentiment. Spurred by falling sales and consumer safety concerns, PepsiCo North America Beverages announced on Friday that an aspartame-free Diet Pepsi — sweetened with sucralose and ace-K — will hit shelves some time in August. PepsiCo has spent years trying to develop a new Diet Pepsi sweetener that would placate consumer concerns but still appeal to consumer tastes.
Pepsi could no longer afford to sit back and simply watch its Diet Pepsi sales keep falling. The change applies to all versions of Diet Pepsi, such as Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi sold in the U.S. While critics of aspartame say they are pleased with the move, one critic says that the new sweetener still has a problem: ace-K.
For the moment, PepsiCo says it has no plans to replace aspartame in other diet beverages, including Diet Mountain Dew, which also has seen a sales decline. Jacobson, the consumer advocate, says the best thing is probably to avoid most colas altogether. While it’s encouraging to see Pepsi respond to consumer sentiment, the company seems to have missed the idea that ace-K is another concern for consumers. Of course, soda is still soda — changing up the sweeteners won’t do much for the remainder of the chemicals in the concoction. This entry was posted in Acesulfame-K, aspartame, Aspartame Side Effects, Aspartame Toxic Effects, Diet Cola, diet soda, Pepsi, PepsiCo and tagged Diet Pepsi Ditches Aspartame Leaves Ace-K In the Formula, food facts, nutrition data, nutrition facts, nutritional information on May 5, 2015 by foodfacts. The provocative finding—made possible through a new avenue of research—is likely to stoke the simmering controversy over whether artificial sweeteners help or hinder people’s ability to lose weight and lower their risk of diabetes.
The research shows that zero-calorie sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose and aspartame can alter the population of bacteria in the gut and trigger unwanted changes such as higher blood glucose levels—a risk factor for diabetes.
Though many people consume artificial sweeteners instead of sugar to control their weight, the scientific evidence that they work is mixed. One reason is that it isn’t clear whether people who consume artificial sweeteners are overweight because of what they eat—or whether overweight people are the ones who typically gravitate to such products. The new Nature study marks a significant advance because it brings together two separate areas of research—the role of sweeteners in raising blood sugar levels, and the complex workings of the vast colonies of bacteria that inhabit the gut. In one experiment, the researchers found that mice whose diets included saccharin, sucralose or aspartame had significantly higher blood-glucose levels than mice whose diet included sugar, or no sugar at all. They next wanted to test whether the fake sweeteners caused that metabolic change by altering the balance of microbes in the animals’ gut. They transplanted bacteria from artificial-sweetener-fed mice or sugar-fed mice into other mice that were bred to have no gut bacteria of their own and that had never consumed a sweetener product. They found that the bacteria in the gut of those who regularly ate fake sweeteners were notably different from those who didn’t. In a statement, the Calorie Control Council, a trade group that represents makers of artificial sweeteners and other food products, said the Nature study suffered from several limitations.
This entry was posted in artificial sweeteners, Artificial Sweetner, aspartame, Aspartame Health Effects, Aspartame Side Effects, Non-nutritive sweeteners, Saccharin, Splenda, Sucralose, sweetener, sweeteners and tagged Artificial Sweetener Linked to a Raise in Blood Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners Aren't Helping You Avoid Diabetes, Artificial Sweeteners Raise Blood Sugar, food facts, nutrition data, nutrition facts, nutritional information on September 23, 2014 by foodfacts. While the FDA considers aspartame to be safe (except for those with phenylketonuria), it’s been linked to side effects such as headaches, rashes, fatigue, irritability, heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia and seizures.
A new study coming out of the University of Life Sciences in Poland reports that aspartame can be metabolized into three different molecules: phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol. Methanol metabolites can cause central nervous system depression, vision problems and other disorders that can lead to coma.
The study points out that aspartic acid in high concentrations is a toxin that causes hyperexcitability of neurons and is a precursor of glutamic acid. Phenylalanine can block the transport of important amino acids to the brain which can lower the levels of dopamine and serotonin, important for both mood and sleep. In addition, the study seems to link aspartame with cancer because its metabolites can cause cancers in the central nervous system. This entry was posted in aspartame, Aspartame Health Effects, Aspartame Side Effects, Aspartame Toxic Effects and tagged aspartame, Aspartame Cancer, Aspartame Dangers, Aspartame Excitability, Aspartame Metabolizes into Toxic Substances, Aspartame Safety, Aspartame Side Effects, Aspartame Toxic, food facts, nutrition data, nutrition facts, nutritional information on May 16, 2013 by foodfacts. Aspartame, and other non-nutritive sweeteners, like saccharin, have been marketed to consumers as an aid to dieting and weight loss.
It was discovered that rats fed diets containing aspartame had a significantly larger weight gain than those fed diets containing sugar. The study is far from conclusive, but it certainly suggests a link between the consumption of aspartame and weight gain – not weight loss. This entry was posted in artificial sweeteners, Artificial Sweetner, aspartame, Non-nutritive sweeteners, weight control, weight loss and tagged food facts, nutrition data, nutrition facts, Nutrition News, nutritional information on December 3, 2012 by foodfacts. The research period lasted 22 years and showed that drinking one or more soft drinks containing aspartame every day increases the risk of the development of several blood-related cancers in men.
It was determined by the end of the study that men who consumed one or more sodas each day that were sweetened with aspartame had an increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma compared with men who didn’t drink diet sodas. While the study was fairly intensive and certainly long-term, there are many questions surrounding the validity of the results.
It’s important to note that this is the longest study to date that has been done on the possible relationship between aspartame and cancer.
This entry was posted in artificial sweeteners, Artificial Sweetner, aspartame, Cancer, cancers and tagged food facts, nutrition data, nutrition facts, Nutrition News, nutritional information on November 13, 2012 by foodfacts. Many diabetics and folks who know and love them have considered diet food products as an answer to keeping their sugar levels down. There’s been new research released that point to two additives in foods that can actually cause an increase in fasting blood glucose levels and have been found to be linked to the onset of type 2 diabetes. The study involved mice and its results showed that both aspartame and MSG are actually increasing fasting blood glucose levels and reducing insulin sensitivity … not a good combination for folks with dietabetes. This study is fairly ground breaking as it is the first one published that illustrates a hyperglycemic effect from chronic exposure to a combination of food additives that are incredibly common in the food supply. This entry was posted in aspartame, diabetes, MSG and tagged aspartame, diabetes, food facts, MSG, nutrition data, nutrition facts on July 31, 2012 by foodfacts.
Phosphoric acid is a corrosive acid that can form three different classes of salts, namely primary phosphates, dibasic phosphates and tribasic phosphates. It is used as an anti-oxidant in food, as a flavor additive for sharp taste in food (jellies, preserves) and soft drinks, as a tang (Food Additive 338) and for the manufacture of yeasts and gelatin.

There are many different types of caramel coloring, each engineered to serve a particular purpose in food chemistry. This entry was posted in aspartame, beverages, diet, Uncategorized and tagged aspartame, caramel coloring, controversial ingredients, diet cola, nutrition facts, nutritional information, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate on November 1, 2011 by foodfacts. So much so, that much of the Caribbean and the American south was covered with sugar plantations throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.
However, since the artificial sweetener was approved by the FDA in 1974, there has been controversy around its safety and toxicity.
After it hit the market in 1985, several complaints against the artificial sweetener arose. Braiffa cites two cases from Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology journal published in December 2010. However, Aspartame.org contends that these allegations are false – proven not only by the FDA, but also by other food safety organizations.
This controversy has been going on for nearly three decades and there is no sign of it letting up any time soon. In addition to lip chap and my cell phone, gum rounds out my list of essential purse items.
Heartburn relief: In 2005, researchers found that the saliva stimulated by chewing seemed to neutralize the digestive stomach acid that had leaked into the esophagus. Kills bacteria and freshens breath: Chewing stimulates saliva production, and the more saliva you have in your mouth, the less bacteria you will have.
Curbs your appetite: A study at Louisiana State University took 115 people who regularly chewed gum and measured their food cravings before and after lunch.
The National Institutes of Health characterize aspartame as an artificial sweetener that’s 220 times sweeter than sugar.
Acoustic neuromas are benign brain tumors that affect a person’s hearing and can cause a range of symptoms that include tinnitus (ringing in the ears), poor balance, vertigo, headaches, deafness, and it may also affect the other cranial nerves, causing additional symptoms. Patients living with or recovering from acoustic neuromas may wish to pursue additional treatments and assistance with coping by visiting a medical counselor or joining a support group.
Removing an acoustic neuroma through brain surgery is an option for many patients, however, nerve damage, hearing loss, and other symptoms caused by the pressure of a growing acoustic neuroma can be difficult to reverse in many patients. If you live in a city, suburb, or other populated area, chances are you can join a support group and attend meetings to connect with other people suffering from this disease.
Ask your doctor or surgeon if a support group exists in your area, as your medical team is familiar with the number of people suffering from acoustic neuroma in your region. This allows you to become an anonymous member of an online community where your involvement level is entirely up to you and many valuable resources will be at your fingertips.
Some conditions associated with tinnitus include traumatic brain injury, noise-induced hearing loss, medications, Meniere’s disease, circulation disorders, eighth nerve tumors, and impacted ear wax. Audiologists are health care professionals who evaluate and manage hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance. She is the current director of Health Care Services at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
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As we become more educated and aware and make our voices heard through decreased sales, we see manufacturers changing their ingredients in an attempt to get back into our good graces.
Pepsi executives say the new Diet Pepsi sweetener formulation tastes the same as the old one. The move would seem to put pressure on arch-rival Coke, which also has seen Diet Coke sales slump, to make a similar move. In an attempt to make Diet Pepsi “less bad,” they appear to want to pacify customers by the removal of one controversial artificial sweetener while ignoring the other. While we appreciate the effort of any manufacturer trying to improve their products in response to the voices of their consumers, Diet Pepsi is soda and soda isn’t good for anyone. The sweeteners that have been developed to help people control their weight and avoid diabetes that are featured in diet soda, yogurt and other foods can raise the blood sugar level instead of reducing it, according to new experiments in mice and people.
Some studies have indicated that the sweeteners can help lead to weight loss, while others suggest they contribute to weight gain. Individuals can have differing bacterial colonies in their gut, meaning people respond differently to what they consume. They found that the bacterial transfer from the sweetener-fed mice raised the blood sugar levels in the transplant recipients—suggesting that the gut microbes had triggered the higher sugar levels in mice fed fake sweeteners. In addition, there was a correlation between the sweetener consumption and a susceptibility to glucose intolerance, which is a disturbance in the blood glucose level. In the next experiment, seven volunteers who normally didn’t consume fake sugar were asked to consume products high in the sweeteners. It said the results from the mouse experiments may not apply to humans, while the human experiments had a small sample size. Birth defects and cancers have been associated with the use of aspartame, but the National Cancer Institute has refuted any links between aspartame consumption and cancer.
Some have determined that it is safe and others have linked it to a variety of side effects and conditions. While none of the research is conclusive, aspartame has been linked to an increased risk for heart disease, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. We’ve always understood that the ingredient has not received the type of analysis that would verify its overall safety for the population and that several studies have shown the potential side effects of the substance. While its safety has always been in question, aspartame’s use for weight loss hasn’t actually been questioned. Its results call for further analysis of the ingredient and its benefits to weight control. Coming out of the Channing Division of Network Medicine, Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. The women involved in the study showed no increased risk, regardless of whether or not they drank diet soda.
It appeared that the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma was also increased among men who drank higher amounts of soda sweetened with sugar. When methanol is metabolized by the body it becomes formaldehyde which can damage protein and DNA, leading to the risk of cancer and autoimmune disease.
It’s especially pertinent for diabetics or anyone with diabetics in their family or circle of friends and warrants attention.
In addition to understanding how carbohydrates affect their disease, and adjusting their diets accordingly, they can also consider sugar-free diet, light, or low fat food products acceptable choices. This is the most common form of the disease, affecting anyone from young children to older adults. When both aspartame and MSG are included in product ingredients a dual effect was discovered – both the spike in fasting blood glucose levels and reduced insulin sensitivity along with weight elevation. Just take a look at products labeled “sugar-free”, “diet”, “light”, “low-calorie” or “low fat”.
So we wanted to make sure you’re well acquainted with four disturbing ingredients in Diet Colas that could help you to make more educated beverage selections.
It prevents bacteria and fungi from contaminating food, beverages, cosmetics, dental care products, and pharmaceuticals, Fruit juice, pickles, and soft drinks can be preserved with potassium benzoate. The caramel coloring used in soft drinks adds ammonia and sulfites to the production of the beverage. Unfortunately, sugar, as sweet and delicious as it is, is also very effective at packing on the pounds. Searle and Co., stumbled upon aspartame in 1965, it was instantly studied as a substitute for sugar.

John Briffa for The Epoch Times, the link between Aspartame side effects and fibromyalgia is explored. The free methyl alcohol it produces causes neuropathy and increases the risk of diabetics losing limbs. But when it comes to chewing gum in general, how much do we really know about these tasty, rubbery pieces we regularly munch on? It also seemed to help force fluids back into the stomach and therefore provide heartburn relief. Gum that is said to be sweetened with xylitol is said to increase salivation and prevent bacteria from replicating in the mouth. The results showed that those who chewed gum three times hourly after lunch, ate fewer high-calorie snacks and reported lower feelings of hunger and cravings for sweeter foods. Although aspartame was approved in 1996 by the FDA for use in foods and beverages, there still remains many conflicting findings about the controversial sweetener. Routine observation through MRI is often the best course for elderly patients or those who want to take a natural or noninvasive approach. Also called gamma knife surgery, radiotherapy delivers a single, powerful dose of gamma rays that stop tumor growth without affecting the surrounding tissue. You can also connect with other patients and resources through social media outlets at your own involvement level. Material shown by Get Holistic Health is for educational purposes only and isn't meant to substitute for the recommendation of a doctor and other medical professional. If your tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss then there is a good chance a hearing aid will not only help you hear better but will also help relieve your tinnitus. Altering, printing, copying, saving, distributing or any other unauthorized use of the images or content on this site requires written authorization.
It was reformulated with aspartame in 1983, and then switched to a blend of aspartame and ace-K in 2013. Elinav and his colleagues examined the relationship between long-term consumption of artificial sweeteners and various metabolic measurements in some 380 nondiabetic people. After four days, four of them had significantly higher blood-sugar levels as well as altered populations of bacteria in their gut—an outcome similar to what was seen in mice. Research like this points straight to the idea that artificial sweeteners are not only unnecessary, but actually harmful — harmful enough that Dr. Interestingly, of the 166 previous studies on the artificial sweetener, the 74 that were funded by the aspartame industry found no safety issues. Today, we read with interest new evidence that Aspartame might actually be contributing to weight problems, instead of helping to solve them. Some of them consumed a plain yogurt sweetened with sugar, while others were fed a plain yogurt sweetened with aspartame. There are thousands and thousands of products containing Aspartame lining our grocery store shelves. There are many different ingredients present in all soda – diet or regular – that may be carcinogenic, that and many are saying that this alone weakens the implication of aspartame as the cancer cause. While the beverage industry responded to this newest research by reminding us that aspartame has been declared safe by the world’s leading scientists for decades, the studies performed in the past were always short-term.
And it turns out that the foods that some people think may actually be safe to eat for diabetics really may not be at all.
And it’s especially important to remember that looking for MSG isn’t just a simple search for monosodium glutamate on an ingredient list.
Whether you have diabetes or there’s someone in your family who does, it’s more important than ever to read and understand the ingredients of food products.
Most countries approve the use of potassium benzoate, but the European Union suggests children not consume products preserved with it.
In addition to possible dangers of these unwanted ingredients, caramel coloring can also be derived from food products that are common allergens and should be avoided by people with allergies. Yet, opponents of the artificial sweetener state that the government’s investigation and subsequent approval were corrupted due to a conflict of interest. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome usually characterized by fatigue and chronic pain in the muscles and in tissues surrounding the joints. Chewing gum — sugarless, of course — for 30 minutes did the trick and can provide relief for up to three hours. In terms of what flavor to go with, it’s best to stick with cinnamon, as it can actually help to decrease bacteria in your mouth — sugar-free cinnamon, naturally. People who have a sensitivity to aspartame may experience neurological symptoms like headaches, dizziness, skin reactions, seizures, and depression. Both of these ingredients are considered amino acids, which can make them sound somewhat healthy in nature. The most common tumors associated with NF2 are called vestibular schwannomas or acoustic neuromas. The Web Site does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Web Site.
Elinav, the study’s lead author, stopped using them completely once he saw the results. 90 percent of the other 92 independent studies found serious health concerned linked to the use of aspartame. A new study out of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil has found that the intake of aspartame affected the calorie intake and weight of rats who consumed it as compared to those who contained plain old sugar.
Our population is consuming the ingredient constantly and consciously, believing that Aspartame will help their weight control efforts. We also understand that food and beverage manufacturers using aspartame in their products have a lot to potentially lose from these findings. Once again, the ingredient list can tell us what we need to know to keep our families safe and healthy.
Fortunately for these individuals, there are gums like PUR that are sugar-free, aspartame-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. This study points to the concept that Aspartame has the opposite effect for weight-conscious consumers.
We’ll be keeping an eye on the controversy that may be forming around this study and keep you posted. The dual effects described in this study show that this combination can actually spur the development of diabetes.
If untreated, tinnitus can cause concentration difficulties and sleep disturbances as well as affect personal relationships and mental health. The rats were followed for total body weight gain and caloric intake over a 12 week period. While nothing in excess is a healthy idea, using actual sugar in moderation is the best choice available when looking for a sweetener. The rats fed yogurt sweetened with aspartame had a measurably larger weight gain than those who were fed the sugar-sweetened yogurt. We know what it is, we understand what it does and it doesn’t metabolize into the toxic substances that aspartame has been identified with. The caloric intake was similar between the two groups, as well as the physical activity permitted. However, many studies in the lab and by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) examined the effects of aspartame and saw no signs of aspartame as a carcinogen, or causing cancer. The conclusion was reached that the rats eating the aspartame-sweetened yogurt needed to consume more of the rat chow to satisfy their hunger.

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